Wednesday, March 18, 2015

march 18: 3:30 p.m.. My Newpaper is now almost twelve hours late.

I can't wait to see Norbert's next column on how private business is so much more efficient than government.

No mind. I have lots of topics waiting for just such a day.

One is that we live in a country that teaches us to hate Muslims, Russians - and/or whoever the flavour of the month is. We also live in an economy which is openly based on greed and self-interest. (Perhaps the Irving press could find a cleric in this province who could write a column for the Faith Page - you know, one who would put all this hatred and greed into a Christian context).

Netanyahu seems to have won the Israeli election. And if there is one man in this world who wants and means to use nuclear bombs, it is Netanyahu. He knows Iran is not developing a bomb. He knows it is nowhere close to one. His own intelligence service has been telling him that for years.  Why does he wants to use the bomb? Whose fault is this? It's the fault of all of us.

For a thousand years, Europeans persecuted and murdered Jews. Richard Lion Heart made it a point to slaughter Jews when he was crusading the Holy land. There was nothing unusual about Hitler in Europe. His hatred of Jews was widely shared all over Europe, including Britain. It was widely shared in both Canada and the US - often with the encouragement of our religious leaders.

Western capitalists loved Hitler, and gave him the money to get to power. (So did the film producers in Hollywood. Even the Jewish ones courted Hitler's favour.) Our prime minister, Mackenzie King, wrote that Hitler reminded him of Joan of Arc. We did nothing to help the Jews, not in the 1930s when we knew what was going on, not during the war and no, not even after it. We, right here in Canada, turned escaped Jewish children back during the war, knowing they would go to the death camps. And and we wouldn't accept Jews even after the war. Jews know from long experience that they cannot expect anyone to help them.

Was Hitler evil? I don't know. I used to think so. I was taught to think so. But if Hitler was evil, what were are parents and almost all of our ancestors? (And lots of us to this day?)

Jews were given the land for Israel because 1.It was a good way to get rid of Jews. 2. Jewish terrorists had already staked it out on their own. 3.It could provide a base for the west to restore its domination of the region.

The Jews I grew up with were not haters. Indeed, they struck me as the most loving and Christian people I had ever met. But, oh, they must have hated us for all those centuries of persecution that lasted well into our time - and still lasts.

That is what has produced a Netanyahu who is a Hitler. Are they evil? If they are, then what are we who  gave rise to so much hatred?

Right now, Netanyahu is perhaps the most dangerous man in the world. He clearly intends to destroy Palestine, and he's quite likely to nuke Iran. But he's not evil.  Like Hitler, like us, he's human who thinks and reacts as we humans do. That's why Netanyahu, like Hitler, is such a dangerous man, He's just like us.
Like the good souls we are, we also deeply sympathize with Ukraine. Well, no. Let's be real. Few of us could even find Ukraine on a map. We couldn't care less what happens to Ukraine. If we did care in that way at all, we would be demanding Canadian action on Haiti, too.

There are ten million people crammed onto that tiny island where they live in some of the world's worst poverty. They live in foul conditions, usually with no access to health care or even basic education. They earn less than enough to live on. They tried to get out from the domination  of American-imposed dictators and American corporations. They at last managed to elect a leader, a priest who lived only to help them.

But the US, with Canadian help, overthrew the elected government, and imposed a phony election in which only 5% voted. Life expectancy now is 62 - that makes it 136th in the world. And all that misery is happening not on the other side of the world, but in the splendour of Caribbean sunshine.

Heard anything from Harper? No. We hear we will defend Israel to the death. We will defend Ukraine to the death.

Nobody even mentions Haiti.

Are Harper and Obama and Dole evil? Are we evil? Are Americans evil?  No. We're just acting as humans do. That's why billionaires can't be allowed to be dictators.

As for Ukraine, the damage is done. And it was done by the "friends" of Ukraine. The country is broke, and with no sign of a recovery. No matter who wins whatever it is they claim to want to win, Ukraine faces a dreadful future of poverty, cold, hunger, unemployment. That was guaranteed by the western bankers that Harper has pledged us to support. They loaned a desperate Ukraine money to survive for a little while. But it has to be paid back with interest - plus conditions. Ukraine has to seriously cut social and education spending. Just about everything has to be privatized. And that means Ukraine can't help its starving and desperate people.

Worse, to get the loan, Ukraine had to give all its best land to the bankers, who are selling it to huge farm-factory and seed corporations. Ukraine has been made permanently poor. And it's not the Russians who did it. It was us.
Nobody is born good or evil. We, I like to think, are not evil. But, oh,we do things that look very evil, indeed. We do it because we have created a world in which power is wielded by the very rich who have developed a philosophy of pure greed with no legal or moral or political controls. And our churches and most of our news media and our politicians, to their eternal shame, have cooperated every step of the way.

What do we need to do right here in New Brunswick?

For a start, we have to demand that New Brunswickers get less dozey, and start far, far more public discussion. And to do that, we need to produce a political party that makes a public issue of our central problem - the weakness (to put it kindly) of our elected governments in the face of big money.

Public discussion of things like our deficit or our health system are a waste of time. What can be the point of such a discussion in a public that knows little about economic or health care? We need political leadership that is not afraid to put forward views about the fundamental problem of this province. I have not seen any such leadership.

We need information that we don't get because most of our news media are owned by those people who are, themselves, that fundamental problem. La Press Libre de Moncton Free Press and Media Co-Op are a good start. But they aren't nearly enough.

We can't change the whole world. But we can, at least, for our sake and the sake of our children make a start on our part of the world.

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