Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 30: A "must read"

Bernie Sanders is a U.S. senator from Vermont. He is neither Democrat nor Republican. He is an Independent Senator, and he is so popular in Vermont that he has been re-elected as an independent senator more than anyone in American history. He recently gave a presentation to senate 'A Threat to America'.

It is brilliant. You can find it by googling Information Clearing House for yesterday, March 29, and scrolling down to "A Threat to America".

He makes the point that the US has the highest rate of child poverty in the industrialized world, with such an unfair distribution of wealth that most Americans now make less than they did ten years ago.

The stunningly wealthy can spend so much on elections that it is not possible for a new party to come to power. And the Republicans and Democrats, well, as we have seen with Obama, there is no difference. Indeed, a Hillary Clinton as president would scare me more than a  John McCain.

Virtually all elected representatives are bought by big money. The consequence is that big money, big capitalism, rules the US, with not even the possibility of a democratic opposition.

The American economy is destroyed. I don't mean weakened or out of control. Unrestrained capitalism is doing to the US was it has long done to economies such as Congo, Haiti, Latin American in general. Unrestrained capitalism has destroyed the American economy - and it has destroyed itself. The American economy is gone. It's gone and isn't coming back.

However bright the numbers look on the financial pages, the reality is that all that money is going to only a very  tiny number of Americans. And there is no end to their greed.

As Sanders says, this is not just an economic problem; it's a psychiatric problem.

As side effects go, big capitalists have so damaged American education that it is now available mostly to the rich, and its quality is with the lowest in the industrialized world. Health care is unquestionably the worst in the industrialized world, and lower than much of the unindustrialized world.

And we are heading in he same direction. Harper would love to destroy our health system. He has changed the election rules to make it easier for the rich to have more control. Business has been moving in on the education system as something it can make money on, and can use to spread propaganda. Both Alberta and BC, for example, are opening the school curriculum with parts to be designed and taught by representatives of big business. And that is just what one school board in NB has recently done, with
 the compliance of a wildly irresponsible minister of education.

They flood our news media ( which they own) with stories of how all resource extraction is amazingly safe. They fund "think tanks" like AIMS to spread their propaganda. Harper believes it all despite the evidence that unregulated capitalism is wildly destructive. Indeed, he destroys the few protections we have to control what is about to happen to us. And it most certainly will happen to us.

It is almost certainly too late to save the United States. All the danger signs have been there for decades. We have killed millions to please those psychos we call business leaders. We have left many, many more millions to live in misery.

But you must read Senator Bernie Sanders on this. But save your pity for yourselves. New Brunswick is going in exactly the same direction.

While you're at it, take a look at Detroit or Gary, Indiana on Youtube. What you'll see there is largely a result of free trade. Thank you for that, Brian Mulroney. It's suitable that should have become  the only Canadian prime minister caught at accepting large bribes while in office. And Harper kissed him on the forehead and let him go.

Ever see Brian's house? It's a monster in stone in Montreal's most expensive district. How he does that AND pays for Mila's dress bills, I can't imagine.

And, as a   footnote, I let the editorial writer for the TandT off the hook when I shouldn't have. I've noticed a rise in nasty comments from him about the education system. The last time I saw that sort of thing in the TandT, it was because our business leaders had decided to launch a campaign to get their noses into the school system. They did, too. That's where we got this idiotic system of ranking the schools each year.

A few days ago, he thundered that our education system was antiquated. Alas! He didn't say how it was antiquated. I'm not surprised he didn't.

Has he ever taught? Has he ever studied education? I've read his columns, and I've seen no evidence he knows anything about education. He doesn't have a clue of anything in education - and certainly would have no idea even of what antiquated means in that context.


  1. Hello Graeme,
    Another great post! I'll be sure to look at what Bernie Sanders is saying!
    But, things are getting worse. I'd like to say differently - who wouldn't? - but when the day arrives when a US president can get away with stating his main concern is a nuke going off in Manhattan, and no one really attacks him for it - it's like everyone's on Prozac, or Xanax.

    In the slightly older days - just a few US administrations ago, if a US president pulled such an unthinkable stunt, the markets would've responded by taking a huge plunge, there'd be panic in Manhattan, and so on. But in our upsidedown world today, nothing much seems to have come of it.
    But, hey - it was Obama who said it, so it must be ok!

    If Obama wants to let us know ahead of time this is something he might be planning, well must be something that's necessary... sheesh!

    Additionally, Obama says Putin is bad,so it must be true!
    Obama says Assad is bad, it must be true!

    But moving over to the upcoming fake, presidential candidate front, McCain is a visible idiot. But Hillary scares me too. She's got some serious video baggage on YouTube in which her psycho-self is laughing about bombing Iran, and killing Libya's Muammar Gaddafi. 'Course they can take those videos down, and many of the medicated-masses will simply forget about the existence of the videos if they ever knew about them in the first place.

    But hey, if a nuke just happened to go off somewhere in the US, Obama can call Martial Law, make himself Supreme Ruler, and call off any silly talk of another phony election!

  2. I follow Bernie Sanders on Facebook. His posts are astutely on target to be popular. He also flogs the warmist nonsense as if it were really a scientifically valid concern rather than hyped alarmism. I happened on Charlotte Iserbyt on YouTube as a result of her 'Dumbing Down' writing about UNESCOs destruction of education. And just a few hours ago I noticed saomebody else had his head on straight : jonjayray at EDUCATION WATCH INTERNATIONAL