Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Nov. 17: We are being set up.

It began with the biggest foreign policy disaster of recent times - the U.S. and British invasion of Iraq. We have never been told the truth about why this was done. The story that Hussein had weapons of mass destruction has long been proven a lie. Then we were told it was because Saddam was a bad man.

No doubt he was. But this world has lots of bad men, many of whom are on our side. In any case, even if he was bad, that scarcely explains why we found it necessary to kill over a million Iraqis who were, so far as we know, not bad.

We hanged Hussein for being a bad man. So why don't we hang Bush and Blair for murdering over a million, innocent people?

What was the real reason for mass murder in Iraq?

Western oil capitalists wanted fuller control of Iraq oil so they could increase profits. British and American taxpayers paid the bill in money and lives. God bless our oil billionaires.

That was a never-justified war that brought benefits nowhere near its cost in money and lives. In fact, it brought no benefits at  all. Worse, it laid the groundwork for the present crisis in the Middle East, groundwork that could well take us into the final world war.

Perhaps we shouldn't blame Bush. Perhaps we should forgive him on grounds of mental disability. Anyway, he was just a puppet of the U.S. oil industry. But Blair was a willing whore for the oil industry. And both are now very wealthy men.

Putin is there for reasons similar to those of Britain and the U.S.  - except that he represents Russian oil capitalists. The only difference is that Putin seems to be a more skilful leader than anybody on our side.

It began with Iraq. And it spread. The whole middle east unravelled. And now the world is unravelling.  Greedy ambitions have taken us to this point. And almost all the news media are busy setting us up.

We are to cry for France. We are all now French. Yes. Innocent French people were killed. Within my lifetime, France has killed, tortured, starved innocent people by the million in Indo-China, Algeria, much of Africa. But we shed no tears for those. It has been daily bombing and killing innocent people in Syria for over a year. But our news media don't mention that. It also shares responsibility for the millions fleeing the horror it has helped to create. But not a word about that.

France (illegally) sold weapons to ISIS. In fact, it is quite possible that some of the weapons used in the Paris attack were of French origin. Western capitalists have been supplying money to ISIS. How else could it raise the money to buy weapons from France?

A terrorist attack on Paris is, well, terrible. But, apparently, it's okay if the terrorists are us wearing proper uniforms and dropping cluster bombs and napalm and depleted uranium, and attacking with drone bombers that have killed thousands, including (mostly) innocent people and women and children and babies born and unborn.

(How come none of our local Baptists demonstrate against this by holding up signs saying it's wrong to kill babies - like they do now outside our hospitals? Perhaps it's not wrong to kill babies. Not if they're Muslim babies, and if they look different from us Christians.)

We are watching a world collapse of moral standards. We are watching the rise of a savagery we call heroism. We are on a path to a level of destruction this world has never seen. And our news media are leading the cheering with reporting that is shamefully biased, and that ignores all the evidence that we have caused this tragedy. This is greed gone mad. Greed, stupidity and ignorance.

Add to that - in a world in which we know climate change is happening and that it is caused by burning fossil fuels, we are fighting a war get control of more oil so our oil billionaires can make higher profits.

How many trillions has this world spent in the last 15 years on wars? How much has it spent on developing renewable energy? Who do you think is responsible for making this choice?

Section B of the Irving press has nothing in it but propaganda and utter crap. The last page has the big brainless crap story with a headline that begins "As world grieves after Paris attacks...." Come off it. It's a big world. And most of it doesn't give a damn about the Paris attacks. Certainly, the old colonies of France are not grieving (unless they're the ones that killed off native peoples so French - and then English - could be the majority).  South America has its own grieving to do under attacks and pressures from the U.S. (And when 300,000 Guatemalans, including a local man, were murdered, the Irving press never even mentioned it. It still hasn't.) And the U.S. is shocked? The country that has killed and starved and tortured millionsin the last 15 years is shocked? I'm sure it is. But it's one, very selective sort of shock.

The quality  of reporting on this is so consistent  in the private news media, especially, that I am convinced we are being set up. This may be the big, final push for world economic dominance by the U.S. And Britain will play along because it has been sucking up to the U.S. for over a century as it saw it needed American help to save its empire. (And the U.S. used that need to play a major role in the destruction of the British Empire. The news media never noticed that, either.)

Section A of Irving press is, as usual, mostly trivia. Two stories are worth a look.

Page A1 has a storty that three invasive species of fish have been found in our river. That has the potential to destroy the eco-system of the river, and to kill off native species.

On A7. our ever alert city council has discovered a way to save $35.000 by not ploughing snow off one side of selected streets for some 22 kilometres.


This will solidify Moncton's reputation for the worst sidewalk ploughing I have even seen in a city, and the most dangerous city for drivers coming to intersections. (With those heaps of snow at corners, drivers can't tell what's coming.) Then there are all  those people who can't afford plough service and who are elderly who now will face shovelling mountains of snow to get out of their houses.

But first things first. We gotta save money to build a new hockey rink.

The editorial is, I suppose, a worthy attempt to encourage people to apply for jobs at contact centres. Too bad the writer seems unaware that there are predictions the industrial world will, in the near future, replace over half of all human employees with robots. Perhaps the Irving press can tell us what plans our leaders are making for that situation.

