Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3:

The post in my title is a about a letter  obtained by WikiLeaks. It shows that Harper is preparing to sell Canada Post and CBC to private buyers - something that may be incorporated into the Trans-Pacific Trade Partnership.

And so we would lose the only reliable news agency in North America. And we will have just about all of our radio and TV  to match the abysmal standards of the Irving press. Nor will it save money. These deals never do. Private ownership is more expensive for us because its only motive is profit. As well, we will lose even more as most of those profits escape our taxation.

Is this the big deal that I mentioned in my last post? The one that big business really needed Harper to put through?

I don't think so. I think there's also something bigger in the works. Possibly selling off medicare. He would need a solid collection those bobble head dolls we call Conservatives to do that.  (Robert Goguen springs to mind.)  That done, Harper will be able to retire as a very wealthy man.

I grew up in a Canada that had almost no services. I remember it too well. I remember my uncle, in his 20s, dying at home with only an occasional visit from a doctor because we couldn't afford more. I never  saw a doctor  until I was twenty or so. The cost was out of the question. There were no school cafeterias because nobody could afford to buy lunch. That's the Canada that Harper sets up as his ideal.

It was a Canada of dreadful suffering and early death for most Canadians. But private profit was great - though not so good as today.

I remember that. And I can only think - you bastards.

On Nov. 11, we will hear how our young people died to save freedom. I don't know how many actually enlisted to save freedom and equality for all people. I do know that the Churchills and Roosevelts who said that were lying. The only colony Britain freed was India - and that was because India was to big to fight against. France. The U.S. freed none at all.

I don't know what our 40,000 dead thought they were fighting for. Nor do all those Nov. 11 speakers know. But I'm pretty sure they were not fighting to put us all back in the depression of the 1930s. And they did not fight to make billionaires richer at the expense of the rest of us.

The direction we have been moving for the last 30 or 40 years is a terrible reminder of we have forgotten the price they paid, I'll skip the Nov. 11 ceremonies until they drop the false sentimentality, and create the kind of country the 40,000 dead would have wanted.

The story about selling out Canada Post and CBC came out on Wednesday. But I haven't seen it in the Irving press. And I really don't expect to see it because it's a lying, propagandizing newspaper chain designed to keep us in the dark while the rich made ever-bigger profits out of us. That won't change because the staff of Irving press is gutless.

And we are leaving one hell of a world for our children. I know that because long ago I lived in that kind of a world.

This Canada  has no resemblance to the Canada of fifty years ago. That was a Canada of hope and advancement. This is a Canada run by the greediest and richest to serve the greediest and richest. We are living through a revolution which has  largely destroyed democracy (just about completely destroyed it in the U.S.), has made billionaires the real powers in the land, and turned them free to destroy the rest of us.
I read the paper. There's no, real news at all in Section 1.

In editorial and commentary, the only one worth reading is Steve Malloy. It's not really a commentary - it's a story - but its better than a 'just a story'.
Canada and World has only four pages - and wastes all of them. A typical news flash is at the bottom of B2, "First World War touched everyday lives in Atlantic Canada". Wow!  Who would have guessed?

There's no mention of the wars, some open and some secret, all over the world that have nothing to do with freedom or democracy or protecting anybody. They are wars to make the rich richer. Nothing else. And all they create is more wars. The result? Millions are murdered, displaced, starved to death, crippled, orphaned so the billionaires of this world can get richer.

The Irving press has nothing about this. Nor does it mention a related story. The men who operate the American drones that kill innocent people by the thousands are quitting their jobs and leaving the military because they can't live with the shame of what they're doing. So the U.S. government is replacing them with hired thugs - mercenaries.

Meanwhile, the U.S. government has been spending so massively and so corruptly on the military that the U.S. has a debt than can never be paid - and that means social services to the poor, the hungry, the unemployed and the homeless have to be cut. And not a word about this in the Irving press.

Apart from Steve Malloy's column, I could find only one item in the whole paper worth a read. It's by Jessica Naugler, a grade 10 student at Bernice McNaughton. She's a good writer and, unlike most of the Irving staff, she has something to say.

Briefly, it's about the shock of a visit to Haiti where she saw unspeakable poverty, sick and starving children as she had never seen before.

I can't recall ever seeing a news story about this in the Irving press - though Haiti is not the other side of the world.

Why is Haiti so dreadful? Because capitalists like it that way. They don't give a damn about the people. So they have all but killed public education. There is no health care - not when salaries are $5 a day, and almost no job is permanent. Yet,here are fortunes being made out of places like Haiti, some them by Canadians.

The U.S. has used invasion, occupation, dictatorships in Haiti for close to a hundred years to keep it wretchedly poor and hopeless. Remember that next time you're praising the God of the Irving Chapel,

Ms. Naugler says that, of course, there's a limit to how much we can give. She is too kind. North Americans have a terrible record in giving aid to anybody. Often (usually) the aid consists of weapons,or extravagant sums paid to a North American billionaire who cheats to keep most of it for himself. The U.S. gave very little to help Haiti after its earthquake - and most of that went into the pockets of American contractors - with not much sign of anything done.

Now, if it's bombs people want or armoured vehicles, no problem. Without American weaponry, Al Quaeda and IS would be forced to fight with slingshots.

There are no limits to the cynicism, cruelty and greed of the very rich.

We are all back to the 1930s. We are all or almost all led by the very wealthy who are thoroughly fascist, and sometimes Nazi. And it's much worse this time than the 1930s.

I don't take Trudeau seriously. I think Mulcair should be much further to the left - but he can't be as long as Canadians give so little thought to where we are heading. And Harper? He's our Hitler/Mussolini.

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