Monday, March 16, 2015

March 16: well,.....

......I have learned that my Monday, March 16 newspaper will not be delivered in time for breakfast - or even for lunch. Instead, it will be delivered on Tuesday, March 17 - and probably too late for breakfast.  There is no word on what will happen to the March 17 paper.

That's too bad, because just a couple of days ago they had a big, big story about aging rock musician, far right conservative and gun advocate Ted Nugent, and how he was coming to New Brunswick. Yes. His boots would actually touch this land. And he was going hunting with one of our finest hunting outfitters and its guides. But, alas....

.....our famous outfitter has been hit with quite a number of charges involving illegal practices in getting a bear licence and in other matters related to hunting. I wonder whether the Irving press will mention it.

In news that is almost as important, John Kerry, Obama's roving secretary of state, has suggests he would like to talks with Syrian leader Assad. Yes, Kerry is a man of peace. Too bad, though, that he and the North American press have portrayed Assad as evil. Yes, evil and a monster. That's the reason they gave long ago for not talking to him.

If Assad and Obama believe they can now talk to him, then it must mean that Assad was not an evil monster in the first place - and they've been lying to us. And our news media have been lying to us. Worse - if Assad is not an evil monster but a person we can talk with, why have they waited so long and through such horror before they said he could be reasoned with?

The US and Saudi Arabia are largely responsible for creating the rebel army in Syria our of hired mercenaries. They paid for the mercenaries. They trained them. They equipped them. Out of all that training, and equipping came Al Quaeda. And out of Al Quaeda came ISIS.

None of that had to happen. But it did happen; and a quarter of a million are dead. That includes large numbers of Syrian Christians. That means the leaders of the Christian world have been responsible for the murders of Christians as well as all those Syrian Muslims It means Obama and Kerry, for a start, are mass murderers. And then there are the millions of injured, orphans, refugees, and all the horrors of living in the middle of a war.

Our side did that because, as we were told, Assad is an evil monster - just like all the other people who don't want their country to be run by American oil billionaires.

Why doesn't it sink into us what we are, and what we have done? Can you imagine the reaction if Muslims did that to the US?  9/11 was nothing compared the orgy of killing and looting and starving and raping and pure destruction the US has done since 9/11. And almost all of that has been done with the help or approval of western countries - including Canada.

Why can we so easily see evil monsters on the other side - but not see them when it's us. The most dangerous and destructive and evil people in the world

The myth is we are doing all this killing and looting and torture to help people. We aren't. We never were. The US and the west in general have never brought freedom to anybody. It's all done to make money. Nothing else. And it's done to make money the for very, very rich.  In fact, that's what most wars throughout history have been fought for. The very rich and the politicians they buy are utterly without any morality whatever. (Some day, I'll have to write a blog on what World War 2 was about. And it had nothing to do with Naziis being evil - though they were.)

So far, US foreign policy has been fifty years of disaster. After fifteen years, the US still cannot get Afghanistan under control after fifteen years. In Vietnam, it got licked. Libyans are far worse off now than they were under Ghadaffi.

The US got licked by peasants wearing sandals in Vietnam. The invasions of Iraq killed a million and a half, mostly civilians, All it accomplished was to destroy Iraq, impoverish its people, and set the atmosphere for the creation of ISIS.  The people of Ukraine are being driven into ever-deeper poverty by western bankers, and Obama is seriously looking for a war that would almost certainly go nuclear. Now, he's also threatening Venezuela, a poor country with a tenth the population of the US, because he says it's a threat to the US.

There is evil in the world. And our leaders here in the west ARE that evil. ISIS cuts a head off, and the western world goes into a flutter. Our side burns civilians alive, starves them to death, makes them cripples or refugees, murders civilians by the millions - and nobody says boo. Why?

It's closely related to racism. And much of it is due to the teaching of history in our elementary and high  schools. Most of it is pure myth School boards do that partly because they don't know any better, and partly because parents would never allow schools to teach the truth. They think that history should make us patriotic and proud. But theirs a lot of it that shouldn't.

