Thursday, June 12, 2014

June 12: Enough

A newspaper should reveal the extent of a society's sorrow. And it should express its own - in opinion columns. But there is a point at which working on emotions is no longer sorrow, but exploitation of sorrow.
In the old days, that was called "sob sister" reporting. It's an abuse of readers. And it's disgusting. And it has characterized all the TandT reporting on the murders of three police.

Check the page 1 headline. "Danny to work with another Mountie". And so we have yet another picture and a long story about Danny the dog.

Does that help us in any way to understand what has happened? Does it throw any light on what happened? It simply indulges those, the sort of people who also read every article they can find about Kate and how lovely her baby is and how Camilla hates them all.

From the start, the only item I have seen in this paper that makes some attempt to find a context for what has happened is today's column by Norbert who wonders if there is a connection with such shootings in the US - and doesn't find one.

He may be right. I expect,  though, we are just slower than the US. Across North America, we are taught early - particularly by our media and politicians - to hate and fear. Then they use the hate and fear to impose spies on us and to kill other people.

It can get confusing. Moslems, we are told, are murderous. (Well, except for Saudi Arabia and the terrorists fighting on our side in Syria.) Listen to Harper and Obama. We are now learning to hate and fear Russians who are slyly linked to communism though it never was -and, anyway, Russia has been capitalist for over twenty years now.

You can see the building  hysteria and emotionalism in letters to the editor. "Our souls shaken, yet we will rise". Come off it. When did Moncton fall?  "City's soul imbued with will of iron." That's another come off it. Three police were killed. Police and government promptly and efficiently found the accused and arrested him. That's what most cities do, unless they're in the middle of a war. It's not a will of iron. It's normal practice.

"Moncton is strong?" I have no idea what that even means.

Then we have a demand for executing the accused. Of course. Pandering to sorrow and fear produces a desire to get even, to kill. It works the same way when we see reporting on those evil Moslems or Syrians or Russians.

To take a look at how it works, let's take a look at the word "terrorist". It usually means a person who kills innocent people, and who does it to create terror. But in our news media it is commonly used as a name for Moslem militant.

In fact, the killing of civilians to create terror has been common in wars for thousands of years. But it grew rapidly with the invention of the airplane and the bomb. Pioneers were Italy, then Britain and Germany. In the 1930s, German dive-bombers targeted civilians in Guernica, Spain. But in World War 2, the deliberate killing of civilians to terrorize had come into standard use by all the powers.

We seldom hear of the fire-bombing of Tokyo. That city was picked because it was mostly civilian and mostly wooden. American heavy bombers flew low, dropping tons of incendiaries. At least 100,000 civilians were killed. The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasake were carried out for several reason. But one reason was to test the effect of the bomb on large, civilian targets.

The CIA and Guatemalan army killings in Guatemala amounted to some 300,000 people, almost all of them civilians. They were terrorized to become more willing workers for mining companies - with Canadian ownership prominent among them.

Since World War Two, the deliberate slaughter of civilians has become the major US means of conducting war.  Funny thing, though. I cannot recall any news medium ever referring to our side as terrorists.

The US air force killed millions And it was heroic. Moslems shot back with an attack on New York that killed some 3,000. Now, that was terrorism. And there were special services in the churches. It is still referred to as one of the darkest moments of brutality when, in fact, it pales beside the mass murder of civilians in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Iran. But there were no special services for those foreigners.

And, to be honest, we don't give a damn. Killing foreigners is okay. Let's be realistic about that because that's one of the twisted ways the mind acts.
Speaking of Iraq, the TandT was so busy writing sob stories about Danny the dog that it missed what could well be a turning point in history.

The US and Britain killed one and a half million Iraqis. We know now that Blair and Bush lied about the reason for that war. We know there was no justification for it. Most of those dead were civilians - and they were deliberately killed. But they were foreigners - so what the hell.....

The what the hell is that the war, which was one of the most expensive in history due to the stunning levels of corruption in politics and business in the US, didn't work.

Iraq has been in civil war ever since Bush swaggered across a carrier deck to declare victory. As of yesterday, Al Quaeda occupies over half the country and maybe be taking the oil fields as I write this.

Is this a big deal?

It's about as big as they get.

An Al Quaeda conquest of Iraq will destabilize the whole middle east. Israel always feared the existence of Iraq when it was quite secular. The new Iraq will be a rigidly Moslem country. Israel could very well decide to attack. And Israel has nuclear weapons.

Iraq will now also provide a staging and training area for those Moslems that the US is paying to fight in Syria. (These are all Al Quaeda, the ones the US calls terrorists - and it actually has thousands of them on the payroll. Go figure.)

The turmoil in the middle east and Africa may become so great, the US will have to give up its Russian/Chinese adventure.

