Saturday, January 31, 2015

Jan. 31: two very, very bad, really awful, terrible days.....

The Toronto Sun is a newspaper designed to attract morons, bigots and louts. And it does very well in the Toronto region where all three groups are plentiful.  Its columnists write to  appeal to hatred and ignorance. Above all, they write to attract attention to themselves because they, like the women in bikinis who appear in every issue are there for only one reason - to sell newspapers. Only fools read Sun columnists.

Now check the headline in the Times and Transcript for January 30. It seems a columnist for the Toronto Sun has said that women's soccer is not a real sport because, if it were, it wouldn't be having its world championship in Moncton. This is just  childish. Nyah, Nyah. And the Moncton mayor responded- Nyah, Nhay. Then, worse, the Moncton Times made it their front page, banner headline story written by Brent Mazerolle himself with a full colour photo. And it's more childish than the original story in The Sun.

So, when does the Irving press start featuring a daily beauty in a bikini?

The editorial would get a laugh even at The Toronto Sun. It's theme is that the premier's speech on his plans for New Brunswick was inspiring - even though it said nothing. Right.

Norbert does his usual silly bit about how more efficient woodstoves would not add to climate change and how the Doomsday Clock warning that we are close to nuclear war are invented concerns. In short, climate change isn't happening, and there will never be a nuclear war. In fact, at the bottom of his fourth column, he says that scientists who developed the idea of the Doomsday Clock are the same ones who invented climate change just so they could scare people.

Norbert, that is so silly, so ignorant, so illogical you really should be writing for The Sun. (or maybe posing in a bikini). For example, the Chicago scientists who invented the Doomsday Clock were most of them dead by the time climate change became an issue. And if you have some evidence that the same people were behind both concerns, I should be fascinated to see it.

However, your column should have a bigger audience so that morons, bigots and louts can be reassured that there is no climate change, and nuclear weapons don't exist.

I really don't understand how Justin Ryan can say so little in his columns. It's supposed to be about immigrants who settle in Moncton. But it tell us almost nothing. For example, there's a one-liner that Canadian schools teach different subjects, and Canadian teachers have different expectations from those in their homelands. That's intriguing. But it tells us nothing. How are they different? How does that affect the students?

In general, here are two pages where we should see serious discussion of Gallant's plans, and of the state of the economy. But we don't get either.

Why are we in economic trouble? Let's get past this childish babble about how we're spoiling ourselves with social services. Certainly, we should talk about our spending. But that talk is meaningless unless you also talk about our revenues. ALL of our revenues. And let's take a little look at the history of this.

In the Second World War, the Canadian government took full control of the Canadian economy. And it worked well. There was little inflation. Fundamental needs were protected for all of us. And much of that government control remained into the 50s and 60s. It was a time when Canadians, perhaps for the first time ever, could look forward to the economic future. Then we got the Ronald Reagan-Brian Mulroney-Margaret Thatcher revolutions.

Governments pretty much gave up on running the economy. The absurd theory that if you make the rich richer, we will all get richer took over. Control on big business were eased, in fact, largely dropped. Free trade gave big business the opportunity to abandon any responsibility to any people of any nation.  And guess what?

From that time, the rich kept getting richer while the poor got poorer. That's the period in which the rich awarded themselves lavish salaries while steadily paying less in salaries and less in taxes. That's when we started hearing about a wage gap.

That was also the time of the spread of 'think tanks' to spread the propaganda of the rich. It was the time of the consolidation of almost all news media in the hands of a few billionaires. It was a time of the acceleration of  bribery by the rich to get control of government. By now, it is so blatant that no serious scholar considers the US, for example, to be a democracy. (Or New Brunswick).

Nor does it ever stop. There is never a time when the very rich have enough. There will never be a time when we are told that 90% of us have too little.

That is what lies behind American military activity. (In fact, American military activity, like British, French, German, etc. has always been based on serving the interests of the rich.)

This greed is why all nations over the centuries have looked to religion to set limits on the greed - and on suffering and violence it creates.  That's why our Faith Page now lists pancake breakfasts rather than discussion of the morality of those people who control our lives. And, more significantly, that's why we get the book Over the Cliff? which suggest solutions that are not solutions but the cause of the problem in the first place.

