Thursday, October 23, 2014

Nov. 22: Sieg Heil!

I am embarrassed. I wrote the blog below early this morning, and posted it  (I thought)/  To my horror, late on this Thursday night, I discovered I hadn't posted it.  If this keeps up, I'll be in line for a job as editor with the Irving press.
I had to follow yesterday's Ottawa shooting on CTV. It was so bad, I was embarrassed to be a Canadian. So a friend sent me the site below for the CBC coverage. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet. But he said it was far superior.

CTV got really bad in the evening when it flooded the air with racism, hatred, and ignorance. Worse, many of those interviewees were people of prominence in government and journalism - and a few from the academic world. It was reminiscent of film records I've seen of Hitler Youth rallies. Most obnoxious was Michael Taube of The National Post. "those people", "savages", "hate democracy", "aren't rational", "racist ideology".

1. Those people - and savages - make a  racist term. It suggests a genetic base to their behaviour. That's what racism is.

2. "Hate democracy".  In fact, any country in the middle east that tries to get democracy is slapped down by the US. After years of military dictatorship, Egypt achieved democracy. So the US pumped in money and weapons so the military could stage a coup, and form a dictatorship. When Haiti revolted and took democracy after decades of rule by very brutal American dictators, the US invaded, kicked out the elected president, and set up a puppet president. (And Canada helped by sending "peacekeepers". Great window dressing.)

3." they aren't rational". Again, to suggest "they" aren't rational is  to say their irrationality is genetic. And that's racist. And it's hard to understand that from a Canadian. We,the western world, were centuries in the ignorance of the dark ages. The great force in lifting us out of that was Muslim scholarship and civilization.

4, Then there's the racist ideology crap. Racism is not an ideology. Anyone who could say that doesn't know the meaning of either racism or ideology.

5. Oh, and of course, they're terrorists. We aren't. We deliberately allowed Plains Indians to starve to death. But that's okay. The US deliberately bombed Cambodia civilians, killing at least half a million.  But, as Don Cherry would say, "That's not terrorism. That's just love taps."

6. And, horrors, they have slavery. Well, some do. And so do we. Western mining companies (Including Canadian ones use child slaves to work in the mines in Congo, for example. Cuba and Haiti were kept in worse than slavery conditions to make American families like the Doles very, very rich. Ditto in Guatemala where starving workers living in filth, routinely beaten and/or raped by mining company guards, their land and waters destroyed, complained. The result was a slaughter of 300,000 civilians by the Guatemalan army, whole families, whole towns destroyed in a killing spree directed by the CIA (George Bush Sr.) and assisted by Israeli Special Ops.

By the way, the American slaves "freed" in 1865 didn't get any real freedom until the 1960s. And to this day, they live in poverty and suffer heavy discrimination.

We are, all of us, profoundly racist.Look at our native peoples. Look at the Nova Scotia Home for Colored children. Look at the history of New Brunswick.  - "O city of cold, white Christians, so white you will not cut a black man's hair..." (Fred Cogswell, "Ode to Fredericton")

And we are now being sold more racism to stir up our willingness to kill even more.

There's not much to say about the TandT for either Wednesday or Thursday. On today's edtorial page, for example, the editorial is about soliciting for charities. Alec Bruce has a propaganda piece on entrepreneurship.  Norton talks about Justin Bieber. Rod Allen talks about nothing.

News is full of the usual crap about "entreprenurial" hot dog pedlars giving each other awards.

Check out A2 for Nov. 22. At the top is what looks like a news story by Brent Mazerolle. But it's not news story. It's an ad to sell the Times and Transcript on your computer. Brent, that's borderline unethical. The page editor should have known that.

But why is there no opinion about the Ottawa shooting? There was plenty of time to write one well before printing the paper. So why isn't something there? Because there is nobody at that paper who knows enough about world affairs to write such a column.

The only item worth reading in the last couple of days is the column by Beth Lyons on leaders for changes for women in Canadian society.

