Thursday, April 9, 2015

April 9: 'Impact' is not a verb, dammit.

"Game merger could impact Moncton". That's the banner headline on the front page of today's TandT.

The correct word is affect as in game merger could affect Moncton. This misuse of words seems to have begun with businessmen who wanted to sound impressive when they actually had nothing to say. In that situation, ordinary words correctly used can sound dreadfully - oh - working class. So it was that 'affect' became impact. Similarly, the clear and simple 'now' became 'at this point in time' which means exactly the same as 'now' but sounds so much more intellectually refined and precise.

The game merger that could 'impact" Moncton at this point in time has to do with real gambling on your computer - just what we need.

For further thrills, section A tells us (for the second time) that Sackville United church will be demolished. It also, for the third time, has a picture of a house that burned on Enterprise St.  This is really sloppy and lazy journalism. And there is no other news of any significance in Section A.
The editorial is, as usual, about spending money. Again it's full of visions (the sort druggies have) about the wonders of an events centre. Oh, the wonders that will happen. And, as he editorial points out, anyone who doesn't agreed with that is ignorant, misguided, a fool.

Tell you what, Mr. Editorial writer, if this is such a guaranteed, whiz bang idea, sure to make bundles of money, why not hand it over to the Irvings to build it? I mean, they aren't  stoopid like us. I know they've been hanging back because they want us to have all the profits but, hey, I mean you get a Robert Irving putting up the money and running the show, and you'll have an events centre within weeks just piling up profits.

Norbert has a column of "hard facts" about why we have to close schools - based on a 1920s economics textbook he found in a used book store. Funny how we can give away whole forests to the Irvings for virtually nothing, and we can let the very rich off when it comes to taxes. But, boy! Ya gotta nail those rural kids before they drive us broke.

How come, Norbert, you have never once written a column of "hard facts" about what the Irvings and families like them cost us. (It's okay, Norbert. I know why you've never written on that.)

Rod Allen has a column that seems to be about his childhood memories of Tarzan until, more than half-way through, he reveals that the topic is NB tax credits for the film industry. By then, he has no time to say much. And he doesn't.

I didn't read the column at the bottom of the commentary page because it's not a commentary. It's another self-serving PR piece by a cabinet minister. I really wonder about the ethics of running such a column.

Alec Bruce has a wildly unrealistic column about how Moncton itself, as a community effort, should raise the money to build an events centre. Great! Of course, that would leave us with no money to buy anything else the city needs. But what else could it need? Obviously, our top and only priority is a centre for culture, arts, entertainment, sports...   (By the way, where are we going to get anything called culture and the arts? Moncton isn't really big on those.)

I've seen more than a few events centres around the world. I've never seen one that attracted massive economic development. The old Montreal Forum had the Canadiens, the circus, opera, ice capades; but the biggest business near it was a Macdonald's. The new hockey stadium has a sandwich shop across the street. That's it. The expo stadium had baseball, opera, shows - but I can't recall even a convenience store near it.

There is no reason whatever to read Section B, Canada&World. There is a front page story on the Atcon scandal in which the Shawn Graham government allowed us to be ripped off for 70 million (well over half the cost of an events centre). But the story simply makes it clear that the current Liberal government doesn't intend to do anything about it.

All Canadian and foreign news comes from Canadian Press, Associated Press.... These are all propaganda outlets, and not to be taken seriously. There is much wider and more reliable news to be got from Israel's Haaretz, from Al Jazeera, from The Manchester why doesn't the Irving press buy some of these? a)the Irvings are too cheap b)the irvings prefer us to read propaganda.
Meanwhile, there are cheaply available stories from reliable sources that people like the Irving prefer us not to know.

In last month, for example, just that one month, US police killed more people than the UK police have in one hundred years. What ever the reasons might be that is one hell of a dangerous sign for any society. It means wide-scale violence is very, very close, especially as the police state closes in, and as the US army carries out exercises to deal with urban uprisings.