Typically, what we hear are the solutions the rich want to hear. But the reason we are in trouble is that we have been supporting the very rich in the style they like. We support the rich by lowering their taxes.  (And, please, don't tell me the solution is simply to raise their taxes. The reality is that most of their money is hidden safely away from the tax collector.) The next edition of Over the Cliff? could do well to take a look at how much our corporate wealthy cost us - because that's where the solution is.

Reagan, Mulroney, Thatcher and fellow-travellers led a revolution. And we are not paying the price for it.

And that is why the whole, strategic face of the world is changing as the majority of people around the world are framing new alliances to stop us. But the US and its allies cannot fight so many people with just conventional weapons. They will have to use nuclear weapons.

And that, dear Norbert, is why you might want to start worrying.

The Jan 31 paper doesn't reach the high standards set by Jan.30.

Most disturbing was a story on A7, "J.D.Irving, Limited Reading is Wild Readers of the Week".
My first thought was for the ego of a man who must have his name on everything. But there's a bigger problem here.

We are a society, Mr. Irving, not a herd of cattle. We, as a society, should be deciding how much money our schools should get, and what it should be for. Sponsoring a reading event sounds very nice. But the effect of it is to give people like you another toehold on our schools. And you, with your buddies at AIMS,  have been making it clear that people like you should be running the schools - preferably for profit.

Money does not give you the right to do that. In a democracy, you have the same right as the rest of us in these matters - the right of one vote. May I suggest, then, you skip the philanthropist crap and, if you really want to help, pay decent taxes like the rest of us have to.

Bill Belliveau and Norbert once again wet their pants over Gallant's brilliant speech that said nothing. The rest of the editorial and op ed pages is pretty feeble stuff, with even Gwynne Dyer being pretty vague.
In NewsToday, there's a bizarre story about our troops engaged in fighting in Iraq. The chief of defence staff supports the government position that we are not in a war, that our military people are simply defending themselves. Well, don't blame him. He has to follow the government line. But be patient, and read the whole story. It's a pretty good outline of what is happening. And Harper has cancelled one of the fundamental rights of a free country.

Can we at least hope for some informed speculation on why Harper has gone to war while saying he isn't?
I hadn't seen any - but here are some suggestions.
1. There are no votes to be won by declaring war - and the election is nigh.
2.Neither he nor Canada stands to gain anything from this war and, despite his frequently tough talk, Harper has been generally leery of war.  And the only beneficiaries of the current war will be American oil billionaires. Their greed was behind the first Iraq war which is what eventually sent recruits to 'extremist' Islamic groups. The whole crisis is not a war between Islam and Chritianity. It's a war between the greed of American capitalism and  just about everybody else.
Harper has no quarrel with greed. But he's reluctant to get involved unless there is a gain for Canadian capitalists.

Again, there is almost no foreign news. The biggest story, B6, is that Mitt Romney is not going to run for president. (Two stories, actually). Who could possibly care?

The most frightening story is on B3 "CSIS to get more anti-terror powers". Our spy agency will be getting the power to arbitrarily detain suspected terrorists, or "might be" terrorists, The RCMP will have the power to remove terrorist sites from the web. Sounds reasonable? Well, apart from dumping "innocent until proven guilty", there's another question. What is a terrorist? Is a shale gas protestor a terrorist? (Yes. They are already listed as such.) Is anybody who opposes Harper a terrorist? Quite possibly so. Under our milder laws, Tommy Douglas. the Baptist clergman who introduced medicare was under survellance as a danger to Canada.

Has Mr. Irving been under surveillance by CSIS? I doubt it. It's more likely that he reports to it.

The Faith Page, C6, has a long list of church activities, all of them designed to reduce the brain to putty. The sermonette is worse.
Generally, the most worrying thing is we are getting very, very limited information about the extent to which the world is turning away from us, and forming new trade groups and alliances to get away from the greed of western capitalism. There are now so many against us that they cannot be fought with conventional weapons. (For that matter, the US record of fighting small and poor nations with conventional weapons has not been brilliant.) And, in the alliances on the other side, there are lots of nuclear weapons. Even if the US could stop every one of them with rockets, the accumulation of nuclear explosions would be the final disaster.

Think about it. Or just read Norbert again. And yawn.


