Saturday, November 21, 2015

Nov. 21: ....defiant Parisians mourn the dead....

What is defiant mourning? How can you tell it from regular mourning? And how can a reporter tell that millions of people are mourning defiantly (whatever defiantly mourning means?) Have you ever seen a headline saying that defiant Jihadists mourn their dead? Or during the slaughter of millions in Vietnam - that defiant Vietnamese mourn their dead? Did defiant Naziis mourn their dead? I don't know. I've never even seen such a headline on a story about the "other side". But that was a headline in yesterday's CBC news. And oddities like that don't happen by accident. This is a deliberate attempt to slant the news. 'Defiant' is a loaded word. It converts the real story "Parisians mourn the dead" into a Godblesstheparisians, and aren't those jihadists terrible. I'm sorry the CBC is slipping into that. Yes. What happened in Paris was terrible. So was what happened in Libya and Iraq and Vietnam and Afghanistan where millions were killed by our side. But I don't recall any of our news media sobbing over those. This is a sympton of news being turned into propaganda. Meanwhile, the U.S. continues its drone bombing of Yemen which has been going on for decades. Nobody knows how many innocent people have been murdered. And nobody cares. The Irving press rarely mentions it at all. And our good friends in Saudia Arabia (who also supply ISIS with piles of money and who are more jihadist than most jihadists) are starving and killing Yemenis with the help of 19,000 tons of bombs recently delivered by the U.S. The U.S. is also helping to make sure that the people of Yemen don't get food. The UN estimates that some 80% of the people of Yemen are well advanced in starving to death. A great many have already died. Especially children. God bless America. Many of the uncoubtable number of Syrian refugees who fled to the Greek island of Lesbos either drowned on the way or are now dying of exposure, hunger, lack of medical care - so many that Lesbos has no space left to bury the dead. And we're going to see worse, much worse as winter comes down on the huge numbers of refugees in Europe who are still living in tents or even out in the open. But our hearts are with Paris. Yes. We are all Parisians. Well, more accurately, we are all racists. Interestingly enough, Paris is the birthplace of modern terrorism. The French revolution was immediately followed by what is known in history as The Reign of Terror. And the main form of this terror was - guess what - beheading. In fact, the beheading business was so active that axemen weren't enough. The French invented the guillotine to speed things up - and were still using it into the 1970s. And we really must give the U.S. some credit for its contributions to the history of terrorism. During the American revolution, gangs of "patriots" roamed the colonies to steal cattle, steal houses and whole farms, to rape and/or to kill people they accused of not supporting the revolution. Surivivors were terrorized into fleeing. That's why so many of us Canadians are descended from United Empire Loyalists. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were terrorist bombings. There were no war sites in those cities to bomb. The purpose was simply to terrorize. (I must have missed the CBC headline..."Hiroshima surivors defiantly mourn their dead.") Agent Orange was a tactic of terrorism. So was napalm bombing. Iraq was essentially a terrorist war aimed at civilians. And when we cut off food and medical supplies to Yemen, and people are left holding their dead and dying children while Saudi bombers drop American bombs on them, that's terrorism. Yes, there are terrible people in this world. And many of them are us. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ In the U.S., indications are that it will not accept even the tiny number of refugees it had promised. Congress is raging for a war against Muslims. State governors are refusing to accept Muslims. Obama, to his credit, is sticking to his promise to accept ten thousand. But it looks as though almost all of his likely successors, including Hillary Clinton, have found their Jews for the twenty-first century. As Hitler targetted the Jews, they will target Muslims. Europe, especially including Britain, remains as racist as always. The oustanding exception is Germany, largely thanks to Chancellor Angela Merkel. But even she cannot deal with the size of this crisis. Nor, given the examples set by Britain and others, wil the German people remain willing to help. We have learned nothing and changed nothing since 1939. We should rename Rememberance Day as Apology Day for our military who died, so we are told, to make this a better world. Will Canada accept its promised 25,000? I would certainly hope so. But we live next door to a powerful neighbour which is in hysteria. We will be under severe pressure from the U.S. as Obama's presidency reaches its end. (WE may even be at war by then). Meanwhile, my experience of growing up among refugees and of teaching them, has been good. In the post-war years, they made Montreal a far more interesting and exciting place than it had ever been. I would look forward to seeing more of them, many more, in New Brunswick. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I have said nothing so far about the Irving press. there isn't much to say. On this day of world crises, the editorial writer thinks the big issue facing us is the need for video cameras at traffic light crossings. Norbert's column might seem to be a repetition of the one he did yesterday. Some of it is; but its worth repeating, and he adds substance to what he said yesterday. Brent Mazerolle has a column on the need to make changes to our health care system. But, as is so common in the journalism of this province, it's all based on financial issues. It ignores that there is a also human life involved here. It's rather like this province's approach to education. It's not about people. It's about money. We give money - without question - for a new hockey rink on the argument that it will make money. Maybe it will. Maybe it won't. Yes, I know we have to make money to accomplish most things. But there's very little sense of establishing what people most need BEFORE we start throwing the money around. And when we establish priorities, then it would be nice to know how much the wealthy families of this province cost us. The guest column is another political speech. J0-Anne Moore has an excellent column on dealing with violence, especially the high rate of violence against women. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Most of what is in Canada&World you can read for free on google. On B8, "Obama calls on youth to reject Muslim extremism", As I've been following it the greatest mass killers in the world in the last fifty years or more have been Christians. So how about this for a headline - "Obama calls on youth to avoid Christian extremism."? Nah. It's not extremism when Christians do it. They just defiantly mourn. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The sermonette on the Faith Page looked good. At first. Then I had the misfortune to read it. First, it assumes we don't do terror. Second, all he suggests we should do is pray. I must have a different version of The Bible because the reverend's version sounds pretty wimpy. When Jesus said "love your neighbour" all He meant was you should pray for you neighbour? As I remember it, the Good Samaritan actually did something. Will His church be sponsoring refugees? I realize that many American churches, like the one attended by George Bush, certainly won't. But some Canadian churches are sponsoring them - which sounds to me more like what Jesus was about. Are any Moncton churches sponsoring refugees? Meanwhille, in this time of crisis, I see in the Church Chatter column that churches are rising to the occasion with three columns of Christian activities to help those in need - Bake and craft sale, Gospel music concert, Pancake supper, Christmas tea and sale.... Onward, Christian soldiers... _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The origins of this turmoil and terror go back a century to the realization that there was enormous wealth in oil. Western capitalists (entrepreneurs) were determined to keep most of the profit from this. (So much for the fabled "trickle down" effect of capitalism.) There were occasional protests, but these were easily put down by western troops. The turning point was the American invasion of Iraq. That was the greatest and greediest blunder of our time. Bush and Blair lied about the reason for it to cover up the reality that they were looking for economic control for the profit of the U.S. oil industry. It killed over a million people, mostly civilians; and it created immeasurable suffering for the rest. Iraq has not recovered, and probably never will. Both Bush and Blair are now very, very wealthy men. The people of Iraq still live in poverty and fear. Since then, we all live in panic and fear. Pope Francis has long since recognized that. The churches need to play an active role in this crisis. So far, they haven't done much. It was like that in Nazi Germany, too.

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