More than anything, this is a symbol of the collapse of the American empire. They lose the oil. Expecting to stay there forever, the US built the biggest embassy in the world in Iraq. And they killed a hell of a lot of innocent people. And it's all now in ruins.

US foreign policy has been a disaster at least since Vietnam. Much of the reason the world is in economic turmoil is because of the money the US has wasted on losing wars.

It's impossible to tell how widely the effect of this will spread around the world with various players rethinking who it is they had better be friends with.

But don't worry about it. Read the TandT for more stories about how Moncton will rise.

In Guatemala, a young women was shot by two armed men. She was a militant who worked for a mining company and who organized other workers to get rights. Gee! I wonder why those two men killed her. The company involved, incidentally, is a Canadian one - Goldcorp.

The latter piece of news came from a community paper worth looking at. It's The Brief, published by  NB Media Co-Op. Both it and the Moncton Free Press beat the pants off the TandT. Check them out on the web.

Harper is going to get tougher on immigration. Big surprise. Ever notice that his sympathy for the suffering in other countries never extends to letting them come here? There's more than touch of bigotry and racism in Harper. He's particularly tough on the Roma, a people the Naziis hunted down as they hunted down Jews.)
Mind you, that fits in with Canadian tradition. When the the Jews were being killed, Canada shut them out and declined to lift a finger for them.

The editorial is, as commonly, a display of kissing Mr. Irving's rear end.

Opinion columns by Alec Bruce, Norbert Cunningham, and Jody Dallaire are all well worth a read.

Rod Allan still hasn't figured out what an opinion column is.

I had more to say. But I lost my notes. Honest.


  1. You should have seen the Daily Show the other night, apparantly just before shooting two police officers a man and woman shouted 'this is for the revolution', and apparantly the two were part of the standoff at that crazy guys compound in Montana I think it was. Anyway, the point was to talk about how 'terrorists' were people from other countries, but when they are 'homegrown', there's a different word for them. And I haven't followed whether there has been much followup from Fox News, which was quite a big supporter of that guy in Montana, up until he started talking about 'the coloureds'.

  2. Mikel - you're falling for the same old propaganda - divide and conquer.

    Turn your TV off and understand how both sides - the left and right (democrats and republicans) are owned, and so are all the mainstream media. They are lying to you.

    Yes, they are.

    You are being presented with what you may think is an alternative media voice, but they are all working towards the same goal, otherwise at this point, they wouldn't have a show on mainstream media.

    Understand the psy-ops that are going on ( the many shooting hoaxes where no one actually dies, or shooting false-flags in which some ppl do die, but both are orchestrated by certain key people in the government)

    They are designed to manipulate an already half-brainwashed public.
    They need to disarm the American public, so they can bring about total control. Kid you not.

    UN Agenda 21 and BLM in the US are working for a fascist land-grab takeover and are attempting to make it impossible for farmers and ranchers to survive by forcing them to pay unnecessarily high taxation and fees.

    It's for control of all food, all land, dumb the people down further, give the kids in school Common Core to make then into robots as adults.

    Do you know the story and history of the central bankers? Watch as a primer: 'The Money Masters: How Central Bankers Gained Control of America'.

    Read: None Dare Call it a Conspiracy'.

    Read: 'Confessions of an Economic Hitman'

    The so-called racist talk was taken out of context, meaning we are all going to be slaves soon.

    Teach yourself how to recognize dis-information as opposed to real information.

    Usually, a good rule of thumb is; if the mainstream media is pushing it, it's usually agenda driven.

  3. Dude, this was from THE DAILY SHOW. It was a COMEDY show, not from a news organization. I read less mainstream news than this blogger, and I don't even have a television set. If you are denying that this even happened, thats something else, but it makes no difference since it simply illustrates this blogger's point-that 'americans' are never 'terrorists', only people from other countries. A gun nut shooting up a school for some reason isn't called a 'terrorist'. Personally I find rednecks with guns equally as frightening as muslims with guns.

    Everybody has a conspiracy theory. If there is a group in the US trying to 'disarm people' then they are doing a pretty poor job, in fact the laws keep becoming even more lenient. But if its not the 'central bankers' then its the shriners, the masons, the bilderbergs, the rockefellers. You can go read books on market traders on wall street and watch the Enron documentary and see that if anybody has power, its commodities traders.

    And PS, authors and publishers who sell you books usually also have an agenda. You can be 'propagandized' from other sources just as easily as from mainstream media.

    1. I have no idea what case it is you're trying to make.
      I do know that most book publishers have an agenda. ( It's to make money out of selling books.)
      I have no idea what books you have read on market traders nor have I seen the Enron documentary. But it seems slim reason to believe the points (whatever they may be) that your are trying to make.

      Nor do I see what this has to do with your belief that electing an idiotic Liberal (your term) will save New Brunswick.


  4. I was responding to the comment, not to you. My comments on this post had zero to do with New Brunswick or the liberals.