Tuesday, April 22, 2014

April 22: Lots of comments...

...and I will answer them. But I'm running (behind) on a frantic schedule. I had no idea this is what retirement would be like.

I  guess Ukraine is no longer a serious matter. Today makes it almost a week since we have seen the word Ukraine. Or Syria. Nor have we heard anything of US drones that killed 50 or more people who might have been terrorists. Or might not.

No, the big news is that funerals were held for victims of a mass stabbing in Calgary. That's nice. So much better than just leaving them there on the floor.

And the search goes on with no news to report for a Malaysian plane - as it has for many, many days..

And that's the news.
That may change, and very suddenly, indeed. Neo-conservatives in the US made their aim quite clear in the 1990s. It is on the web as Project for the new American Century. It's not a secret. Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, all made public their belief that the US should conquer and rule the world.

That's why millions have been killed with millions more to come.

They even wrote an open letter to Bill Clinton, demanding a war on Iraq. (Incidentally, an Iraqi women is now suing the US government for that war since it was a war of aggression, and therefore illegal under international law. The reasons the US gave for going to war have long since been dismissed as lies.and one and  a half million Iraqis are dead.)

The American conquest is for business and economic dominance. (That's what the project says it is.) But now, time is a problem.

The power of the US is declining rapidly - and it faces an even bigger economic crisis. Russia, China, India, and many others are going off paying for trade in US dollars  That means American dollar will become  worthless because of the huge, American debt. . All that keeps it alive is major countries using it in international trade.

But that could end very, very soon. The rising nations are backing away from the American dollar. And the sought after trade ties are no longer with the US. They are with countries American business itself has been moving to - like China and India. Putin has just closed a huge gas deal with China.

The Obama government must be under enormous pressure to score and to score quickly. - because the opportunity has just about passed - and once passed will never come back. (Not that any of this will do us much good because big business rules in just bout every country.

To make matters worse, the US has created a chaos of hatreds and failed states, not to mention starvation and killing, with its American Century aggression. There is now a world of failed and failing states out there, far too many to even keep up with. And that is very dangerous, indeed.

In sum, though, there is nothing in Section A or NewsToday.
The editorial page is - not bad.

The editorial is sensible, and doesn't foam at the mouth.
Norbert is harmless. He doesn't say much. But he's harmless.

Alec Bruce makes a strong case for government rule, rather than rule by big business. His closing statement is one worth thinking about. "The sooner that governments embrace the noble, necessary role that it ought to play in society - and stop apologizing reflexively to hard-line neo-conservatives for their mere existence - he more efficient and perhaps even fiscally responsible they will be."
Alan Cochrance thinks that we are no the edge of a huge,effort to save our environment. I have no idea why he thinks so.

Patricia  Graham is the new ombudswoman for the Irving press.Her column is all about how Irving journalists all believe in the importance of  full and honest information if we are to have a real democracy. That she could write should obvious nonsense, and that she can have been a senior journalist without knowing the national reputation  of the Irving press for manipulation and lying is not believable.

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  1. It says a lot when you have to actually publish a statement saying how trustworthy your reporters are. Funny, I don't recall most media doing that...except maybe Pravda.