Thursday, November 12, 2015

Nov.12: A very dangerous situation.

Why did Britain and the U.S. both announce very shortly after a
Russian airliner crashed in Sinai that it was done by a bomb, and probably shipped aboard as luggage? Why do both say it was done by Muslim terrorists?

At the time, no Americans or British had seen the wreck. Russians who did see it said they didn't know what caused it. Even today, they say it COULD have been a bomb. Others say it could have been rocket fired from the ground. Worse, it could have been a British rocket, one of many weapons supplied to terrorists by the U.S. and Britain.

Putin has said little. But we can be certain he will respond. He could be waiting for a fuller report. Or - he could be calculating how to respond if there is any British or American connection to this.

People on our side would never do such a thing? People on our side have often done such a thing. One of the most notorious is the attack on a Cuban civil airliner that killed 73 civilians. The attackers also set bombs in Cuban hotels. The story below is a very gentle acount of the Cuban airliner attack. (The Irving press probably didn't carry the story. But Putin probably already knows it, anyway.)

It's possible the Russian airliner was downed by people with British and/or American connections. If so, what will Putin do? And how will we respond?

The situation is complicated more than a little as Israel yesterday bombed Syrian army bases. (The Irving press would have had a story about this if it hadn't needed half of page B for an inspirational ad on where to buy hockey gear.)

In short, Israel has been flying its fighter-bombers into air space controlled by the Russians. There's an explanation, of course. There always is. But it's much too early to decide who's right or wrong.  In any case, it doesn't matter. This is one hell of a complication with implications for the whole world.

Oh, as a side-note, it seems that the new president/dictator of Turkey is anxious to invade Syria.

The next site advertises itself as a socialist one. However, The Guardian and other papers take the same position. The chief of staff of the British army has publicly attacked the leader of the Labour Party on a political issue, even implying the possibility of mutiny. This is incompatible with democracy - but the British government supports the general.

The Guardian takes it very seriously, indeed. It's not a question of who's right or who's wrong. It's a question of what the role of an army is in a democracy.

The following story didn't make the Irving press, either. 300 American veterans are now on death row in U.S. prisons. Many were and are suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

What has happened to Canadians with PTSD? Canadians don't seem to care.

The next one I just couldn't resist. Many prisons in the U.S. charge prisoners for room and board. Result - they leave prison tens of thousands of dollars in debt -and most with no hope of getting such money - except by crime. The spirit of capitalism at work. The only purpose of capitalism is to make profits for capitalists. The human race has nothing to do with it. That's why capitalism has to be severely regulated. And there are some things it should not be allowed to do at all - like running prisons and hospitals and universities.

In New Mexico, police are charged with a military-style attack on a  home, tossing in stun grenades (with shrapnel) which terrorized three children sleeping there. This sort of incident is not unusual in the U.S. It's part of the militarization of police, precisely so they can terrorize. And it's one of the signs of a society in collapse.

As the commentary below suggests, there is something insane about Israeli policies. Not just bad, but insane. CNN news had a report on this, reportedly focusing on the mental state of Netanyahu. But when I found the site, it said that the report had been withdrawn. I'll keep watching. (I have a dislike for Netanyahu that goes back to the day I watched the development of a riot that he had deliberately created.)

The final reference is from the Guardian. It's long. But it's almost unique for our news media in that it shows Muslims as intelligent and enquiring.

I searched to find data on suicide among those serving in Canada's armed forces and their veterans. I couldn't find any reliable figures. Apparently, the Canadian government does not feel it worth while to keep track of this.

Oh? The Irving press? The only news item in section A is a two page ad for BellAlliant.

Rod Allen tries to write commentary on Remembrance Day. But it's hard to do when the only nouns you know are I, me, and my.

 Alec Bruce makes good sense in writing about good sense.

And Justin Ryan is - Wow! - just great on immigration.

Section B, Canada&World is not as good as section A.

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