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July 23: The Irving press does it again.

If you have tears, prepare to shed them now. I have just finished writing by blog - twice. And twice I have lost it for no reason I can understand.  This, a darkness falls, will be a brief summary.

The commentary page has another commentary from yet another "think-tank" that spreads propaganda for billionaires. This one is the Canada West foundation and, again, it's pitch for the oil industy (but describing itself as a plea for Canadian unity. Yep. Just allow oil pipelines everywhere, and this will be a great country.

It's far better written than the one that appeared yesterday. This is soft-sell guaranteed to bring tears to the eyes of even a Stephen Harper. This man is a liar, but one who knows how to  hide it. Sign him up, Mr. Irving.

The front page headline is about the RCMP taking quicker steps to give police access to high-powered rifles. That's nice - and it took just a year after the event that made it necessary, the murder of three police in Moncton.

Moncton has been big on putting up thank you signs to the police, sending flowers,building a monument and congratulating itself for keeping calm. (I wonder how long the people of Moncton would hold  up in Yemen or Syria.) But when will they demand to know how a disturbed person (or anyone) could be allowed to buy weapon designed for combat.. When will they ask why the police had no file on that sale?

Thanks and flowers are   cheap.

Beside the headline story is another "news" item from a think tank to serve the rich. The Conference Board of Canada calls itself private and impartial. But I notice its board is  made up almost entirely of presidents and senior executives of corporations. If a newspaper is going to publish this sort of thing as news, it should make it clear exactly what the source is.

There's no other news in Section A worth looking at.
The editorial is another very trivial one, and   quite local. Obviously, the only thing the editorial writer knows about the world is the route from his home to the office.

Norbert has an excellent column. It's a subject that is a difficult one because it criticizes the police. It criticizes only a minority, but it still runs the risk of offending a great many. Essentially, it says that some police misbehave, and see themselves as weapons against the public rather than defenders of the law. He's right. I  have known such police in my bad, old days as a street gang worker and a police pistol instructor. I particularly remember one who couldn't wait for a chance to punch out one of those bearded, peace-loving hippies. It can happen among police as it can happen among all of  us.

This is a sensible column, and a gentle one on a difficult topic.  Well done.

Rod Allen has another trivial story about himself, including the only joke he knows - calling his children 'brats'.

And, oh, it's a bad day for Alec Bruce.

Essentially, he has a story about how recessions (and, I guess, depressions) are good because they are capitalism's way of rising again to its natural perfection. And, if you lose your job don't worry. Just learn to live within your means. It's some of the most condescending rubbish I've ever read.

Oh. And who causes recessions? Well, it's them there politicians. Come off it, Alec. We all know who dictates the economy in New Brunswick. And we all know who gets the really big welfare checks and who pays the least possible in taxes.The same is true across Canada and even more so in the U.S.
And they're the ones who cause recessions.

And such a system, by the way, is not capitalism.When government is a partnership between elected politicians and the wealthy, it's not called capitalism. The correct word is fascism. Check a dictionary.

The Canada&World section is its usual disaster. There's not a single story worth reading. And there's nothing whatever on what should be a big story - the U.S. obviously wants a war with China and Russia. It will have to be nuclear because the U.S. military really hasn't won a war, even against small nations, in seventy years. I should think some news and analysis on that might be even more important than "Bumper crop of ticks in province".

B3 has a big story on how CPR is fighting a ruling that it has to contribute to a multi-million dollar settlement to Lac Megantic and the families of 47 people killed in a rail accident there. Hint - if the others are paying the settlement, then it must mean they know they did something wrong. One of those companies is owned by a native son of New Brunswick. What is it that he did wrong?

That's the story.Forty-seven people were killed. But, count on it. The Irving press will never tell the story.

Am getting close to the end, and sweating in terror. Will I make it?

B8 has a story on the Greek crisis that tells us nothing we didn't already know. What's interesting about it is the reporters use of adjectives. Check paragraph 4.

'Prime Minister Alexis Tsipris' radical, left-led government....."

Well, for a start, the reporter doesn't know the meaning of 'radical'. He's also using in a sense that implies it's a bunch of wild-eyed lefties - and we all know that they're all crazy, don't we?

Then he says it also leftist. That's another adjective whose meaning isn't clear. But it gets an emotional reaction, and unthinking one, for many people, that it's an evil  government

Then there's the 'left-led" bit. I presume that must be the rest of the government is on the right. My, that's an unusual combination. In fact, the government isn't left-led. There's nothing leftist in anything the prime minister has done so far. He has caved into the (presumably rightist) bankers. Moreover, the reason they have to describe his a a left-led government is because there is no left in it. The left - well, it left in protest at what the prime minister  had done.

This is bad journalism. Even if the government were left, the use of adjectives in this cases is an opinion, not news. It also expresses that opinion in a way that many readers will see as derogatory - it gets an emotional response.

Now, a tense, quick, and careful end.  Leftism scarcely exists anywhere in the world. It's not in China.  It's not in Russia. Certainly not in the US where to be on the left is to believe that sick people should be treated.

We live in a world that is dominated by severely right-wing dictators and billionaires. Even the parties that are called left have moved considerably to the right of where they were. That's true of the Labour party in Britain and the NDP in Canada. We live in the crudest of economic/political systems, one that is based on greed and indifference to social needs. We call it capitalism. But it's nowhere close to what capitalism is.

And, it's a world where greed is so powerful that democracy is almost meaningless - and more wars for greed a certainty.

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  1. I did it. I did it. I could have put this in the blog, but I was too scared to risk it. For the same reason, I did not proofread it. I don't care if I made mistakes. i just want to get out alive.
    I should add that a reader wrote to me a bit of the DNA machine in Moncton that I didn't know about. According to the reader, It is privately owned by some doctors. If so, it looks like a conflict of interest, and a case in which both sides are in the wrong. If anyone has further information, please write to me.
    I did it! now, at last, I can eat.