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August 30:betcha never heard of Garda World

It's the world's biggest, privately owned "security" service. It does the usual security service stuff like providing guards for malls.  It also provides more advanced security for ventures like invading countries, killing people on whichever side isn't the one that's paying it - in short, it trains and supplies mercenaries.

Haven't heard of it? Gee, it's a big, Canadian company with its head offices in Montreal.  It creates jobs. It creates so many I'm surprised Moncton City Council hasn't offered it money to come here.

Harper generously sent them to Libya at the same time as Canada invaded Libya by bombing. (He also sent special forces as 'boots on the ground'.) Funny all that got mentioned in our news only on CBC and CTV.

Oh, and in sending these Canadian troops and aircraft and mercenaries, Canada was acting in violation of rulings by the UN security council. We were forbidden by the United Nations to invade Libya with any of our military, and forbidden to supply mercenaries.  Harper did it, anway. But none of this ever made the Irving press.

Harper spent almost a million dollars in celebrating the valour of our troops which did so much to make Libya a land of peace and security.  Well, actually, it's been a horror of chaos ever since then. But some day, I'm sure, things will get  better.

Then we'll have to invade again.

In the above story, the U.S. government asked the Scandinavian countries, especially Norway, to arrest Snowdon immediately and deport him to the U.S. for trial if he should get into one of their countries. Snowden is an evil man because he told the world how the nice, U.S. government was torturing and killing all over the world.

Actually, it would have been illegal to deport him because it would deprive him of a right to make his case to a Scandinavian court, first. So the Scandinavian courts never replied to the U.S. request. And the Irving press never mentioned it, anyway.

As a matter worth noting, the U.S. government has been chasing down people like Snowden to punish them for telling the truth.  But not a single person involved in torture or murder for the American government has ever been arrested - or ever will be. In the same way, George Bush walks freely, and gets hundreds of thousands of dollars for giving a 20 minute speech. This is the same George Bush who should be charged  with war crimes even greater than those of Saddam Hussein - who got hanged for his.

Not only has the Irving press had no mention of all this, but it doesn't even have a staff writer capable of writing on this for a commentary.
Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch has asked Saudi Arabia to stop using cluster bombs in Yemen. Bombs of this sort will be killing people, especially children,  for years after the war ends. The Saudis get the cluster bombs from the peace-loving U.S.

Have you ever read this in the Irving press?
The International Physicians for prevention of Nuclear War has completed a study of the number of people killed by the U.S. in Iraq, Afghanistan and in its good friend, Pakistan. The U.S. official number is about 160,000. Not so, say the physicians.

Their findings show the dead to be at least 1.3 million with a likelihood the real number is at least double that. Good friend Pakistan has suffered at least 80,000 dead by the U.S. Can't say I've read a word about that in the Irving press.

And we've heard very little about what is happening in the middle east - and Europe.

Half of the Syrian population has fled its homes. Twelve million are now refugees. There is no figure for how many have died from hunger, lack of medical care, drowning. Whole families, many with children barely old enough to walk, have to walk hundreds of kilometres to try to escape the horror - and there is no escape. And you can add to their millions the people of Lebanon, of Libya, Yemen, Iraq, and the Palestinians who live in a country that is really a prison. But there is no escape for any of them.

Nobody in the middle east will accept them. At best, they can get away with sleeping in parks. More commonly they're shut up in makeshift, insanitary prison camps where many of them die. Of those who get to a coast, thousands die in unsafe and overloaded boats, their bodies washing ashore every day as reminders.

Those who do land in Europe find themselves greeted by armed troops, prison camps, razor-barbed wire. Any help they get is commonly voluntary. But any help is unlikely. British troops guard the British coast so that only 1% of those who get there are ever permitted to land. There is no significant help from Canada or the U.S. And no hope of it.

The pressure in Europe is breeding hatred that we got a hint of when an French tabloid published hateful (and childish) cartoons of Muhammed - and we Christians hailed that gutter rag for its courage in exercising freedom of speech.

There is an explosion of hatred and abuse building in Europe. But don't worry. Read the Irving press, and you won't even know about it.

The hysteria has spread here to the U.S. and Canada where we spend billions to destroy our own democracy. (Oh, I know, I know. 9/11. terrible. So it was. The U.S., in retaliation, has killed millions, destroyed whole nations, and left more millions in hunger, poverty, and despair.) Donald Trump has built on that hysteria to demand a wall between Mexico and the U.S. But he's thinking small.

Governor Scott of Wisconsin yesterday proposed a wall between the U.S. and Canada. That would be
over 8,000 kilometres, and a new record for human construction, far longer than the Great Wall of China.

Will the Irving press have that story tomorrow? I doubt it. If it does, will it have a commentary or editorial on it? Not a chance.
In the midst of this chaos, the whole world has changed. As a child in school, I saluted a British flag, and swore allegiance to the  king.  Now, classes stand in silence to "O Canada" played on a scratchy PA system. But it doesn't matter because Canada has effectively vanished. And the Queen is queen of a British nation that is now a puppet state for the U.S.  Canada and all of western Europe are in the same position, though with Germany maintaining top status as a U.S. satellite in Europe.

If we have any allegiance now, it's to international bankers who have become so powerful, they are effectively the governments of impoverished states like Greece and Ukraine. And they are free to ignore the law even in the U.S. where, when they went broke because of their own dodgy and illegal practices, were able to make the taxpayers pay their bills. And they faced no prosecution or even charges for their behaviour. That's quite a contrast to what they did to Greece and Ukraine when they broke.

The story was that the banks and trust companies were too big to go broke.  In fact, Iceland let them go broke, and even pressed charges against some. And Iceland is doing fine. No company is too big to allow it to go broke. But the reality is that they are so big they can corrupt our governments --- and most of our political leaders and all of our news media won't tell us that.
American foreign policy, which we follow like trained dogs, is one of the great disasters of human history. And American foreign policy is designed to meet the wishes of the very wealthy. That's why millions are refugees, or starving, or living in fear, or being killed by us.

A twisted and mindlessly greedy form of capitalism which has no moral standards whatever has been allowed to run wild with virtually no legal controls, and no need to pay any attention to what controls do exist. That's why there is so much poverty and misery  and violence in Africa, the Middle East, South America, so much of the same threatening in Europe and Asia, and so much hysteria in Canada and the U.S.

It is not 'terrorists' who are the greatest threat to us. It is the determination of the American wealthy to rule the world - what they call 'American Exceptionalism'.  It's really a far greater terrorism than any other we face.  At the root of it is the lack of any sense of morality in the very rich all over the world. And without some morality, we destroy everyone, including us.

And only we, if we have the moral courage, can put a stop to it.

Think about that next time you're enjoying the special music and the coffee and fellowship in the barn at the Irving Chapel.

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