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March 17: First go to.....

news.nationalpost.com/2015/03/17/tory-mp-larry -miller-on-women-wearing-nigab-at-citizenship-ceremonies-stay-the-hell-where-you-came-from.

Don't read the story. Just look at the big, full colour photo of the man. He looks like a smirking, self-righteous, self-adoring porker who is a little too carefully dressed to be honest. He could be a drug dealer. Or a pimp. Or a gambler. Or anything that's foul-mouthed. In fact, he is a Conservative member of  parliament.

This is the man who says that women who wear the nigab at citizenship ceremonies should "stay the hell where they came from."

Canadians elected this foul-mouthed pig. Harper welcomed him as a member of his party. What the hell has happened to Canada? We have become the equivalent of the deep south. Larry Miller is Captain Canuck, the Canadian of the future.

Larry Miller didn't happen by accident. He has tailored his blubbery self to echo popular opinion in a wide section of the Canadian public. Harper has deliberately, with the full cooperation of our news media, filled this nation with hatred, fear, bigotry. Indeed, it's all  he has to run on. And there are so many ignorant, fearful and hating bigots in this country, it's quite possible he could win.

(I know Miller has apologized. No apology can undo what he has done.)

So where does our MP, Smirky Goguen, stand on this issue? (Where does he stand on anything?) Will he "communicate" with his voters to tell us where he stands? Will his voters have the integrity to demand that he do so?

On this issue, I am ashamed of the NDP for backing away from it so it can hold the Quebec vote. Quebec is and always has been Canada's deep south. When will the NDP learn it can never achieve anything by joining the political centre with all its fear mongers and racists and sell-outs?

Miller is disgusting. Canada is digusting for having elected him.

It reminds me of another slimy, Harper move. He intends to built a monument to the victims of communism, and to do it for well over a million dollars. And he intends to do it on land next door to the Supreme Court, land which is supposed to be for symbols of Canada.

You think we should build symbols deploring a system that no longer exists? Okay. I can think of better ones.
1. A monument to all the native peoples of this country that we murdered, displaced and that we abuse to this day. (nah. no votes in that)
2. A monument to victims of torture and murder at the hands of the Roman Catholic church. (Uh - nah - maybe to victims of Islam.)
3. A monument to the quarter million Guatemalan civilians slaughtered by US and Guatemalan troops. (What slaughter?)
4 A monument to the victims of the wars, starvation, torture and poverty imposed by centuries of capitalism.
(Mr. Harper? Are you listening?)

The world is now on a path that can lead only to mass destruction. US billionaires cannot achieve world dominance without violence. And they cannot succeed by violence unless they use nuclear weapons. As well, we are going to be lucky to avoid very serious violence in the US and much of Europe. But nobody will be left to put up a monument to that.

There is nothing left in the Conservatives or the Liberals for us to put hope in. There is not enough in the Green Party to deal with our greatest problem.  One can only hope - a faint hope - that the NDP will get off its collective ass, decide what it stands for - not just what it thinks will get votes. It should get back to what it was before the NDP was formed from the CCF almost fifty years ago.

Since then, uncontrolled capitalism has made billionaires our rulers, and it has killed millions and impoverished more millions, and will take us into the final war. Greed makes people very, very stupid. If you doubt that, take another look at Larry Miller's photo.

My March 17 TandT arrived just five hours late. The first page tells us that it snowed two days ago. But - skip to the bottom bottom of p. 1. "Threat of legal action over moratorium debated." In brief, if the moratorium shows that shale gas fracking is too dangerous for our environment - and maybe threatening to our lives - we may not have the right to ban it, and might be forced to pay unpredictable millions (or billions) to shale gas companies for having inconvenienced them.

So much for democracy. So much for civil government. So much for the lives and rights of human beings. That's the pattern that greed has established. They don't give a damn whether you get killed. They've killed millions all over the world, and plan to kill millions more. Do you seriously think they give a damn about killing New Brunswickers?