In Britain and France, history in the schools has long been the history of glory and the triumphs of Empire when, in fact, the empires were about mass murder to enrich the very rich while the common people of Britain and France lived in dreadful conditions.

The world leader in fictitious history is probably the US. The US has been fighting wars and building an empire since the day it was created. Most of its enemies were small and poor countries that were conquered so rich Americans could steal their resources and exploit their labour. Perhaps the worst example of this is Haiti which is now one of the most malnourished countries in the world. The United States murdered and conquered its way across native lands that now are part of the US, across Latin America, and is now looking at the whole world. All of it to enrich the already rich.

Now, find me a US school history text that says that. In books, every American war was forced on it. Yes, all of the 200 and more wars, and even the war of 1812. In US history text books. 1812 was "the second war of independence? Yes. They invaded Canada to  protect the US. Even the real war of independence is taught with lies about people being equal, etc.

Thomas Jefferson, who wrote the phrase about people being created equal had 175 slaves, four of them his sons. George Washington had even more, far more. There was no freedom for Blacks. Or for women.
In fact, Blacks still endured public lynchings in the American south into the 1930s.

No taxation without representation? Nope. That was fake, too. Britain had spent a great deal of money to protect its colonies. When the wars with France seemed to end, it wanted colonies to share the cost of their own defence. Americans didn't want to pay because, now that France seemed beaten, and now that the British had conquered New France, they didn't need defence.

Besides, the colonies had an envious eye on all the native territories to the west of them. They wanted Indian wars to steal their land.  And Britain was much against that.

Then there was the great president Wilson who brought freedom to the world.. In fact,Wilson was an extreme racist who admired the Ku Klux Klan - and who never brought freedom to anybody.  Ho Chi Min had hoped, after WW1, that Wilson would press for his people to be granted freedom from France. Wilson didn't lift a finger. And that's what caused the Vietnam war.

Canadian textbooks are much the same. They're about the courage of those French and English who destroyed the native peoples, who murdered some outright, who starved thousands to death, who stole their land and, to this day have abused them. Nor will the text books tell you that Prime Minister Mackenzie King was  a great admirer of Hitler -as were many, many Canadian and US wealthy people who financed Hitler's rise.

They tell us how Britain had to declare war on Hitler because of his attack on Poland. Okay. But how come they don't mention that well before Poland, Hitler attacked the elected government of Spain in support of a rebellion led by a fascist general.? And how come the only people from Britain, France, the US and Canada who went to fight against Hitler in Spain were largely working class? How come they were so badly treated by their own governments when they returned. And how come they usually aren't in the textbooks at all?

We are taught to be gullible. We are taught we have never done anything wrong. We have been taught that evil is always on the other side. It's a form of racism that allows us to look down on and condemn others  It's because history is so often taught to leave the impression that we are superior to other peoples.

That's why the Faith Page in the TandT never has a sermonette suggesting we are evil in the way we treat other peoples..

Wars are not fought to free people or to bring joy to their lives. By far, most wars are fought to make our very rich even richer. They are fought for reasons that are greedy, immoral and cruel. And right now, the greediest, most immoral, and cruelist countries are on our side.

And the role of news media like the Irving press is to take up where our history texts left off -to tell us lies and propaganda that please the very rich.
As a footnote - Why does Kerry want talks with Assad? Well....

It's probably because when the US helped to create ISIS, the idea was it would destroy Syria and kill Assad. However, it seems ISIS has broader ambitions. US foreign policy has created yet another mess. Kerry still wants Syria destroyed. But it now looks as though ISIS might be too successful. The US can't just invade Syria on its own. That would create even more chaos in the Muslim world. That's why he's been so busy, if largely unsuccessfully, to get other countries, including Arab ones, to attack ISIS. But it's not working. However, if he could get a deal with Assad to invite the US in to protect Syria from ISIS......

Oh, yes...Remember how Wikkileaks forced Obama to admit to his and Bush's extensive use of torture?
Of course, it's illegal under both American and international law. Well, Obama yesterday announced that there won't be any prosecutions.

Isn't that sweet of him?

How would we react if Putin did something like that?

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