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August 23: let's be nice....

,,,,just for the start.

Friday's regular Whatever section with columns written by high school and university students always has some of the best writing in the paper. All of those students have loads of potential; and it must be a pleasure to teach any of them. But today's columns blew my socks off. ....especially two of them who not only have potential but are already writing to excellent journalism standards.

One of them is Aureli Pare who writes on general health. The other is Isabelle Agnew who, particularly for this week, wrote a WOW! column. It was on the death of Robin Williams - and for insight and courage and conveying meaning to her audience, it beats anything I have seen in any news medium.

Both columns are aimed at teens. But both are excellent reading for anybody of any age.
Now for Section A in Thursday's editions.This one is a wipe out. The main focus is pimping for the weekend's air show. It's mostly pictures.

The only item of importance is an ad for this Sunday's service at the Irving Chapel. Everything will be high class, and with special music (whatever that might mean.) You're invited. Everybody will be there. Except God.

There is almost no foreign news. Nothing happening in the world, I guess. So a big front page story for NewsToday is that the tooth fairy pays more for teeth in the maritimes than any other part of Canada.

There's a story that Harper sees a similarity between the beheading of an American journalist in Iraq and the Taliban in Aghanistan. Both, the wise one says, controlled large territory and both were havens for terrorists. That's, I presume, to indicate a reason for us to take military action.

Hint for Harper - the Taliban still control large territory. The trillion dollar war against Afghanistan was a failure. But it's nice of him to hint what it was about, and why we sent Canadians to die there. (Though if it was so crucial to Canada, it's hard to understand why we pulled out early.)

He also says it was a training ground for terrorist all over the world. Gee. That's the same reason the US gave for attacking. They said the Taliban was behind 9/11. But there's no evidence whatever to support that. The FBI admitted years ago there was no evidence. I guess it takes Harper a while to catch onto the news.

And the violence in Iraq is "unspeakable barbarism". Bang on, Stevie baby. When the US  is violent, it's never barbaric. It says please and thank you when it drops bombs on civilians and babies, and turns them into mincemeat. when it drops tons of napalm to set living people on fire, when it dropped thousands of tons of agent orange on Vietnam, setting up decades of horrible disfigurement among newborns who don't live long.

It's so much more genteel to be killed by Christians.
The editorial babbles that we are facing the most important provincial election in fifty years. And then it sets out a list of priorities that could have been written by Mr. Irving himself. (or by Dr. Savoie who has never, ever disagreed with anything said by an Irving.) As for the fifty years part, read some New Brunswick history. This province has been ruled by its wealthy class since before it was a province.

Norbert is just absurd. He thinks we should all spoil our ballots. But be patient, he gets even more absurd and juvenile in the Saturday edition.

Alec Bruce has an important column on our need to protect drinkable water. He's thinking in the context of resource development. I'll just add to that. Climate change scientists predict extended dry times for much of the US.Within months, major cities, like Los Angeles, could run out of water. And guess who has the world's largest reserves of fresh water.

Yep. It's us. But any mass transfer of that water could severely damage out supply, and with devastating effects on our environment. It's also possible to run out of even the world's largest supply. I've seen no mention of any plans for this.

If we aren't generous enough, would the US just take it by force? Nah. The US does that only if the year is 1812 or if you aren't really, really white.

David Suzuki is his usual self - and that's pretty good.

Suzuki, Bruce, Pare and Agnew are the only bright spots in an edition that is stinking even by Irving standards.

Saturday's Section A has nothing worth looking at unless you really, really like pictures of airplanes.

Things must be quiet in the rest of the world because there's almost no foreign news in NewsToday.

There's an Associated Press story on the Russian convoy entering Ukraine, dropping off its supplies, and leaving.  The story is typical of the reporting we're getting in North America. It's loaded with hints that this is all part of an evil, Russian plot - though there is not the slightest evidence it is.

We are told that Associated Press journalists following the convoy could hear cargo rattling around inside some of the trucks - AHA! Proof that those evil Russians have a plot. There is no mention that Red Cross inspectors checked the cargoes and approved them. Nor is there any mention that Ukraine border guards had a week to inspect the trucks, didn't do it, and made it clear they never would inspect them or let them pass.