It's routine now in trade agreements. If any law in changed in a way big money doesn't like, it can sue all of us for enormous sums. And it doesn't matter if human lives are at stake. You think we don't have to worry because those nice Irvings wouldn't do such a thing to us? Dream on. Anyway, it doesn't matter. It's written into trade deals with China, Europe, everybody. And since Harper has destroyed almost all environmental protections we had, it's actually cheaper to let people die than to let them live.

The are big stories besides snow. Page two has a must read story about St. Patrick's day with a big photo of a man drinking beer. Then, there's a big story about a Moncton man who plays frisbee as a professional.  Nothing else, really.

The editorial is - quelle surprise - about how a moratorium on shale gas development is silly. Keep you pants down, all you shale gas execs. I think our editor, Hotlips, would like to kiss both cheeks.

Norbert has a column of unintelligible rant about the CRTC. But he has one, interesting sentence in which he says capitalism is not just about making money. It's about competition.

I look forward to his next column in which he tells us how the Irvings have to work day and night to fight off the competition. And, oh, the digging they have to do to keep up with their newspaper competition.

He also appears to think there is competition on TV. Norbert, in the US, six corporations, count them, six control 90% of everything we read, hear, or see. We rely very heavily on that production. As well, the figures for Canadian owned information  are much same. The exceptions are CBC and National Film Board. And I'm sure Norbert would love to scrap both.

Almost all of our news media, TV, films, magazines are controlled by a handful of billionaires who use them all as propaganda that you happily spout for them.  Norbert, if there were media competition in this province, you wouldn't have a job.

There's an excellent letter to the editor on the editorial page - "Leaving it all to our beloved bankers".

On the op ed page, Alan Cochrane has an insightful story about how we have a lot of snow. It's all coffee chatter, the sort you get when you're stuck with a really boring person.

There's an interesting opinion column by Toby Sanger who's an economist for Canadian Union of Public Employees. (I know. If he's with CUPE, he's biased. Yeah, not like those mouthpieces for big business that we usually read about - like the Fraser Institute, or the ones from U de Moncton that Norbert just adores.)
Sanger's column is worth reading.

Alec Bruce is superb - and frightening. He talks about how Harper is leading in the polls, and what that tells us about Canada. Jonathan Swift, in one of his books, has Gulliver going to the land of the Houyhnhnms. It's a land where the intelligent and gentle creatures resemble horses; and the humans are crude and ignorant. I think we are just about there.
As usual, there is nothing of importance in the Canada&World section. There is an accusation that ISIS is using poison gas. Gee! Guess who invented it. Guess who used in in World War 1. Even better, guess who used it against the Japanese in island fighting in World War 2. Guess who supplied it to Saddam Hussein when they paid him to invade Iran? Guess who is still carrying on extensive research on chemical weapons.

Oh, too late for the newspapers, Harper has appointed our governor-general to a second term. I can see why. He is the most  house-broken governor-general we have ever had. Other governors-general would likely have rejected his anti-terrorism bill. This one will just sign it, and sit up for a cookie.

Well, he's a former university president.

There is no mention in the paper of what is happening in Latin America as Obama threatening and working hard, perhaps murderously, to overthrow the elected government of Venezuela. More alarming, there are signs that other countries of Latin America, fed up with over a century of being bullied by US billionaires (and some Canadian ones) are coming to Venezuela's side.

And, of course, the Irving press still hasn't told us that a Canadian RCMP officer was involved  in a failed American coup, just recently, against the government of Venezuela.

We are moving very close to violence both here and all over the world. One of the reasons has been the collapse of democracy in the face of an uncontrolled capitalism. Worse, the leading capitalists have become our governments - and they have no capacity whatever to govern. Greed breeds stupidity, as surely as government by a medieval aristocracy by birth led to governments of stupidity and arrogance.

The danger, though smothered by propagandizing and lying news media is real; and it's close.

If  you want government by the likes of the Irvings and Harper, take it. Take what you want. Take anything  you want.

But pay for it.

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