Wednesday, June 4, 2014

June 3: Walking on the edge of insanity....

(I had not intended to write today, but there have been developments....)

..You would never guess it from a reading of the Irving press, but we are close to war with Russia - which would now be also war with China and war with Iran - at least. No, it's not Russian aggression or a Russian threat to world peace. I looks as though Obama is the one who wants a war.

The coup in Ukraine was financed, organized and equipped by the US government. The coup was well-financed, highly organized, and the western powers, contrary to all, normal diplomatic behaviour immediately recognized a new government- which just happened to be led by an international (western) banker, and to include neo-Naziis.

There is no possible reason why Russia would encourage such a coup. On the contrary, US asst. secty. of State Nuland has been openly taking credit for staging the coup.

So it was an American aggression that staged the coup, not a Russian one.

 Ukrainians who speak Russian are resisting the coup - not because they are being helped by Russia but because Ukraine has a long history of intolerance, brutal treatment, and mass murder of Jews and Russian speakers.

And we are now seeing the insanity part.

Secty. of State Kerry has given a speech in which he said the world could no longer allow nations to invade others at the point of a gun.

Wha?  Russia didn't invade Ukraine. It's the US that's been invading and killing all over the world.

Obama says we must create a world in which little girls will not be murdered. Putin hasn't murdered any little girls. Obama has. In fact, he's currently the world champ at murdering little girls.

He also stated his belief in American exceptionalism - the belief that the US is above the the law, it answers to no-one; it is entitled to invade countries. In short, he believes the US should rule the world.

Harper has been particularly vicious, and says Putin has been worse than the communists - which is a neat way of stirring up hatred  and fear of Putin by linking him with communism. In fact,  Putin is president of a Russia that is not only capitalist - but the same form of perverted capitalism as ours. And to suggest that he is worse than Stalin is not only absurd, but an obvious attempt to stir up unreasoning hatred.

As the crisis has developed, the European Union, the US, and Canada have deliberately made the crisis worse with nothing but accusations and threats Putin, in fact, is the one who has been avoiding provocative statements, and has worked for a peaceful settlement.

Meanwhile, the new Kyev government has been doing the dirty work for international money-lenders - privatizing social services, cutting pensions in half, and generally condemning Ukrainians to poverty so their money can be exported to the bankers.  Ukraine is in for one hell of a time.

Why would the US want a war with Russia and China? Because time is running out. American big business needs the US to rule the world so it can control all the world's trade terms - to the benefit of American big business.

Will this run the risk of nuclear war? Damn right it will. And there will be a  high butcher's bill even without nuclear weapons. But big business is utterly without morality. It's only moral rule is that it doesn't have any moral rules. The wars in Vietnam and Iraq and the massacres in Guatemala - and many others - killed millions for big business.

And big business owns Obama and Kerry, and even yapping puppy Harper.

Either US business gets control of the world in the next decade or so - or it never will. That's what this is really all about.

Take a look at those recent statements by Kerry and Obama. ....only the US is entitled to invade countries...we have to make the world safe for little girls (when did Putin threaten little girls?)/....Putin is a communist and so is evil (unlike the US which just gave out candies in Vietnam, Guatemala, Iraq, Syria,....)

These comments by Obama, Kerry and Harper are so absurd, so aimed at building an ignorant hatred that they are walking on the edge of insanity.

Is it possible that North Americans have been kept so ignorant by their news media that they believe this nonsense? And are they so conditioned to hate on command that their hatred can be turned on like a light switch?

If so, our leaders are walking on the edge of insanity, and we are over it.


  1. Dear Mr. Decarie:

    Your comments are appreciated. Please provide a reference for the coup in Kiev being financed by the US if you can.

    1. funny how us people think. Bush and Tony Blair said that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. That was his reason for mass slaughter of over one and a half million people, and a country reduced to ruin and poverty

      And when it was all over, nobody asked him his source for that information.

      Ditto for his accusation that Afghanistan had planned 9/11.

      We and our journalists take what our side says without any source. But we and our journalists demand with it's the other side point of view.

      The easiest way is just to use common sense. Only a fool would suggest that Putin overthrew a government that was his ally. Only a fool would suggest it invaded Crimea when it had a long standing lease on the only part of Crimea worth having - the Russian naval base.

      Harper sense said yesterday that Putin is even more evil than the Soviet rulers. nobody asked him his source. But I should love to see it. Stalin alone killed some 25 million people. So Putin must be some number if he;s worse.

      The major source is a taped phone call. The US government said it was a fake, but nuland later admitted it was real. There were also statements to Congress and the Press Gallery.