The US promptly condemned this  (brutally violent) delivery of humanitarian aid.

So what we have is a Ukraine in which the legally elected government was illegally overthrown, and the new, unelected government held an illegal election. The US, the European Union and big talk/no action Harper recognized the illegal government (the first one) in the shortest time I had ever heard of for recognizing a government.  Can you add two and two? If so, share your wisdom with the editors of the Irving press.

The rest of the section is mostly statements from the the five parties running for the provincial election. Not one of them has a word to say about the key problem. How do we get this province back from big business? How do we establish a democracy? Without that, nothing is going to change.

Oh, there's also a dumb statement by Harper that we have to defend our North against Russia because it uses military power to take resources.

Gee! The US would never use military power to take resources. It has many hundreds of military bases all over the world. But those are to help people. Anyway, the only serious threat to our control of the north is the US which has, for years, refused to recognize that the north is Canada's, and has routinely denied recognition of Canada's rights by sending ships through disputed waters without Canadian permission.

Oh, I know Americans are our friends. But the kind of people who control the US and who want the resources of the north would kill their own mothers to get them.
The editorial page is beneath contempt. Belliveau is particularly out of touch with any reality. He feels we should ignore the people we elect, and plan the economy with our best and brightest minds - by which he clearly means business executives, professionals, etc.
1. We did that last time remember? Mr. Irving set up a conference to plan for New Brunswick's economic future using our "best and brightest" minds. He then used that to announce that he was now a member of the government -and he interfered in the appointment of advisers to the minister of finance.

It was these "best and brightest" minds that set up the crisis we're in.

2. To suggest that we should set up a system of rule based on  business executives, etc. is to suggest that democracy doesn't work, and we should get rid of it. Mr. Belliveau is advocating a dictatorship of wealth. He should think this over for his Nov. 11 column when he can point out how foolish it was for anyone to go to war for something as silly as democracy.

3. There is not the slightest reason to believe that business executives have a clue about how to run a provincial economy. All their training is to make money for themselves. That's it. And that's not at all the same as running a provincial economy. And that's really the only training they have.

By the way, I would dearly love to see the academic credentials that these "brilliant minds" have. What degrees does J.D. Irving have besides honorary ones?

4. Such a committee would be in conflict of interest. Business interests have a big stake in getting chunks of our forest, in developing shale gas no matter what the dangers, in spending public money on an events centre no matter what the cost, in keeping people poor so that their  labour is cheap, in depriving them of health care by privatizing it.....

Mr. Belliveau, these wealthy vampires have been sucking the blood out of this province for years. The reason we have a financial mess is because they created it. If we want to fix things, then we should start by getting them out of their interference with government.

Mind you, if they want to sponsor a study programme on how to be born rich, I'd certainly sign up.

I"m not as optimistic as Gwynne Dyer is about the Israeli/Palestinian situation. Israel is quite determined to destroy Palestine by killing and/or driving its people to become refugees. The same fate is planned for those Palestinians who are Israeli citizens.

Israel wants religious (racial) purity in its boundaries. And it wants "living room". (Check the German word for living room, and guess who used the term to justify a war.) The living room comes by annexing parts of Palestine, kicking out the Palestinians and giving their lands to Israelis.

Meanwhile, it keeps the screws on the Palestinians by controlling all their borders, including the sea coast, and its harbours, effectively blocking trade and even food and medical supplies to maintain poverty and despair.

Anyone who says Israel is fighting for its life is babbling. There is not the slightest possibility of Palestine defeating it. That's why Hamas keeps fighting. There is no future, no life for Palestine. Better to die fighting.

What we are watching is not a war. It is a genocide.

I know this is long - but it'll just add an intro to something I had said before about the madness of the world - and I linked the middle east, Africa,  Ukraine and Ferguson, Missouri in it.

Part of the madness in pure greed. The world's major powers are not democracies. They are dictatorships, and the dictators are not individuals but a small class of the very, very wealthy. that's true in the US, in Russia, in China..... And what these elites want are resources (like oil, minerals); And they want them cheap, and they want cheap labour. And they do that by force. And they've been doing it as long as recorded history.

