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June 16: Queen furious as Camilla cheats on Charles...

Who could possibly care? And yet, many people do. Supermarkets sell thousands of these brainless gossip mags at the checkout counters every day. So, to find out the really important things going on in the world today, I turn to the Irving press.

"Province's 1st girls' team happy to see women's soccer in city". "Province, feds exchange harsh words over Moncton events centre"."Moncton urges use of smaller garbage cans". And a big story, "Nova Scotia man to be sentenced in Moncton ATM attempt". "Shediac restaurants urged to get creative with lobster during festival."

Oh, how I long for that that supermarket news, "Prince Charles father of puppy born to Camilla's dog -  the shocking truth".

de Adder has a cartoon that is contemptible. It's about the CBC and the firing of news anchor Solomon. The message is that journalistic standards and practices have been  tossed out the window at CBC. That message is shallow, ignorant - and wrong.  And it is the last sort of cartoon I would expect from anyone working for an outfit like Irving press which has the lowest journalistic practices and procedures I have ever seen. Would de Adder ever have the guts to draw such a   cartoon about Irving press?

In fact, CBC has journalistic standards higher than any private news medium I know of in North America. Where it's standards have weakened they have been weakened by the Harper government which would dearly like to make it  more like trivial, lying, and propagandizing Irving press.

The  editorial comment on this day of chaos in much of the world, of killing, of massive starvation even here in the Americas, of greed run wild is that we have a railway bridge over Main St. that is too low - and that makes it a Canadian national embarrassment.

Cool it bunnykins. 99% of Canadians never even heard of that bridge. And well over 99% of the world has never heard of Moncton.

Norbert continues what has been a strong series on the Truth and Reconciliation committee. He doesn't come up with a solution. But neither, to my knowledge, has anybody else. And that's without even considering that the chaos we have created by destroying native societies in the Americas. we have also made many, many times greater by the cultural and human destruction western capitalists have spread all over the world since 1492, It goes from the brutality and looting of Columbus to the horror that is the Middle East.

Alan Cochrane has a column about how security checks are a part of hosting big international events. Who woulda guessed?

Louise Gilbert's column, as always, has the virtue of being useful for seniors.

Alec Bruce has a solid column on what's wrong with the Senate AND with the House of Commons. We could go a step further. I really don't see the point of a Governor-General if he's a person who does only what he's told to do.
Canada&World has an important story that Canadians have not paid much attention to. The Harper government was destroying its long-gun registry -  even as it told the information commissioner it was saving it. And, it says, the trail leads right to Harper, himself. And the destruction was illegal.

Canada has never before had a prime minister with such contempt for the law and for democracy, itself. And we have never before seen a government party so weak and so sniveling, so full of Goguens.

B2 has a big story that Jeb Bush vows to stay true to his beliefs.  I have no idea why this is a story. If he had vowed to betray his beliefs --- well, yeah. But this? Don't bother to read the story. Just think about the implications in another Bush running for president..

To about 1850, all presidents were very weatlhy landowners. That's is they were multi-multi millionaires. ( George Washington was worth 500 million, in an age when 500 million was a lot of money.

Then there were almost 50 years of middle class president. Since 1900 almost all have been extremely wealthy - multi-millionaires and billionaires - and mostly by inherited fortunes. In more recent years, one very wealthy family has produced two presidents, with a third Bush now in the running.

Imagine that. In a country of hundreds of millions, one family produces two, maybe three presidents very close to each other. That's an unusual democracy.

Then you have the two Clintons, one a president who made many millions out of his job, and the other his wife, a  presidential candidate who also made millions out of his job.

Isn't it unusual for a democracy to routinely elect multimillionaire leaders, and now to produce them from just two families? That looks to me more like an aristocracy by birth that is also  becoming a monarchy by birth. Quite seriously, we are watching what is left of American democracy now entering it's final stage.

B4 carries the story of how Canadian Pacific is challenging the "voluntary" settlement of $430 million that 25 companies paid to avoid facing trials when they were charged with an accident that killed 47 people in Lac Megantic.

They were charged? Exactly who were all those companies? And they were allowed to walk away from such a charge without trial just by paying part of a settlement?  For killing 47 people? The story doesn't answer any of these questions. Is it possible in our Canada of law and order Harper (as Harper calls it)  to kill people, then walk away just by paying in informal settlement? (which is, of course, tax deductible)

So far as I can recall, the only people who went to jail for this mass killing were the engine driver and a low-level management figure from the railways.

Where is the list of these companies charged with this mass killing? If I recall correctly, Irving Ltd. contributed to the financial settlement. Does that mean it was one of the companies charged?

Where the hell have the newshounds of Irving Press been through all this?

Page A3 has a half page devoted to the big story of somebody who is going to be sentenced to prison for stealing money from a teller machine. Somebody else kills 47, and we get a tiny story that is mostly photo and tells us nothing. de Adder, do you have the guts to do a cartoon about that?

This whole story smells of corruption in government, moral rot in private business -  and slime in the Irving press.

