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March 7: 'Pizza Delight's business improving: CEO"

That's the big story, complete with a photo of the CEO,  on A3.

Apparently, Pizza Delight had some bad times, and lots of people in it don't like each other.

The CEO is from Buctouche.

The company's founder is from Shediac.

The founder's wife resigned from the board because she doesn't like the CO. And so he dreary tale goes on.

It must be a thrill for a reporter to see his name on a big story like that. Of course, it's not handed to you on a plate. You have to go to journalism school to learn how to handle big stories like this.

And to run this trivia as a major story on A3, well, you have to be an Irving press editor to do that.

And  to read it. Well, that's the toughest job of all. You have to be a blogger deliberately looking for silly stories.

A 5 has a stunning story on a political poll of the province. Forget most of the story. Concentrate on the lines that say voters who are still undecided, or refused to answer, or don't intend to vote amount to 45% of all eligible voters.

The Liberals have the lead based on......God knows what. The Conservatives are picking up....for no reason I can imagine.

Mr. Irving can sleep easy.

In another big story, this one on A7, we learn "New Brunswick a top spot for mining: report."

Now, this doesn't mean quite what it seems to. For a start, you have to realize that this report comes from the Fraser Institute. You also have to realize that the Fraser Institute is a propaganda house for big business. So when it says New Brunswick is a good place for mining, you have to realize what they mean by good does not necessarily indicate it's good for you.

No. It's rather like a committee of wolves announcing that Buctouche is a good place for rabbits. that's not really a compliment to the rabbits.

Mining is one of the most vicious of the big industries. As an exploiter, a poverty-creator, and a killer, it's right up their with oil and gas. It has a terrible record of abuse and greed. So it's really not good news when Fraser Institute rates New Brunswick a top spot for mining.

Incidentally, the Fraser Institute also rates schools across most of Canada. Why it thinks it has the qualifications to do any such thing, is beyond me. It also ranks hospitals - for which it has no qualifications whatever.

What that's all about is big business pushing its big nose into public institutions with the intention, gradually, of privatizing them. Atlantic Institute of Market Studies has been playing the same game for the same reason.

What's really interesting about them is that I have never known them to dare to rank private businesses like, say, oil. Is Irving better than Exxon?  SH!

Why not?

The "research fellows" at outfits like Fraser and Atlantic Institute know they are not hired to protect the consumer. Their hired to make suckers out of consumers They know they're job is to infiltrate and destroy public institutions so their bosses can use them to make more money for themselves.  In the process, they destroy health and education.

But health and education are for people. So who cares if they get destroyed.

But ranking oil companies against each other, well, that wouldn't be Christian.

And the Irving press knows quite well what the Fraser and the Atlantic Institute are all about.

And there's no way they're going to tell  you that.

So much for section A.

There is nothing really new about Ukraine - except that Obama has poked his head above ground at last. In the last, big nuclear crisis between the US and Russia, President Kennedy WAS the daily news. Obama's been hidden away somewhere. But now he speaks.

He says a referendum on the Crimea would violate the constitution and international law.

Gee whillikers, Mr. Obama - so you're saying that Ukrainians rebels who staged a coup against their government were violating their constitution  and international law? (and, yes, actually, they were. So how come we're supporting them?)

In fact, in supporting a rebellion in Syria, Mr. Obama is violating constitutional law and international law. He's even in violation of the US constitution since since he has carried out wars in Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan, and many other places without getting congressional approval as the constitution requires. He also have given himself power to imprison and even execute without charge or trial. And that is very much against the constitution.

And he says borders cannot be redrawn over the heads of democratic leaders. Oh? So who redrew the borders that created Guantanamo Bay? 

Ever read how Hawaii became American territory? The people of Hawaii certainly had little to do with it.

Israel routinely redraws its borders to take more and more Palestinian land. I can't recall any stirring speeches by Mr. Obama about that.

The whole history of the US has been a process of redrawing maps over the heads of the people involved. But we seldom read about that in the history books - and never in the papers.

You'ld be very funny, Mr. Obama, if you weren't such a killer.

There is, at last, one story "Fears and terror persist in Crimea" that tells the  story from a Crimean perspective.  This one, on C3, is almost the only one without bias I have seen. It's from The Associated Press.

There's an important story by The Canadian Press on C1, "Election fairness questioned".

The chief electoral officer appeared in the House of Commons to express his concern about the election fairness act. And he's right.

The act is typical Harper - cynical, destructive, self-serving... He is introducing changes which go a long way to destroying Canada. His changes makes elections far less fair, opens the door to very big money to simply take over government, and will disqualify tens of thousands of qualified voters from voting. (They will also make cheating much easier to do, but much harder to investigate.). None of this is an accident.  

On the editorial page, Norbert deserves a kiss on each of those two, pointy cheeks.
This is what an opinion column should look like. (I won't spill the topic because everybody should read it.)

This is clear logic, very clear language, well-explained. forceful without being abusive. This is first-rate writing, and a first-rate column. He takes a strong position without being posturing or name-calling. Norbert finds the moral road here, and he follows it with style. Love it.

The editorial and the op ed page each have an opinion on the case of a health worker who abused patient privacy. The editorial is very much holier-than-thou and one-sided.

With the same topic, Cole Hobson does a far better job on the op ed page. Though both take, roughly, similar positions, Hobson shows far more understanding of human behaviour, and he shows a sympathy and an understanding of the health network's approach that is completely lacking in that clumsy editorial.

Op ed also has an article from a 'researcher' for Frontier Centre for Public Policy., which is another one of those far, right think tanks. The topic is heated sidewalks. And it's obvious the writer has not spent nearly enough time figuring out exactly how they would work. Nor is it at all clear that they would rebuild business downtown. However nice it may be to have a dry sidewalk, the mall has one of those inside where it's also warmer and less windy.

Letters to the editor leads with one of the best letters I have seen, "More need to be done for women in poverty".

Another apology for tardiness. This cold obviously found in me lovable qualities that the rest of the world has missed.


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