When the British Empire was at its most glorious, its very wealthy piled up money and built palaces by invading Africa for its resources - like gold and diamonds and, later oil. And it forced the huge market in China to buy the opium that the British grew with cheap labour in India.

But most of the British lived on in poverty because the very wealthy kept all the money for themselves. This class structure was notable in the army. Common soldiers got pennies a day. Officers, usually the least intelligent sons of very wealthy families, didn't have to worry about money. they could also buy their way up in rank with money and social status. As well, they were issued personal servants, commonly at ten personal servants per officer.

In one disastrous campaign in Afghanistan in which supplies were carried by camel, the commanding officer brought his wife who needed a dozen or so camels for fine wines, household decor, and a chandelier. She also brought along some 70 servants. And there was also a camel just to carry free cigars for the officers.

That helps to explain the dreadful incompetence of much of the British high command in World War 1.

Meanwhile, most of the British lived in industrial cities jammed into slums that often lacked indoor plumbing. Few of the poor ever got to school because they were sent to work as early as age five. Orphaned children were put into workhouses, in effect, prisons where they did nothing but work long hours (Charlie Chaplin spent his childhood in a workhouse.)

For love of money, the very wealthy murdered, enslaved, tortured, starved uncounted numbers all over the world.  (Yes, including the US. Early examples for the US were the Christian missionaries in Hawaii whose families simply took land from the Hawaiian people, then hired them as cheap labour. One of those families was named Dole. It went on to promote invasions of Central American countries like Guatemala.)

Not many years ago, there was a TV show about a bounty hunter who lived in Hawaii. Ever notice that a high proportion of the poor on that show were native Hawaiians? Praise the Lord.

This may not seem to have much to do with the Ukraine and China and Russia and the US. But it's important to understand the power of greed. It has probably killed more people and done more damage to the world than any other single force.

And it's all done by the best sort of people. The balm to their conscience, their escape from the reality of what they are, is their belief in their own importance, and their contempt for anyone who isn't wealthy. It's important to understand how ruthless these people are. Without that understanding, it is not possible to understand current events.

And so we now face the struggle to change all history, to establish one nation as the dominant power in the world. In the US, it even has religious components - US dominance is all a part of God's great plan, or it's a joyful sign that the end of the world is coming and (some of us) will go to heaven.

But there are problems. There is no guarantee of permanence to China's rise. Russia has to struggle between greed and diminishing power. The US is a power in decline because its very wealthy class has been allowed to run wild, and to destroy the national economy.

So - what does this have to do with Ferguson, Missouri - or Rexton, New Brunswick?

It has a great deal to do with them. But the power of greed, the insensitivity to human need, and the self-destructiveness of unregulated capitalism have to sink in. Then, perhaps in my next post, I'll talk about Missouri, New Brunswick and "extremists" all over the world.


  1. Great writing and thoughts as per your usual Graeme.

    Of course, the Israel of today has little to do with either racial purity, nor religious purity. Yes, they speak in this language, just as Obama or Harper speak of democracy, but of course, it's a con job.

    Most modern Israelis are secular and no longer practice any faith, similar to other westerners who have been socially-engineered through a decades-long controlled media to believe in nothing. Once enough people believe in nothing, they're easier to control, and becomes easier to control their future beliefs.

    As far as race goes, to be Jewish I think, has little to do with being a part of any one specific race, though many naturalized in Israel are bombarded from birth with this idea.

    But being Jewish does have everything to do with participating in Jewish religious faith.

    However, since most Israelis no longer practice, the question becomes; are there any real Jews left, save for the Orthodox Jews who do practice on a regular basis, albeit a strict form of Haredi Judaism?

    No one can believe, after recent events, the people in the leadership role of Israel are members of God's Chosen People, since if they were actually God's chosen people, they would never commit such obvious genocidal attacks against a helpless people.

    It's easier to see the leadership of most western nations are actually members of Freemason sects which are based upon very ancient beliefs of self-deity, self-love, symbolism, greed, a thirst for ever more power, and ultimately world dominion.

  2. Great lecture professor. Thanks.