So much for CanadaWorld in the Irving press.

There actually was some news in the world. In San Francisco, water now costs almost as much as  gas. So thieves are raiding businesses and homes to steal water, hundreds of gallons at a time - which the business and home owners have to pay for in massive water bills. What is going to happen to the poor in San Francisco who can't afford any water bills?

That also means people must be getting reluctant to use flush toilets, or to bathe, and this in huge cities in the country that likes to think of itself as the most advanced in the world.

Have you read this, Alec Bruce? Just goes to show you, don't it? Just proves you were right. T here is no climate change, and all those "fine feathered environmentalists" are crazy. Bring on the fossil fuels. Make the Irvings rich - and they'll make YOU rich, just as they've always done.

Here's the story.


Then there are several stories from the New York Times and Reuters that the US is sending thousands of troops along with heavy weapons to East European countries that have borders with Russia. Britain is in the game, too.

And how would the US react if Russia sent troops and heavy weapons to the US borders with Mexico and Canada? Well, that's exactly how Russia will react. And the Pentagon knows that. The US is looking for an excuse for war with Russia. Do the American people want it? Most, thanks to their news media, really have no idea what it's about. But American big business wants it before the Empire slips away.

Then there's the story that American industrial production is down to its lowest level since 2010. Of course. It's so much easier for billionaires to send the work to countries where labour can be $5 a day or less. The really important people in this world can fire Canadians and Americans, hide their profits, ignore the environment even more than they do in North America........

And, as distrust of central banks grows, there's this story. Texas is pulling out its gold from US national reserves to keep them in Texas.


Then there's the story below which I usually would not cite because the general source is not always reliable, But I've known this story for  quite a while - and I believe I've mentioned it in this blog.  The Kiev government of Ukraine relies heavily on Ukraine's Nazi party. So does Harper. Here's the story behind this one.

The Ukrainians who migrated to Canada before WW1, and between the wars, were fleeing despotic rule. They were heavily made up of communists as communism was emerging as an alternative to dictators and capitalists.  However, in the second world war Ukraine and many other countries had become quite Nazi. This is rarely mentioned. But France, for example, had only a small resistance group. For the most part, it became a country of Nazi collaborators, and French police played a major role in rounding up Jews for the death camps. (I recall meeting an elderly gay in France who still remembered the occupation. "Every day, we saw those tall, handsome German soldiers on the streets and in the clubs."

In "The Sound of Music" Austrians despised Hitler.  In reality, they turned out in their hundreds of thousands to cheer the German tanks that rolled through their streets in the "Anschluss" (takeover) of 1938. The Dutch not only used police to round up Jews; they also volunteered by the tens of thousands to serve in Hitler's armies. They loved the Canadian troops that pushed out the Naziis, it's true. But that was largely because they were starving, and the Canadians had food. Other, large portions of Hitler's army were made up of Poles, Spanish, -- and, very prominently, Ukrainians who were leaders in rounding up Jews.

Don't believe most history books or the movies. Naziism had massive support in much of Europe in World War Two. It also had massive support among the wealthy (and some others) in Canada and the US.

By early 1941, Hitler was the master of Europe, and had a popular a following all over Europe.- except for Jugoslavia and Russia.

After the war, Ukraine still had substantial numbers of Nazi true believers. And they, with very far right-wingers who were almost identical to Naziis -  dominated among those Ukrainians who came to Canada. That's why Harper talks tough to Russia. That's the Ukrainian Canadian vote he wants to get.
As well, the Naziis remain a prominent and united part of the Kiev government. However, their future is uncertain as Kiev Ukrainians are beginning to react against their alliance with a government controlled by bankers and other capitalists who are looting a country that is virtually bankrupt. If the US is to be a springboard for an invasion of Russia, then the American government may have to move quickly to get the attack underway.


And those are just a few bits of the news that the Irving press missed. There's also the story that our good friend, the King of Saudi Arabia, has recently held his 300th beheading of the year. It's also missing his area bombing of impoverished Yemen, and his blockade to prevent food or medical suppplies from reading the poorest people in the world.

There's no mention of the crisis in the South China Sea, of Russian bombers based in Vietnam, nothing of the horror that Canadian companies inflict on places like Latin America and Congo. And no mention of what our Canadian pilots are doing in Iraq - or of why they are also bombing Syria. And no mention of  Canadian involvement in Ukraine.

But there is that big story about lobsters in Shediac.

Reading newspaper today reminds me powerfully of the weeks I spent in libraries and archives reading newspapers of 1939.

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  1. I had always suspected that many of the Ukrainians who had immigrated here were Nazi supporters or sympathizers. It would logically explain why they hate the Russians who had fought fascism (some 20M Soviets died fighting fascism, I think).

    It also explains why Harper is so aggressively attacking Putin (it is all talk though because if Putin really gets pissed, Harper will rush for the closet and leave Canadians to fend for themselves, just as he is now leaving his Senate and appointees there to fend for themselves).