Monday, July 13, 2015

July 13: LIARS

" Pope visits Paraguay slum, urges churches to welcome the sick, strangers, sinners."  That'a the big story of the Pope's visit to South America?  You'll find it on B6 of today's paper. And it comes from The Associated Press which means this is the "truth" of what the Pope's visit is about, the " truth" that will be spread all over North America.

And it's a lie.

Oh, of course the Pope said that - just as he probably said good morning, what's for breakfast?,  it's good to see you all..... I'm sure he said the things that every Pope in  history has said. But that's no news.

He also said capitalism has become the greatest destructive force in the world. It's vicious, greedy, impoverishing, murderous.....  Now, that's news. No Pope has ever said that.

Is it possible the news editor didn't see the original story? If he didn't, he must be the most incompetent, lazy, and ignorant ass of a news editor that ever there was. It's easily available on  the web from excellent sources like The Guardian.

No. This story is a deliberate lie because the boss wouldn't like it. That's because the boss is part of that vicious, greedy, impoverishing and murderous crowd we call unbridled capitalism.. The destruction and misery is obvious all over the world as he leading capitalist make their play for world domination. It's a stupid play because all they understand is taking. They don't understand that if they do nothing but take, then  there will be nothing left to take. They don't understand that if they keep pumping oil, there will be nobody to buy it. They are making themselves the new aristocracy by birth and, like most of the old aristocracy, they have little of  brains and nothing of compassion.

They have used our private news media to convince us they are wise (and they probably believe it), and have a right to wealth and power (and they probably believe that, too). They have filled North America with myth and hysteria. That's why a self-obsessed and ignorant Donald Trump can be a serious candidate for president.

George Bush was a fool and a disaster as president. Donald Trump is worse. He is running for president facing enormous challenges of social breakdown,(mostly on racial lines), a rapid spread of poverty and no way of dealing with it, rising levels of violence - the crisis of war without end (all for the benefit of the Trumps of this world), a crisis that has caused enormous death and suffering with much more to come, and with destructive effects that will take Europe back to the 1930s.

And Trump's major plank? "We gotta stop them there latino men from rapin' American women.." Only a nation in hysteria would buy that message - and so many Americans have bought it that Trump is leading in the run for Republican support. Of course, they believe it. Their politicians and news media have been  deliberately creating that hysteria for decades.

Private Canadian news media are not  much better.They're not designed to spread news. They're    designed to create fear, hatred, and to cover up the abuses inflicted on us by the very rich.  And where will that take us?

My guess is it will take us to severe violence in the US - but with no sensible direction to it. Europe will return to a rise of nationalist and racist movements - only more so than in the 1930s. That will mean massive economic collapses of many nations - if only because business leaders don't have the faintest idea of how to run national economies. All they understand is personal profit.

All of this is what happens when you accept rule by billionaires who have no concept of morality, none at all.

And that is what the Pope has been talking about. That might be something to chat about next time in the the barn of the Irving Chapel, enjoying your coffee and fellowship.
The editorialist, as always, has nothing to talk about. The cartoonist has a shallow cartoon about Greece being the basket case of western civilization. The reality is that western civilization is the basket case of world civilizations.

Norbert has nothing to say. Craig Babstock has a column both trivial and in bad taste. It's about a lawyer who specializes in getting drunk drivers off the hook. And he had a license plate DUI DR.


The commentary below that comes, again, from a propaganda front for big business. It's about Ontario's economic crisis. And, like all the other lies we've seen in this paper, it never mentions the role of the very wealthy in creating these crises.

Where, for example, does Saillant talk about the role of Irving in iputting New Brunswick into debt?How much tax does he pay? How much tax does JDIrving ltd. pay? How much welfare does he get from the government?

The Irving press has never made the slightest attempt to answer those questions. either. The column "New Brunswick, Writ Large?" is from the notorious Fraser Institute, and it ends with the warning, "families, business and government (need) to be prudent." And that is digusting and deliberately misleading. Like Saillant, this column nowhere mentions where business has not been prudent. And I don't know of any newspaper in Canada that has mentioned the role of big business in this recession.

Alec Bruce has the only honest and knowledgeable column on bureaucracy  that I have ever seen in a newspaper. There was, indeed, a time when Canadian civil servants were outstanding. That was certainly true from 1939 into the 1970s. But billionaires and their political allies were determined to destroy that image. (Check out some of Norbert's columns to see how he helped in the destruction.)

Harper finished the job - all to make big businessinto the only people to make decisions in this country. There are still very good people in the provincial and federal civil services. Its the capitalists who are in the way of good government.
Canada@World has nothing you can't catch on Google news----well, except perhaps for its lying story about the Pope.

And Harper is NOT going to raise  taxes on big business (B1). Goodness, no. Why if Mr. Irving gets rich enough,  he'll create jobs in New Brunswick. I mean, he's been getting richer ever since this recession started, so soon we'll have money up  our noses.

The biggest single problem facing New Brunswick, Canada and the world is the very, very rich. As one consequence we are very likely to see people looking for an outlet for their frustrations. That, as happened with Germany, Italy, and Spain will lead to fascist movements which, like HItler's Naziis will get substantial money and cooperation from big business everywhere.

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