Friday, April 25, 2014

April 25: Get a Globe and Mail for April 23....

Look for the column by Michael Bliss "Why is Canada sending fighter jets to Poland?" This is what news is - not just about scribbling down whatever some politicians say. It's about giving us understanding of what is going on. In this case, Bliss does it largely by raising questions - which is a very good starting point, especially for us, because we've never even heard the questions, and we're making big noises about going into a mutually suicidal war without having the slightest idea what it's about.

We have almost no information of what kind of country Ukraine is. We talk of going to war to defend its democracy. Hey! What democracy? The government was not elected. It came from street mobs that overthrew the elected government.

What is the mix of parties in Ukraine? How big are the Naziis? After all, they are in the government. What is this country we are so happy to go to war for? To kill for? To get our soldiers killed for? How close is it to one or more civil wars?

Briefly, Bliss begins with 1947 when the US policy became to surround and contain the Soviet Union. The most distinguished American diplomat of the time was Kennan who came to see this was a mistake, a foolish scheme cooled up by extremists in the American government. He lived a very long life, long enough to see that same policy of containment being applied to post-communist Russia. And he thought this was even worse.

Obviously, a constant US threat to Russia would eventually lead to a war - a war between nuclear powers. The intelligent arrangement was to arrive at a peaceful settlement.

In particular, the US should not threaten by constantly expanding NATO closer to the Russian border. And the US did, indeed, promise Gorbachev it would not do that. But the US broke its promise. Small wonder Putin feels threatened. The US is now sending troops, warships, and very loud threats. Great way to arrive at a peaceful settlement.

He concludes with the disturbing observation that Canadians are not questioning their government at all. Exactly why are we sending jets to Poland? What was it necessary to push for NATO members right up to the Russian border? Exactly what are our obligations to NATO? And what does that mean about our obligations to NATO members like Poland? Heard much discussion about that?

Actually  (this is back to me), NATO is simply what failing empires always resort to. As they weaken, they need help, their own gang. As Britain began to fade with the rise of Germany in the 1870s, it developed a passion for Canada, Australia, New Zealand. They were the English-speaking peoples of the world who all had to work together -, to help fight Britain's wars. They were Britain's gang. And that's why we lost over a hundred thousand dead in two world wars.

Churchill spent his life trying to get the US into the gang. Eventually, he did. But the US had no intention of fighting anybody else's wars or taking Britain's orders. The result was that Britain fell dramatically as a power and, instead of Britain leading the gang, the US did in the form of NATO.

We are now, as members of NATO, simply one of the members of the US gang, fighting US wars when we're called on - as in Afghanistan. It was in the same sort of killer-servant deal we sent aircraft to Libya. And tell me about all the good that has done. Tell me how proud you are that Canadians killed people you know nothing about.

We're not discussing this. We're not getting any information about it. We're just plodding like lambs to the slaughter.

I noticed the papers have not said a word about the group Project for the New American Century. This is the group that dominated the Bush White House and is still a power under Obama. It wants war. It wants US domination of the whole world, largely to give absolute power to US big business. They have said so openly. They have been active in private and public life, sending billions to Ukraine for undefined purposes. More than any others, this is   their war that is shaping up.

What they want, most likely, is a Russia made economically and militarily powerless, broken up into a dozen or so smaller nations.

Then, so the thinking goes, it will be China's turn.

We have no reason to enter such a war. Russia has not threatened us or attacked us. The only country in the world that has the ability or and interest in taking over Canada is the US. However, with a Harper in power, there is no need to invade Canada. Harper acts more like a state governor than a Canadian national leader.

We, all of us, have to wake up and realize what going to war means. and especially what it means in the 21st century. The weapons of today are far, far more powerful than they were in the 1940s, and even more destructive of civilians.

There are robot weapons, poison gasses, chemical like agent orange, diseases, nuclear bombs. There are no limits.

Six Canadian jets. That's enough to draw us into a madness of slaughter that has nothing to do with us.

The only time Canada had world respect for leadership on the world stage was when Pearson encouraged our role as peacekeepers. But that never pleased the army. It wanted weapons like the other big kids. And it didn't want to look like a sissy. Besides, the US never liked it. It could get in the way of world domination. Now, some of our forces, like special ops, are so closely integrated with US forces that they are exactly the same. And there are some real dangers for us in that.

Meanwhile, Stephen Harper has achieved the dream he has always longed for. He was won both the Jewish and Ukrainian vote for the next election.

O Canada!

The editorial is inane because it's on early immersion for language teaching - and it's obvious the editor doesn't have a clue what it's all about.

Alec Bruce is in great form, debunking a story that Harper has been bragging about. Surveys show that the US middle class has dropped dramatically in income (like many other countries) so that Canada is now one of the world leaders in middle class income. And Harper has been taking bows for this.

In fact, what the figures show is not that the Canadian middle classes are prospering, But they now rank higher because the middle classes, especially those in the US, are suffering even worse.

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  1. Just what are the reasons for the about face in the Irving papers? Could it be the mere sound of footfalls has them nervous? Are they truly concerned about minor skirmishes around their trees and refineries? Is there really a plan to bring some real international news to the Maritimes? An ombuds(wo)man of some stature, albeit formerly retired, added to bolster the semblance of integrity and credibility? It's a farce that's meant to hide its true face as more eyes are drawn towards this little ol' eastern have-not province. If things ever do revert back to good ol' days when JDI could loot NB wholly uncontested, well then, maybe this inconvenient front of honesty his media team is having to spew could also be slowed to a halt.