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Nov. 23: a catch up on the news there wasn't time for....

The first story is one that didn't appear in the Irving papers because it just happened on Saturday. (It'll be interesting to see if it does appear.)

Defence Minister Rob Nicholson is planning integration of Canadian and American armed forces for mutual defence. He says this would be no threat to Canada.

Like hell it wouldn't.
1. American governments have a broad interpretation of the word "defence". Whenever they invade some small and distant country to please some billionaire, it's "defence".  In just the recent past, it has had to defend itself against evil Vietnamese who, I suppose, were planning to invade California. Then there were the terrible threats posed by Haiti and Guatemala and so many Central American states. And the Iraqis were within inches of using WMDs for an onslaught against the US. And who knows what Libya might have done?

The US has a long history of aggression, and every time - as in 1812 - it was the other country's fault. Read almost any American history book.  (There are one of two honest ones.)

The integration of armed forces would inevitably mean that Canada would be fighting American wars, - wars like Afghanistan that have nothing whatever to do with Canada.

2. Integration of armed forces would also mean integration of Canada with the world's most corrupt and corrupting military/industrial complex.  (And we're already close to that.) That means allowing defence industries to rob us blind on military spending; and it would mean doing it on a scale that has already plunged the US into hopeless debt, destroyed essential, domestic spending and pretty much destroyed the whole, US economy.

3. Armed forces are not all the same. They are shaped, trained, equipped for various situations.In short, what sort of military you have depends on what your purpose for it is. Some countries have purely defensive forces. Some are for aggressive purposes. The US has a military designed to to fight all over the world to establish American control over all world markets. That, especially, is the reason for the world's biggest navy. The major region to control is Asia and the Pacific. Thus the large number of aircraft carriers with very, very long cruising ranges.
Is that what we need armed forces for?

4. Armed forces can be primarily defensive - or they can be designed for aggression in support of an aggressive foreign policy. Now, think hard about American foreign policy over the past 60 years or so. Despite its military power, American foreign policy and aggressions have been disasters for at least sixty years.  They have killed millions of people, spent trillions of dollars, made the US into what is probably the most hated country in the world.... Is that really what we want our military to do?

5. Is any part of Canada under military threat? Most of it isn't, and hasn't been since the last American invasion. (or the last threat of one about 1904). The part of Canada that is under threat is the Arctic. And that threat is from - the US. It wants the sea passage, and it wants the oil potential. Accordingly, the US is the only country in the world that openly intrudes in our Arctic without our consent, or even asking for it. As well, its most recent marine charts show the sea passage as being international waters, not Canadian.

6. Integration of military forces means integration of foreign policy, integration of objectives, integration of many industries, integration of budget planning. In other words, it would make Canada a sort of Robert Goguen bubblehead doll.

Of course, we all know that Rob Nicholson is no military genius. Like all members of that government he is there to listen to his master's voice. And his master, as we all know, is a control freak and a blind ideologist. That's why Robert Goguen plays it safe by rarely saying anything. He just mails us party brochures with photos of himself smirking. (And we're paying for that.)

Our military is already far, far too integrated with that of the US. That's especially true of special ops which, I suspect, is seeing more action than we are told about.

Integrate our forces with the US, and Canada is history. And that is probably the intention of both Harper and big money in this country. Canada was created in 1867 to meet the interests of big business in the form of railways. But now, our big business leaders don't need Canada. In fact, it gets in the way of bigger profits.

Integration of armed forces with the US is the biggest threat to its existence that Canada has ever faced.   (Yes, I know about the two world wars.)  But will the Irving press even carry the story of that speech?
There's a story I have not seen in the Irving press, though it's been frequently reported by other news media. Canadian lakes  (so far mostly in Ontario and Quebec) are turning into a quite slimy jelly full of lumps that block water intakes - though who would want to take in water that's a slimy jelly full of lumps isn't clear.

It's caused by acid rain, in turn caused by industrial pollutants. And it's extremely unpleasant even to touch - much more so to attempt to drink it. This is spreading to fresh waters all over Canada. Boy. Lucky we can always get Coca-Cola and other healthy drinks. Of course, it might not be really good for people who farm - or for those who get their water from a kitchen tap.

But don't worry. I mean, we've had the oil industry solving the problem of climate change by telling us it doesn't exist. Now we can get those who sell us water and water products to tell us jellied water is good for us.
The US - Iran negotiations on Iranian nuclear weapons are just about over - with no progress. That's understandable. It's hard for Iran to negotiate over a nuclear programme it doesn't have. Meanwhile, Israel does have nuclear weapons, over 200 of them obtained illegally. But Netanyahu, with a a straight face,. says  Iran is a threat to world peace. But Israel isn't.
Harper is being really tough on refugees who come here. He says they use our medicare and our welfare system. Well, duh, yeah. Refugees often come without money and without having had access to health care. That's part of the reason why we call them refugees.  That's why ALL developed countries provide such help as a matter of routime. All. Except for Harper's Canada. That's why the Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that he must supply such help.

So Harper is now going to put such services under provincial control. The provinces, of course, can't afford to maintain such services. But, then, Harper never gave a damn about health and welfare for Canadians in the first place.But why is he going to such lengths to block such services to refugees? After all, their use of the system is relatively small.

Well, think European Union. Think free trade deal. Think Hungary.  Harper needs the Hungarian support to get the trade deal he wants. Hungary is one of the most brutally racist countries in the world. Favourite targets are the Roma (gypsies) who have been persecuted for centuries. But Hungary doesn't like to talk about that. So it doesn't want the Roma to publicize Hungary's racism by getting recognized as refugees in other countries.

So Harper is playing the racist game by keeping them out. And this is much the way we treated German Jews in the 1930s and 40s.
Not much news about Mexico in the North American press. That's odd. It's right next to the US. It's going through turmoil and rioting Firebombs have been tossed at the presidential palace. It began with the discovery of 43 students murdered  by gangsters (who are all over Mexico as almost a military force) , and buried in a mass grave. Turns out the mass murder was order by a local mayor.

Mexico is already suffering massive corruption at every level of government, cooperation between government and gangsters, a huge drug traffic - and much of this with the involvement of the US government and its agents in very questionable ways.

Result? Mexico is close to a revolution. I guess the Irving press will tell us when the revolution starts - maybe. In any case, it certainly won't tell the whole story.

Finally, a reader sent me a commentary that makes sense. I thank the reader for that. The US is in such a state of confusion now, I'm not sure it has any idea itself where to turn. In this case, the commentary suggests it side with Syria to beat ISIL. It makes sense. But the US has been busy helping "rebels" to kill Syrians for some time, now.

As well, we are facing many problems now that cannot be solved by war That's been notably true for the last 13 years.  In fact, that's been repeatedly demonstrated since 1914. Every war has simply created the next one.
But big business in general is determined on war - because it's good for the arms industry, and because it puts big business in control -sort of.

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And that just about catches us up.

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