      Google Ukraine Victoria Nuland. That will give you hundreds of sources. In them, she of course says the 5 billion she gave was to train Ukrainians in democracy. a)why would the US do such a thing? b)you can do a lot of training with 5 billion. Those rioters were heavily armed and well organized. You don't do that with just the savings from your MacDonald's job.

      Oh, some of the sources are unreliable (like 'radical' sources and most of the North American news media). But some, like the Guardian and BBC, tell the same story as the 'radical' web sites.

      And most of us people will never believe that because we don't want to believe it. That's why it's so easy to set up wars.

  2. I should add that when I say us humans, I include me. All too human.

  3. We, the West, are not close to war with Russia. To suggest so is nonsense. I would agree that the rich of the world want to rule the rest of us. They're doing a good job getting the masses to squabble over social issues while their eyes are fixed on the prize, our money..

  4. Good example of what I was talking about. Us humans believe what we want to believe - with no regard for sources or logic.

  5. If u don't think we are close to war with Russia, read pPaul Craig Roberts' latest blog post

  6. "with no regard for sources or logic"
    Which is why I've dismissed your rant as steeped in misinterpretation, intentional or not, of events, not facts...

  7. You don't understand what a source is or what it means. It is not proof of any sort. Nor do you understand the place of "facts" in logic.

    Don't kid yourself about the meaning of the word 'facts'. We almost never have all the facts when we make decisions. We have to use logic and understanding Try to understand that.

    And you say I misinterpret events. Okay. How about giving an example of that - and show exactly how I have misinterpreted something?

    But none of this will make the slightest dent on your thinking. I realized that when I read your first post. (Well, I didn't have any proof or sources to say you will always believe only what you want to believe. But I was pretty sure.)

    understand that an opinion column is NOT about 'proof' and 'facts'. It is informed speculation because we never have all the proof or facts.
    Lord, I wish the schools and universities would do a better job of teaching logic.

  8. You remain a crazy old fart who obviously cannot accept that he is no longer relevant!

  9. Pithy. Wise. Well written sir.

    Yep. But I know what words mean.

    Eat your heart out.

  10. Graeme,

    There are some of us that can separate your personal rants from your logical speculations. While your frustration with the general lack of will to rise against our masters masks your writing as the ramblings of a madman, there is wisdom in you that edges on being an oracle.

    Are you one of those that has studied the currents of time, so as to understand the flow of human thought? Can you see the falseness of the propagandist authorities, bring to light the hidden facts, and divine the underlying causes of events to form your prophetic opinions?

    If so then it is you whom we should be quoting as the source.

  11. Dear Mr. Decarie,

    Thank you for your reference (re: Kiev coup). I had a look. To be sure, I have not seen an exposé. Nuland's phone call did not explain the spending.

    On another note, President Obama's comments about little girls referred to Boko Haram in Nigeria, and not President Putin.

  12. She said it to a press conference. She spent 5 billion "to encourage the development of democracy"?
    Common sense - why would the US spend 5Bil for democracy in Ukraine?

    And even if she did, that would be interfering with another country's internal affairs - and contrary to the UN charter.

    but she did say in public that she gave 5 billion. I'm quite sure I said that in my blog.

    As to the phone call, most of the European Union is not crazy about this confrontation. Merkel voiced that complaint. That's why Nuland told the EU to FO.

    Anyway - common sense. There was a coup. It makes no sense that Russia would stage it. The President of Ukraine was in Putin's pocket.
    So what happens? There is a coup backed by heavily armed and well-organized and trained mobs. They could, in fact, face down the army.
    That's where the five billion went.

    The coup was illegal. But the US immediately recognized the new government which was clearly pro-west.
    a)she told the press gallery she had spent that money (for democracy).
    b)expensively equipped and trained mob appears.
    c)US immediately recognizes its legitimacy (contrary to law)/
    d) US gains Ukraine for EU and NATO. very handy for operations against Russia.
    e) Putin takes Crimea because it has one of its naval bases there. Of course. What would you expect him to do?
    f)US immediately responds with threats, aggressive talk. Putin has been the moderate one.
    g) Do you know of a single western source that has investigated that coup? I don't. Do you know of a single incident that suggests Putin had anything to do with it? I don't.
    h) When the west mentions the whole situation, it never examines the role of the coup. Never. They start with Putin taking the Crimea as though that was what caused the trouble. It wasn't. It as the coup.
    And all available evidence and common sense indicate the US did that.
    But those who don't want to believe it never will.
    I understand President obama's statement about little girls. Now - why do you think he put that in a statement about Putin? that's what's called propaganda and creating hatred.
    Incidently, Obama has killed far more innocent little girls than Boko Haram ever has or will.

  13. Dear Mr. Decarie,

    Thank you for your response. You have piqued my interest.