  1. A few thoughts for your readers Graeme. Climate change or global warming is based in Agenda 21 social engineering of society. Though the idea has been around longer, it received its official public kick-off from the Central Bankers in the 1992 Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit conference. Its public face was the battling of carbon emissions and the possible creation of future carbon credit trading which is ultimately another tax (wealth transfer). Today, this idea has evolved into lesser programs under a variety of different names. They are often cloaked in smart, green sounding initiatives. Look for cities listed as ICLEI towns or cities. Fredericton, NB for example. (A pack-em-and-stack-em-town with many condo units being built there). The official line is of reducing your carbon footprint, but the ultimate goal is of a different nature of course. Think total control of natural resources by combining a purposely failed (Central Bank-controlled) economy.
    One has to keep in mind the Bank of Canada's role to provide interest-free loans to Canada had been hi-jacked in the early to mid-1970's and remains hijacked to this day. The domino effect is of high consumption taxes on goods and services, and driving rural populations into the cities looking for work, looking to downsize, no longer affording gas prices, families imploding, etc. Once rural areas are more deplete of people, transnational corps along with local governments using international courts based on trade agreements created by sociopathic legislation and frameworks will face little to no protest from the remaining rural populations. The next generation growing up in cities will be further removed from self-sustainable mindsets, and therefore, more pliable for control.
    Pollution is real, the acidification of coral reefs are real, and radioactive poisoning is also real. But global warming is a marketing campaign, much like Obama's Hope and Change campaign was.
    Also, one cannot have an honest debate regarding climate change or global warming without acknowledging 2 important rarely talked about subjects on the matter:
    atmospheric spraying programs, and/or H.A.A.R.P.
    Look here for a very interesting eye opener doc:

    I also from time to time visit grindall61's Youtube channel to hear the latest Agenda 21 developments coming out of California, and how a totalitarianism loosely modelled after China is developing there.

  2. Mr. Ackerson,
    Please visit some coastal areas, ocean acidification is not a marketing ploy, nor is ice melt and sea-level rise. While advocating for self-sufficiency is admirable, it should be directed at a community, provincial and national level. We are beggared by our trade with others as we beggar them. Here in NS we only produce 8% of the food we consume. That is a real problem. It is great that people have so many theories about international relations, it shows they are reading. But it is a huge mistake not to start at home by looking after our neighbours.

  3. I very much fear we're past the point of dealing with these problems. The reality is that World War Three is on. It's a war, like most wars, made possible by a public kept ignorant of what is going on, and stirred up by the relentless call to hatred that we find in our news media.

    And it has always been so. World War One was not a war to defend freedom - despite all the propaganda. Nor was World War Two about spreading freedom and democracy. Neither Britain nor the US, in either war, have any intention of spreading democracy and freedom. And they didn't. (Neither did Stalin, of course. And, despite what most people believe, it was the Russians that saved us from Hitler. They lost over ten million killed; but they were the ones who tied up and destroyed 90% of the German forces. And these are the people that Obama is picking a fight with.

    In fact, the work of destroying freedom and democracy was already under way as the very wealthy took over real power in most countries - including Britain, Canada. the US..........

    We have news media that have worked on making us hate, and convincing us that Muslims are responsible for all the cruelties and wars of our time. (With the Russians now being lumped in with Islam - and others to follow as it becomes necessary.) That's always been the pattern - make people hate. Make them fear.

    It's worked. We're very deep into it. And the tempo is picking up. Our world went into something close to hysteria over the shooting of a dozen people in Paris. But we don't really give a damn about the millions of quite innocent people killed in Vietnam, Libya, Iraq, Guatemala.....

    We are being led by the nose - and the people doing the leading are not our politicians. Only a complete and utter ignoramus could believe the US is a democracy. It is openly run and controlled by big business.

    You can see it on a small scale here in New Brunswick. For example, we just had an election. And what happens right after? The Irving press greets with joy the founding of a group of "leading businessmen and community leaders" to advise the government.

    What the hell is the idea of that? We just elected a government to govern. If all those clowns who call themselves business and community leaders wanted to run the province, why didn't they run for election? But, no. We have a system here that any group connected with big money (and with "community leaders" for window dressing) has a right to have a bigger voice in government than us peasants.

    Remember last time? When Irving had the gall to announce he was a member of the government?

