Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 23: Stray thoughts on a Sunday....

Some weeks ago, the TandT carried  a story of the Moncton RCMP getting an armoured car. There was a small picture with an even smaller text that said nothing.And this is the paper that yesterday had its banner headline and a long story (which it had already told us about Salisbury). The headline was "Mayor is silent".

Well, okay. I guess it's unusual for a mayor to be silent. But for the police of a small city to get an armoured car - especially a rather sophisticated and military one - is even more unusual. One would have expected trained reporters to ask questions. And one would have expected editors to rip the hide off any reporter who didn't.

How much did these armoured cars cost? How many were purchased for all of Canada? How and why were the locations chosen?

And if the reporters were too shy, they could have looked it up in google. Those armoured cars cost close to $700,000 each. Our troops in Afghanistan (a commonly rougher place than Moncton) fought in cheaper vehicles.

And for all of Canada, 18 were purchased. I can see why Moncton was chosen. Somebody in Ottawa read our sports page, and saw the headline "Wildtown catfight" and thought, "Wow! They need protecton.a "

Another wild hotspot on the list was Kelowna, BC.


Well, it seems the idea was that these cars would be ideal in a hostage-taking incident. I don't see why. I mean, it's a hostage-taking. You send in this car, and there's a strong chance the criminal would just shoot the hostage. Anyway, most hostages are taken indoors. Do they plan to drive these cars into the house?

This and other problems have been handled for years without armoured cars. So why are we getting them now? And why are they being based in places like Moncton and Kelowna?

This is part of the milititarization of police forces that is happening all over North America. And it goes with our super domestic spying system. Our police are being trained and equipped as an army to fight - us.

I haven't found a list of the cities these cars have been assigned to. But I'm pretty confident that every place they are going is a place of importance for the transport of oil. or for the development of shale gas.

"The true north strong and free."

What do you think Mohammed Ghadaffi was like? Was he corrupt? Was he evil?

Well, he must have been because we (that's us, Canada) bombed his country, and effectively destroyed it as a state.

But what was it like before we did that? What kind of a country had Ghadaddi built?

Well, monster that he was, he built a public school system that was the best in Africa, a system which produced a higher literacy rate than any country in Africa. In fact, at over 90%, it put both Canada and the US in the shade.

Libya had an advanced medicare system, and that produced a life expectancy rate higher than that of the United States. Oh, yes, it also had the lowest mortality rate for infants in Africa.

Obviously, this had to be stopped. And it got worse.

Ghadaffi was developing a  banking system in Libya and in Africa that was controlled by the Africans, not by the western powers. Obviously, he had to be killed. So we did it - by the thousands.

Now, the country that had the highest standard of living in Africa has nothing but misery, hunger, violence and chaos - and a literacy rate dropping to New Brunswick standards.

We did it. That was Harper's decision, part of his toadying to the big kids. He has, quite unnoticed by our news media, created misery and poverty for millions.

This is not a man who should be representing Canada anywhere. This is a man who should be standing with Bush and Blair and Obama and Cameron in front of a war crimes tribunal at The Hague.

Then there's the cry I hear of big business that government should get out of the way, should be small, because government harms people.

Right. Big government gives us jumk like public education and medicare. Big business would give us??????
The prosperity it has given Haiti?  The peace and plenty it has given Congo? The mass starvation it has given Syria? The death and chaos it has given Libya?

Government has to be big. It is supposed to run the whole country. You can't do that with these farcical "economic summits" this province loves so much, summits at which the rich and greedy and ignorant decide how to run the world.

Besides, big business wants big government - so long as they control it. Big governments fight wars and kill and starve and mutilate people all over the world to help big business get bigger. Big governments maintain spy agencies to keep an eye on dangerous people like environmentalists

Of course, all of this happens were there is really no democracy, and where big business really runs the government - like Canada, like the US, like Britain.....

We are living in the age of gluttony and ignorance. And if we allow it to continue, it will be the final age.

What I have said above reminds me of the continuing role of racism in the way we see the world?
Why do we have special church service when 3000 Americans get killed in New York? But nothing when one and a half million Iraqis got killed?

Racism runs deep into all of us. It affects the way we see the world.

The most revealing truth about it is to be learned from an old joke.

Canadian newspapers report Canadian killed in train crash in India that also killed 200 Indians.
Response - "Oh, the poor man."

That's a serious truth. Someday I should talk about it on another Sunday.

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