Norbert has a column about the general concern that we have a dysfunctional political system. He does not mention the part played by the province's wealthy and by his newspaper and by him in keeping it dysfunctional.

He also says the schools should teach more about civics and government than they do. Get real Norbert. Any teacher who told a class about the realities of civics and government would get fired on the spot. I've been a teacher, and I've learned that if you tell the truth you can expect trouble from everyone from relgious nuts to oil bosses. I still remember the school principal's warning after such an incident in my first year of teaching. "Now, Mr. Decarie, we really don't want to cause a fuss, do we?" Yup. That's what parents want school to do - produce tame bozos just like them.  Perhaps not surprisingly, that principal was the son of a clergyman.

Then there's a letter to the editor which says Canada is a world leader in cutting down pollution because it creates only 1.5% of world emissions. I would suggest the writer consult google for 'world population' and 'Canada population'. Then figure out what percentage of the world's population we are.

Alan Cochrane has a column on a military display at the arena, a display that was linked to Remembrance Day. Now, I'm as interested in military equipment and history as the next person,usually more than the next person. But that's not what Remembrance Day is about.

It's not about getting thrills or  hearing about glory. It's a remembrance of those who paid the price. That's not thrilling or exciting or glorious, and it certainly isn't a wonderful day for the family or a sort of tourist draw to look at the weapons.

Some day, I hope, Remembrance Day will become a remembrance of all the dead on both sides - and the millions of civilian dead.

Maybe we'll even remember the native people and the metis we killed.

(The story also has a photo of Alphonse Vautour, a veteran who is 96 years old.  I can only wish I had looked half as good as him when I was thirty.)
Page C6 has a very professional column by Jana Giles on a student discussion with the minister of education. Ms. Giles is a high school student. She already has the mark of a real pro. This is first rate journalism.

I spent a long time on today's blog expressing rage at what I am quite sure is a coordinated attempt to create a major war - or at least to risk it - for the sake of fattening oil barons.I think we're at a major turning point in world history; and our actions are being directed by the most greedy and irresponsible people among us.

So I'll give you a break. I'll list items sent by readers or that I spotted in the world press, and thought interesting. But I won't take up your time by saying anything about them.






(The writer below is a very credible source, with an excellent background. I  have often  found his statements to prove true.)


It's hard to fight back the rage at the lying of our news media, and the murderous behaviour of our wealthy.

This all started with the U.S. financing a rebellion in Syria in order to change the government. It said Assad is a "bad man". Maybe he his. Does this make it reasonable to destroy Syria, to murder hundreds of thousands of innocent people? I think Bush was a very bad man, indeed. Would Canadian think it reasonable to kill millions of Americans to get rid of him.

Syria was, and is, no bloody business of the U.S. The same was true of Egypt (where it destroyed an elected government to replace it with a military dictator).
The same was true of Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Guatemala, Cuba, Vietnam... The U.S. arranged the murder of the president of Chile, and replaced him with a military dictator. (Even Wikkipedia now supports that view.) It has routinely interfered and murdered throughout Latin America.

People have a right to choose the kind of government they want. They have a right to decide not to have democracy at all. It's none of the business of U.S. what those people choose. But the U.S. has killed millions all over the world to tell people who they are allowed to have as ruler. The U.S. set up a rebellion in Syria not to bring democracy but to get rid of Assad because he wasn't obedient enought to American oil capitalists. What has prevented this war from ending is that the U.S. stands by its original purpose of getting rid of Assad. If an election were held, and Assad won, the bombs would fall again. This war is solely about giving control of Syria to American capitalists.

There are certainly bad and evil people in this world. Among them, I would include almost every American president since 1900, the current governments of Britain and France, vitually all of the world's major capitalists - including those in Russia and China.

The have created such a mess in the middle east that it threatens the survival of the whole world. And killing every member of ISIS will not change that. The hatred will simply create another and bigger ISIS (which, like the current one, will be financially supported and armed by leading capitalists.)

This cannot go on. It is evil. It is beyond evil. And it is monstrously destructive. Perhaps totally destructive. We have to become more active than we are, much more active to stop this insanity.

I'm afraid I could write on forever about this, and still not cover the evil of it.

Oh, I just found this in Time, a news source that is usually pure propaganda. But this makes sense, more sense than anything I have ever seen in Time.


And, oh, good night.


  1. Apparently Putin presented the G20 with a list of countries providing funding to ISIS/ISIL/Daesh. Funding is coming from 40 countries. Some of the G20 are on that list. Gee ... no mention of this in the MSM.

  2. Actually right about now Hollande is sounding pretty ridiculous with his mindless assertion that France is at war. Does he and the other western, particularly the US,really think they can, invade, interfere and destroy whole countries and societies in the middle east and not expect blow back. I'm also getting pretty tired of the citizens in the west remaining ignorant of the violent and empirical role their governments are playing in the world.They swallow the propaganda from their governments as if it's a dish of their favorite ice cream. I never, ever agreed with the saying "Ignorance is Bliss" Remaining ignorant is a kind of death. A persons life source, thinking shuts down, cutting off our own awareness that we are actually alive. I some times think of the ignorant masses as the walking dead.