    And nobody said boo. By the way, his major move was to appoint his boys as advisors to the Minister of Finance. Norbert, obediently reading the works of the propaganda group that has been foisted on UdeM, now tells us that the budget is in chaos. Well, Norbert, if it is, Irving is the one who stuck his nose into the budget 4 years ago. So how come you haven't mentioned him in connection with the budget?

    Democracy has been largely replaced by an aristocracy of the very rich, very greedy, and damned indifferent to humanity.

    Capitalism is no longer an economic system. It's a means to destroy, loot, and enrich for the sake of a tiny number of very ordinary people who, on their own abilities, wouldn't be competent to organize a church pancake breakfast.

    They have spread poverty and suffering wherever they have gone. Just take a look at Central America and Congo. Or just take a look at the US and Canada.

    It's a revolution that will destroy itself but, oh, it will take billions with it. (It's already taken millions of lives - and no war has officially started yet.)

    I think the US is likely to see lots of violence very soon. The response will be understandable, but not likely to be useful. People need to be intellectually engaged. That is not a characteristic of New Brunswick - and the Irving press makes sure it stays that way.

    We badly need to recognize how bad things are, and to plan a response.

  4. Tim, I agree. We should be following the ethos underlining The Golden Rule in how we choose to treat others. No one is saying we shouldn't be. But I'm not sure based on what you've responded with, that we're on the same page in our individual discernment of the darker side of high-level politics today, and/or your understanding of the tail-wagging-the-dog spin-doctoring campaigns.
    Graeme is unfortunately very correct in his assessment of our current situation.
    For example, you may appreciate the following: We appear to beggar money and have no money for the sole reason our nation along with any other nation hosting home to a central bank with a membership in the Bank For International Settlements has been essentially hijacked (not a theory). Further, all institutions in those same nations are now owned and controlled, including media-houses, academia, highest-level politics, the sciences in receiving funding and promotion, and the economy overall. (Once again unfortunately, not a theory – wish it was). The IMF and World Bank, which are directly across the street from each other in Washington – check Google Earth - are both owned and controlled as well, and by the same cadre of old banking families, and corporate families, as well as protected by the most recent generation of corrupt nouveau-riche staffers, and politicians who've signed onto the same ideology of amassing wealth and control.
    I forgot to mention in my original comment, the reason we have such high GST taxes, besides Brian Mulroney's influence and NAFTA which is a separate topic, is so we can unwittingly pay back the absurdly high national debt load Canada is now under. We now owe more than $1 trillion based on fraudulent compounded interest rates those same private banks are charging us. Up to the early 1970's we loaned infrastructure money to ourselves at no to little interest, paid it off with the sale of Canada Savings Bonds, and as a result after paying for all baby-boomer generation infrastructure building programs after WW2; i.e. hospitals, schools, roads, housing programs, etc,we had barely any national debt to speak of! ($18.5 billion to be exact). For last year, the interest on the debt alone was $70 billion! It's a huge criminal scam. It's a wealth transfer from us to them to put it politely. Just as the Euro is to Europe. This is a toxic subject. You will never hear anyone talking about this in an official capacity. This subject is off limits in our so-called free press in Canada. The Bank of Canada's official role being hijacked does not exist. But it's the one subject that is beggaring us, and controls our politics, media, and spin doctoring here in our country. And there's much more to say on this.

    Watch Bill Still's 1995 doc in hi-def; The Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control of America as a primer.

  5. I agree with both of you about these higher level problems. The only way I see we can get clear of them is to start with our neighbours and build a local political movement. Awareness without action doesn't seem like it will get us out of this. We need to talk to those around us, make them aware that the future has been sold into penury and that they need to begin advocating for their fellows. People will look at what you are saying and claim conspiracy. If you told them we have been sold down the river by the wealthy, people would likely respond by saying "that's true but what would the country look like if we did something about it?" The message has to be brought home that things can be better and we all have the power to do something about it, repeat it enough and it will be true. The wealthy stakeholders will do everything they can to suppress and discredit that line of thought, but unless you or I become wealthy to throw money back at them we should just ignore them. People are only as powerful as you make them, money is simply another way of talking If people can see what that money really means, maybe they won't take it.

  6. Yeah...acheiving self-sustainability as much as possible is the way to beat the system. Jack Spirko's Survival podcast is also a very interesting daily mixture of ideas and info to listen to. I listen to it while I work. It covers everything self-sustainability. I'm fortunate to be self-employed myself and have been for many years.