Thursday, July 16, 2015

July 16:bad news

This day, I am at the shore, and so will have only a short blog. It's also grim. It's about what recent events in Greece mean for us. The source,  Information Clearing House, is good but one-sided, so I use it with caution. That said, the author of the URL below is one I have come to trust - and his credentials for writing on this subject are superb.

In brief, the Greek incident marks a stepping up of something that has been going on for a good,  forty years. The very, very rich have long wanted private ownership of everything, including health care, education, energy, water, social welfare, pensions - everything. And all of it at prices they set. As a part of that, governments and even nations, themselves, have to become irrelevant and powerless. (They took care of that in the U.S. a long ago when the very rich bought control of both the Republican and Democratic parties.)  That, along with manipulation, propaganda, lies is what has turned much of the U.S. into a lunatic asylum.  Social breakdown in the US is well under way, and it's going to get very much worse.

Harper, with a collection of toadies like Goguen, as been the errand boy for the very rich.. He has done a great deal to destroy democracy and to relieve the rich of any rules or limitations. The process is very advanced, and Greece is the model for what is coming our way - no social services, no public ownership of anything, no pensions......It's a strategy of ultimate greed and immorality, conducted by people whose only moral code is to have no morals.

It's happening in the US, Canada, Russia, China, all over the world. Everything possible will be for private ownership only - and it will be expensive, even for a drink of water. This, by any definition I have ever heard of, is evil. And the Irving press will be cheering evil every step of the way.

Since capitalism has been propagandized into the illusion it is the only possible economic system, the only alternative we are likely to see springing up is some form of nationalist fascism - which is simply another and vicious form of capitalism.

Can this be stopped peacefully?  Almost certainly not. The very rich will not allow a peaceful settlement. And the law will be on their side because they make the law. (I don't advocate violence. I'm just pointing out what is going to happen.)

Greed, immorality, indifference to others, cruelty, stupidity are on the march. All those things we are told our soldiers have died to save have been abandoned. We have been cheated, robbed, lied to, Perhaps this might be a good discussion topic for coffee in the barn after a service at the Irving Chapel.

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