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March 9: Project for the New American Century

ever read about it - in any newspaper? Ever hear of its founder, William Kristol? Or of prominent members like George Bush's Bush brother: Or former secretary of the army Rumsfeldt?

Project for the New American Century is the proposition that the US should rule the world. They don't  say 'rule'. That would be crude. They call it leadership. And when they say leadership, they don't mean setting a good example. They mean telling the rest of the world what to do, and enforcing it. They mean conquering the world.

Important figures from the movement have been in key government positions for both Democrats and Republicans from the start of this century. Robert Kagan is on Hilary Clinton's Foreign Policy Advisory Committee. His wife, Victoria Nuland is assisstant to the Secretary of State. She is the one who famously said, "f--k you" to Europe. She is also the one who admitted to giving  five billion dollars to Ukrainian dissidents to overthrow the government.

When, about a year ago, Kagan published "The World America Made", it was publicly endorsed by Obama.

The operating procedure for world conquest is fairly simple. You accused the other side of being a threat because - oh - it has weapons of mass destruction Nobody has even found any but - what the hell - the news media won't notice. They never have.

You finance rebel groups - as the US did in Syria (financing arab terrorists to become "rebels" looking for WMDs that Syria never had in the first place. The real aim is to destroy Syria as a nation - to the great pleasure of US allies Israel and Turkey. (Israel, by the way, is really the only country in the region to have WMDs - in the form of a couple of hundred nuclear bombs.

Similarly, Afghanistan had to be destroyed because it sponsored 9/11. Actually, it had nothing to do with 9/11, and it has never been shown that it did. But, hey, the North American public has been conditioned to believe anything - and its news media publish what they're told to publish.

That's why Al Quaeda fighters busily destroying Syria for the US are called 'rebels".

The Ukrainian crisis followed the usual blueprint. People were financed to rebel, and were labelled freedom fighters. Actually, we still have no idea what they are or what they stand for.

And they overthrew an elected government. But that's okay. In the new American century, Americans are allowed to overthrow elected governments. They did it to Haiti, too. And the news media didn't even notice.

In the short run, the US wants control of Ukraine to force austerity on it - destroy social programmes, education, pensions....not to save the economy - because that won't do it. No. It's to make sure that sweetheart lenders like bankers get all their money back.

The real target now is Russia. Once that's broken, then they can focus on the country that American big business has always wanted - China. North Americans don't know that. But the Chinese do. They have the horrors of more than a century of plunder, brutality, murder and forced addiction to remind them of what the West is all about.

In the process, millions of all ages h ave been slaughtered. But that's okay. Just read the Faith Page in the Irving press, and you'll feel better. Onward Christian soldiers.

Are there any problems in the path of triumph?

Try these -

1. The American military has shown itself capable of unlimited slaughter, relying heavily on technological superiority. But, oh, it has been feeble in performance. It  has been stopped cold by poor and backward and small countries - of which Afghanistan is only t he latest.

2. The wars have also been ruinously expensive, thanks to the rampant corruption in the military and in the defence industry.

3. Though the rich are getting richer thanks to free trade, cheap labour, the right to ignore environmental law, etc., the American economy is on the ropes. To a major degree, the American people are on the ropes.

That's the one thing that all these really, really rich people have in common. Small brains capable of seeing ahead only three months at a time.

Oh. why did Victoria Nuland say 'f--k Eruope'?

That's because Europe no longer matters. It was important when it had empires. But the're all gone. Europe, especially Britain and France, have no choice but to hang on to American coattails hoping for the occasional goodies.

So does another country you may have heard of. Victoria Nuland could well have said 'f--k' Europe and Canada.  Amazing how Harper can go crawling in public, and pretend it's showing leadership and principle.

But all this material is easily available. Just go to google, and type in Project for the New American Century.

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