Indeed, the United States of our imagination never really existed. The corruption in American government began as early as 1775, when people like George Washington took part in vast, land grabs. The level of racism has always been viciously high. Even Abraham Lincoln was never enthusiastic about freeing the slaves. Americans have never been equal, except in the sense of being equal before the law. And the founding fathers never intended them to be equal in any other respect.

From the start, the US was ruled by the greed of an uncontrolled capitalism. And every war fought by the US since then was fought to benefit capitalism. That's as true today as it ever was. But you'll never see that mentioned in your news or in school textbooks. We aren't told about it.

The official death toll of Iraqis in Bush's Iraq invasion is 110,000. That's a lie. But it's the number that appears in all our news media. Physicians for Social Responsibility, an American organization of excellent reputation agrees with the British journal, The Lancet, that it was at least a million and a half - largely civilians including some 500,000 children.

Since 1990, calculates this team of physicians, at least 4 million Muslims have been killed by the UK and the US. Again, the majority were civilians. And that's a conservative estimate. The number could well be much, much higher. And that, of course, doesn't count the millions killed in Vietnam and Latin America.

And, as always, the reasons are essentially to benefit capitalists some of whom are prominent Canadians.

To get a fuller story on this, go to

Any journalist should know about sources like this. Any commentator should be familiar with them, and should know the probable consequences.

One of those consequences will affect you. Big business no longer has such a thing as a nationality if it ever did. It is now increasingly free to operate all over the world free of any government controls, free of any responsibility to the people of any nation, largely free of taxes and of any obligation to anything except its own greed.

It is now starving and murdering millions of people all over the world. Right now, Muslims are the major targets -and Latin Americans. Never kid yourself about where this is going. It will as happily starve and murder you.

The TandT does report the appearance of Irani naval ships off Yemen. There are also American naval ships. And Saudi wouldn't take much of a slip for that to turn into an uncontrollable confrontation.

The TandT still doesn't have the story of how the glaciers of the Rockies might well be gone by 2100. But I don't believe it, anyway. I believe the wise words from our oil billionaires who tell us that there is no climate change and,anyway, oil has nothing to do with it. So let's all get together, and build that pipeline to St. John.

Oh, remember Obama's recent warning that Venezuela is a threat to US security? You know, those Venezuelans have the crazy idea that Venezuela is their country, and they have a right to complain about American killer squads who murder leading politicians, and who try the overthrow elected governments with, apparently, the help of our RCMP.   So Obama is playing the old game of using trade sanctions to impoverish Venezuelans. (None of this made the Irvng press).

Well, China has stepped in to lend Venezuela a very large sum of money. That just shows you, doesn't it? American capitalism needs nuclear strikes soon on Russia and China.
Finally, I pass on a delightful item about how the Irvings need us to pay taxes so we can afford to give the province away to them - without them needing to pay any of those nasty, old taxes.

Just google    and go to petition update.

Gee! You'd think one of those super-sharp editors in the Irving press would know how to do that.


  1. Also Graeme, I found it interesting that none of the Canadian MSM wrote about the Russians sending their plane to Yemen in order to get their people out and in the process they also helped get some Canadians out. Nothing in the media and nothing from Harper. No thank you to Russia for doing this.

  2. Thank you. I am one of the many who didn't know about that. Not surprising, though.

  3. The $70,000 that Atcon (Tozer and the Grahams got would have paid for every post secondary community college and university student in New Brunswick to go to school for a year.

    Neil Gardner

  4. "Impact" as verb? I'll see you and raise you "ask" as a noun and "spend" as a noun. As in "Cut my quarterly spend by 25%? That's a big ask.".

    Also, most media types should be banned from using the following words and phrases:
    * enormity
    * decimate
    * beg the question
    * fulsome

    Thanks for reading,
    A. Nony. Mouse
    Reg. Pendant