Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March : apologies

I have been feeling very rough for a week - with today especially awful. I am extremely weak, tired,, wheezy, high temperature, coughing, dreadfully runny nose. Medical experts are divided between a  very bad cold, and a multiple pregnancy.

Fortunately, there's very little in the paper to talk about. The banner headline on p.1. the big news of the day, is that the provinicial liquor board has a new boss. And he has big plans.

Big plans.

I mean big.

He's going to do the right things. And, not stopping there, he's going to do them the right way.....

Look, kiddies A news story is called a news story because it's about something that has happened. But, here, nothing has happened. Okay, in month he announces a big plane for the liquor board to bottle its own mix of orange juice and rubbing alcohol.

Okay, then you've got a story. But somebody who's going to do the right thing is not a story until he does it.

And an Italian winemaker is in Moncton. Wow! I didn't know Italians had wine.

And Tim Horton's is going to sell cookies for the SPCA.

The news YOU need to know.


The big news in NewsToday is not what may be the biggest crisis the world has ever seen. No. It's the murder trial of an Olympic athlete.

There is a story on Ukraine. But it really tells us nothing. And nobody has so far pointed to the real crisis.

The world simply cannot afford more wars.

We were supposed to end them at the end of World War Two with the creation of the United Nations. In fact, ALL nations destroyed the UN. It was used to play the old, violent games we're played for millenia.   It has been used a a device to fight wars for national interest and individual profit, which pretending they're being fought to stop bad buys. It was been used to protect aggresssors and murderrs. After more that 60 years of the UN we have a world with wars everywhere - and we're now at three major world powers (though that will change.)

One of the those powers is the US which has spent so much on war and corruption and greed, it is broke and hopelessly in debt.The US has long since passed the point of being able to survive. At any moment, it could occur to some rich twit in the US that the only way to avoid the collapse is to launch a nuclear war.

I''m not sure that Russia's situation is a whole lot better - or that China is survivable. Any one of them could seize on nuclear war as its last chance.

And we have done all this to ourselves.

The UN has become a propaganda house. NATO and SEATO and other such organizations are simply  weak countries joined to help stronger ones to carry out aggression in hope they will get some of the rewards.   Why else do you think Britain sent troops to help out in Iraq?

How do we change that? I don't know. We have a population all over the world getting news that is mostly   propaganda. We have governments actively working to promote fear and hatred. We have domestic spy agencies that have nothing to do with protecting us. They exist to brainwash, and to pump up our fears and hatreds. And dmoecracy? It scarcely exists anywhere. Big business  has effectively taken over the running of nations - and it's not very good at it.

There's only one way all of that can end.

Norbert  has one of his rambling columns that seems to go nowhere.

Resources Minister Craig Leonard says nothing new about the issue of shale gas. But the boss will like his column - and maybe give him a carrot.

Alan Cochrane has a knockout flash that it takes teamwork to bring entertainment events to the city. Who would  have guessed?

Today's paper is utterly vacant of any news or opinion that we need to operate a democracy - and to head  off the short but big war.

And now, back to bed.


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  1. Re: 'And we have done all this to ourselves'
    The melancholy feel I draw from that statement brings to mind a favorite line from a renowned film by the Coen Bros, Fargo. The bad guy is in the back of the cop car after many murders, all in the name of money, when the cop says 'and for what? Money. And it's a beautiful day'