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March 25:

I'm starting this on the evening of March 24 while a few ideas are buzzing through my head.

A few days ago 5 members of parliament of a certain country burst into the office of the national television director, and beat him up. Gangland style. They accused him of not being nationalist enough in his broadcasting.

One of the men beating him was in the cabinet - as Minister of Freedom of Speech.

You didn't see it in the Irving press? Well, there's a lot of North American papers you won't see it in.

It happened in Ukraine. The MPs (the good guys on our side) were members of a Ukrainian party called Svoboda, meaning freedom. It is, in fact, a far right wing nazi party which, until a few years ago, used the Nazi salute and wore a swastika. (It's flag is a symbol for white supremacy.) It's a party that hates Jews, Africans, just about anybody who isn't Ukrainian.

This was the party that provided the riots that brought down the Ukrainian government.

Until five years ago, it really wasn't a significant party. Then, about five years ago, it grew spectacularly. I supposed it's just a coincidence that five years ago, the US began pumping five billion dollars into groups like Svoboda.

Would the US actually pump five billion into a Nazi group? Hey, who do you think is hiring, training and equipping Moslem extremists like Al Quaeda to starve and murder Syrians?

Almost none of this appears in the privately-owned news media of almost all of North America.

The press is  your enemy. Get used to it.

For information on Svoboda, just go to google, and type in Svoboda. The first page, alone, has a good deal of it. Not all of it is honest, of course. But it's still pretty easy to get a general picture.

Svoboda represents a history of Ukrainian Naziism. In World War Two, it was a major force in the Waffen SS of the German army, and Ukrainians gleefully hunted down and murdered Jews. Now, these Neo-Naziis are being handed power by the US and western Europe.  Why?

Maybe it's because we're going in that same direction.
On a lighter note, about a week ago PM Alward and Energy Minister  Craig Leonard sacrificed our forest (and our wildlife and our waterways) changing our forestry law to make Mr. Irving happy. When criticized for it, Mr. Leonard rose with the dignity of virgin refuting a slander.

You have to understand, he said, that Mr. Irving wanted even more.

Ah, well, that explains it all, and makes it perfectly justified. I'd like an interest free loan of ten million, Mr. Leonard. Tell you what. Announce that I asked for twenty million. But you're going to give me just ten. That'll make it okay.

I was surprised the Irving press let such a silly justification pass by without comment.

Ah, no. I wasn't surprised.

An interruption, here. I have just been sent the address of a site that has headlines from British papers that are even sillier than the TandT.

Wunnerful, wunnerful stuff.

Great news on the front page of today's TandT. They city has bought the land for the events centre. You see? They're thinking of what people need. And what people need is money. So, with a flick of a finger, somebody is already richer by 12.5 million. One poverty problem solved.

And it still has to be cleaned for a price nobody can even guess. But that will mean s total of two 2 happy people. And we haven't even reached the building contractors and interior decorators. Oh, this will be a great money-maker - for some people.

I notice in most articles of this sort we'll have a politician saying this is being done for the people. The people come first.

No they don't. If the people came first, we'd talk about the people first, and what it is they most need. But I've never seen New Brunswick do that. First, the talk about some big project which will make a lot of rich people richer. Then they talk about the needs of the people afterward - as their excuse for the big project.

I would love to see some thorough reporting in these papers about the conditions people live in in this city. How much money to they have. Give us a sample of the quality of housing they can afford (or even find in this city.) How well, or badly, are they fed? Talk about people. Then decide what they need.

Don't use people you don't give a damn about helping as an excuse for setting up projects for the profit of billionaires.

The Canadian Press has its usual propaganda piece about the G7 and Russia. It's seems Russia is isolated in the world. Really? Has Canadian Press checked world opinions about the US lately in - oh - Pakistan  which it attacks with drones regularly (a violation of the UN charter), Yemen (ditto), Libya, Syria and Iraq - nations destroyed by the US, and none for any clear reason - and all such attacks a violation of the UN charter.  You can say much the same for almost all of Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

And yet, throughout North America and western Europe, people believe what they are told in their news media - that everybody loves the US which has always, always obeyed the UN charter.

We have a lying press and, as a result, a largely ignorant population. That combination is perhaps the greatest danger this world is facing.
Today's editorial was obviously written by a  man who knows nothing about universities. With the new budget allotment and the new, government-ordered focus on NB universities as essentially at the service of big business, our universities have been handed over to big business.

Our tax dollars are no longer for education or research. Their purpose is to produce wannabe CEOs who will think the way they're told to think, and about what they are told to think about. Goodbye general knowledge. Goodbye judgement. Goodbye understanding.

Hello, robots.
Alec Bruce is worth a read.

There are two, excellent letters to the editor. They do something to breathe life into an unusually dreary and trivial edition of the paper - even for the TandT. They are "Premier Alward's if worst gov't ever" and "Forestry editorial completely wrong."

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