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Nov. 17: What is a heritage?

It happens every St. Patrick's day or Rabbie Burns day or whoever's day. We gather to celebrate our heritage.

As a regular speaker at Robert Burns' dinners, and with a mother born in Scotland. and being an officer of a Scottish regiment (which ceased to exist over 250 years ago - but, hey, it counts. I got a framed piece of paper) - I have always celebrated my Scottish heritage, whatever it might be.

I also celebrate my Irish heritage because those old Irish and Scots were really the same people who moved back and forth and intermarried a good deal.

And, of course, I'm very proud of my French heritage which goes all the way back to the earliest days of Montreal.

I'm Scandinavian, too, of course, because of frequent Viking raids and rapes in Scotland. Ditto for my Roman blood which would go back to the Roman occupation of much of Scotland, (only they were probably mercenaries from German tribes.But what the hell, a heritage is a heritage.)

I just wish that some  day someone would explain to me what a heritage is.

Oh, and while you're thinking of that, put this one in your heritage file. Over half of all Irish immigrants to Canada were Protestant.

Meanwhile, the North American press continues its orgy of printing propaganda as if it were news.

The Toronto Sun says the Crimean referendum was a Soviet-style election.

Actually, a referendum is not an election, not at all. And there is no evidence of coercion in this referendum. Support for joining Russia ran at 95% with a huge turnout - higher than we have ever seen in a Canadian election. Indeed, it gives every evidence of having been a more honest vote than Canada had when it chose its present government.

Certainly it was far more impressive than the 10% turnout in Haiti's last election with American troops at all the polls. Funny how people forget these things.

Our news media also seem to  have forgotten that the Ukraine government, the one on our side, wasn't elected at all.

But why call it Soviet-style at all? This was a referendum in which people could say yes or no. As for coercion, there's no evidence there was any - and no evidence there was any need for it. These were Russian-speaking people who never wanted to be in Ukraine in the first place.

The media call it "Soviet" because to western readers, Soviet has emotional meanings besides it real ones. Soviet means evil, corrupting, vicious, murderous - not at all like American capitalism. The reality, then, is that in this context, the word Soviet has no meaning at all. It's just emotional name-calling.

(It reminds me of my childhood, when we   would call French kids French-pea-soups because we had some crazy idea only French people ate pea soup. The French kids didn't know what pea soup meant. But obviously, it was bad. So they called us "honglish-pea-soup" - and that's emotional name-calling.  Actually, I can confess now that pea soup was my favourite - perhaps that was my French heritage. If so, I thank the gods that I lost my Scottish heritage of haggis.)

If you turn to C9 in NewsToday, you'll find the same stunt pulled with its headline, "Crimeans cry with joy after a referendum the outside world calls a farce."

Oh? China calls it a farce? India does? All of Africa and South American call it a farce? Harper calls it a farce - but the outside world is a lot more than Canada.

In the story above it, Harper says he will join US sanctions against Russia. Of course, he will. Canada was Britain's lapdog up to 1945 when it became obvious Britain had no more treats for it. That's when Canada switched to the US.  That's why, when the US sent troops to exile the popular and elected and democratic leader of Haiti, Canada covered it by sending "peacekeepers" to pretend this was a peacekeeping mission and not a coup.

That's why when the US decided to get rid of Ghadaffi, Canada sent planes to bomb Libya - as if this were some internationally-approved action. In fact, the US wanted to get rid of Ghadaffi not because he was evil or a dictator. The US supports people like that all over the world. But Ghadaffi was too independent. And that's bad.

And now Libya is a basket case, a country which, in effect, has no government. And that destruction of Libya is precisely what the US wanted.

And now, Harper is going to Ukraine to show his support. Why? No other western leader has felt that need.

Harper is going because he's a lap dog, and because he has an election coming up. In doing so, he will do what he did in Israel, imply military support should a war break out. In fact, to imply that is contrary to a constitutional principle established between the two world wars - that only parliament could declare war. But Obama doesn't bother declaring war, so why should Harper?

In relation to this, don't kid yourself that domestic and other spying are under our control. The spy services of  the US, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are effectively one. And if any of them is accused of breaking the law with its intrusions, only the spy agencies are permitted to examine the complaint - and they do it in secret. And they have never found themselves in the wrong.

There's a story about this on C10. Canada's  spy agency accused of ethics breaches.

By the way, Canada now has an unknown number of special ops groups which operate as a part of American special ops.These are the ones who carry out assassinations, jobs like that. Are they actively working with special ops? Are they carrying out assassinations, often of innocent people, to provoke crises?

We don't know. They aren't required to report what they do. And none of our media have ever even mentioned they exist.

We have met the enemy. And he is us.

Oh, Mr. editor, in the headline on C9 - well -   the word illigitimate does not exist. Did you mean illegitimate? Actually, the referendum was neither illigitimate nor illegitimate. It was quite legal. Take a look at the United Nations Charter.
Today's paper has no news, local, national or international, to report. It has trivia. It has propaganda.
When that is all the news you get, you cannot possibly have a democracy. As a result of this utter failure of our news media, we have fallen under a thoroughly corrupt and immoral business leadership. Forget governments. They are just stooges, for the most part.

One of the most horrible results of that is the civil war in Syria. This war was encouraged, financed, supplied, and given mercenaries trained by the US, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the emirates - and Israel.
The purpose of it is not simply to destroy a government. It is to destroy a nation, to reduce Syria to the chaos of Libya.

Syria is now the worst humanitarian crisis we have seen since, perhaps, Vietnam. Children, homeless and terrified, are dying in the hundreds of thousands for lack of food and medications. Two million people are refugees in other countries. Starving babies lie beside dead mothers.

This is a war created entirely by our side. Our side trains the killers, pays them, provides intelligence....  Surely, only sociopaths could do this.

The motivation? Greed and power, motives shared by our political and business leaders.

When Harper went to Israel, next door to Syria, he promised long and loud to support Israel under all circumstances. He never mentioned Syria. But Israelis should read some old newspapers to learn that a year ago, Harper promised to help Syria by taking in a thousand or so refugees.

He has so far let in ten.  No. Not ten thousand. Ten.

Israel, don't get your hopes up.

The world is taking on an even worse condition than the years just before 1914. It really looks as though the US wants a war with Russia.

And Harper is pitter-pattering along at Obama's heels.

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  1. As in anything political, if you want the true answers, follow the money. Our eyes were steered to the DGS ( disappearing gold syndrome) during the hay-days of the collapsing WTC. If you've retained that focus, you will find gold at the bottom of many of the U.S. excursions into other sovereign countries, including Libya and purportedly the Ukraine.