The rest of them should feel ashamed.( If they have any capacity for shame. ) So here's a helping hand for them on a recent, big story that they and  almost all of our news media have missed.

A couple of weeks ago, the New York Times broke the story that the US had supplied Saddam Hussein with chemical and bacteriological weapons. They were to be used against Iran; but some were left over and were stored. The US couldn't reveal that because it had long ago signed a convention not to  produce chemical of bacteriological (germs) weapons. So the manufacture of these weapons was assigned to European countries That way, the use could, very technically, claim that it hadn't made the weapons. And the research labs to create them? They were built along the coast of western Africa - where Liberia is.

Now, think back just a week or so to when, to help fight ebola, the US sent thousands of soldiers to Liberia. I wondered why on earth they would send combat troops to fight ebola. The US also announced that they had received four hours of training to deal with ebola???????

Now google information clearing house. When you get it click on the general entry line at the top.

Information Clearing House is a site that carries much material you won't find in any news medium. I use it with caution because some of the entries are so strident as to make me uneasy about their reliability. But many are quite trustworthy. Scroll down about a page length and you will find "The history of Ebola into the US hallmarks of a planned happening." It's by Paul Craig Roberts who has a solid and even distinguished background as a journalist, and also as an academic.

After you read it, scroll down to Oct. 21 for "Is the US government the worst criminal of our time?" It, too, is by Roberts.

Incidentally, both Canada and Britain are mentioned as being involved with this evasion of a signed convention.

US has biological warfare labs in West Africa. US sends combat troops to fight ebola. Think hard. Are these connected?

Oh, did I mention that ebola seems to be a man-made virus?
By the way, the country which has sent the most doctors and health care workers to Liberia is poor, tiny Cuba. You know, that awful place run by the evil Castros. How typical of them to send something useless like health care workers. Fighting ebola needs real men, thousands of them, with rifles and bulletproof vests. That's the way to handle them there ebolas.


  1. Dear Graeme Decarie:

    I tell people that when stuff happens, the folk at always make your visit worthwhile. Here's what they say about recent stuff in Canadstan.

    Were the implications of not so grave, it would be amusing to see pompus little people creating a military style occupation over what ought to be handled as a police action.

    I suppose however, that this is good training -- both for the thugs armed to repress public criticism, and to instruct the people as to what they can expect in days to come.

    Proud Socialist

  2. I agree with the first half, I've been reluctant to even look at the private media companies, the public ones are bad enough. This is one of those times when I'm thankful most canadians pay no attention to the media. And fortunately, if you live further west than the New Brunswick border and in a city, you may likely be outnumbered when it comes to visible minorities.

    So don't look a gift horse in a the mouth, its GOOD that Irving doesn't have an opinion piece, you could just imagine how bad it would be. In times like this its good that Irving runs like a neighbourhood newsletter and is publishing pablum, its better than poison.

    But for the second half, again getting into the conspiracies. The more valid of Paul Roberts rants are simply dumbed down (and not much plainer) facts taken from Noam Chomsky, who at least waits for evidence before making conclusions.

    More pointedly, the article is bunk. For one of its 'facts' it footnotes "The Natural News"-always known for its (LOL) quality journalism like this gem: "the public never learns the truth about herbal antiviral medicines, colloidal silver and nutritional immune boosting therapies that can save lives. Only the alternative media is working diligently to save lives by educating the public about these natural cures which range from Traditional Chinese Medicine "plague control formulas" to western medicinal herbal recipes."

    Yeah, you think colloidal silver is going to help you with a virus....good luck with that.

    Stringing together coincidences doesn't establish a fact. Virus' mutate and evolve all the time, the United States (and Canada) are quite guilty enough, you outline it in the first half, and could easily add to it, you don't need to make stuff up, just wait for evidence (which Paul Roberts certainly doesn't provide).

  3. There is not the slightest doubt that the US has been developing weapons of germ warfare. They've been doing it of for decades. There is not the slightest doubt they supplied them to Hussein. There is no doubt it contracts the work out get around the agreement they signed not to develop such weapons. There's no doubt they used huge quantities of the chemical weapon, Agent Orange, in Vietnam. And, if you think that's harmless, feel free to take a stroll in the woods at Camp Gagetown.

    There's no doubt they sent thousands of combat troops to Liberia to fight ebola. (Maybe next they'll be sending health care workers to fight conventional wars.)

    Incidentally, Britain and France have both sent combat troops just recently to former colonies in that region.
    Do you have an explanation for that?

  4. To the first post, while the intent is a good one, to help ensure Canada does turn into more of a police state, hyperbole doesn't help. There is no such thing as a 'national anti terrorism plan' to enact. Also, the article couldn't even get the basic facts right, it was the suspect in Quebec who had his passport revoked, not the one in Ottawa.

    For the second criticism, I didn't argue against ANY of those things, the FACTS are not the issue, its the INTERPRETATION of the facts that the issue. So its interesting that you state all those facts and then say "explain that". Well, first, I'm not the one advancing a theory, so I don't need to. Its up to those advancing a theory to prove it, otherwise the facts are just the facts. You see a car accident, the car is wrecked, the driver is gone. How do you explain that? Well, you either don't, until you get the evidence, or you jump to any conclusion. Did the driver flee? Was an ambulance there and took him away? Is he still there and you just don't see them? There are always all kinds of explanations for anything, thats why I said to that other guy who posts here that its NOT 'critical thinking' to latch onto whatever explanation suits you.

    What I said was simply that the article in question is garbage. It makes all kinds of allegations without evidence for any of them. Like I've said before, there are TONS of issues of relevance where the US and Canada and the west have dirty hands, there is no need to make them up.

    PS, as an example, for years nobody had any idea there was Agent Orange in New Brunswick, or even what it did. Now we have the evidence and can make that claim. But some people take past events and use it as evidence that their nefarious theories MUST be true now. And like I've said, the US doesn't need Ebola to move troops into Liberia, the government of Liberia has been asking for them to set up a base there for DECADES. The country is pretty much run by western interests. So again, those things MAY be right, just like the White House may have planned 911, and aliens may have landed in Nevada decades ago. But you wait for the evidence, you don't source a guy on the internet, who sources another website, which makes stuff up.

    1. We humans NEVER have all the facts on anything. It's not possible. And at some point, no matter how weak the evidence, we have to make decisions.

      That's not an ideal. But it's the reality.

      As you say, there's evidence that Liberia has been asking for US troops for decades. That's fact 1. But now there's a fact 2. After all those decades of appeals, the US has now sent combat troops to be based in Liberia - when there's an outbreak of a dangerous disease there. Why the hell choose to put thousands of combat troops at risk of the disease (and bringing lots and lots of it back to the US?)

      And the US officially announced it was sending them to help fight ebola. That's very original. No other country has sent combat troops to fight ebola. All Cuba sent was a lousy couple of hundred doctors.

      And, of course, the US biological warfare labs are in the Liberia region.

      No, it's not fully proven that US troops are there to protect the labs. But there comes a time when you have to decide.

      If you were a policeman, and you stopped me while I was running out of a bank wearing a mask and carrying a bag of money and a pistol, And I told you I was playing trick or treat - would you decide you didn't have enough information to make an arrest?

      As for Canada having a national plan to combat what it pleases us to call terrorism, you don't know where it does. Nor do I. And certainly, I never said it had one. ( Mind you, I expect Harper has one, and has had it for a long time, waiting for the right moment. It would be bizarre if a Canadian pm, with turmoil all around the world, had not at least considered elements of such a plan.)

      But I did say you will see one damn soon. And that will take us down to the level where the US is now.

      The oldest political game in the world is to wait for a situation that will seemingly justify the destruction of the rights a society has. 9/11 did it for Bush. The Ottawa shooting did it for Harper.

  5. And again a PS, the only reason I say that is that most of your stuff is documented and anybody reading it will find a good resource of views that are not seen in the mainstream media. However, that other one percent lumps it in with "The Natural News", and thats not company you want to keep.