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March 21; Remember Dr. Lapierre and shale gas....?

Remember how the Irving press avoided the story at first? And then it wrote a story about it so misleading that some might call it lying. And notice the government never took Dr. Lapierre to court? Even though the real message seemed to be that Dr. Lapierre had collected considerable government money under false pretences?

Well, we have a new one.

Yesterday on CBC (though not in the Irving press) was the story of a biologist who is highly critical of Alward's  (no. let's stop kidding ourselves that Alward runs anything) - who his highly critical of changes made to forest management that benefit Mr. Irving..

Mr. Robert Cumberland, until his retirement, a biologist of Natural Resources says the new, Crown Policy is not a balanced one, but is a recipe for problems. He adds that many scientists who work for the province are alarmed, but afraid to speak out for fear of losing their jobs.

But I'll let Mr. Cumberland tell his own story because he does it so well,, and because it's such a rare display of gutsiness in this province.

"We have a forestry issue in New Brunswick because we have a bullying issue; we have people daily using tyranny to get their way and to spin their stories; and we have a media monopoly that controls freedom of speech to most New Brunswickers -  government employees across the province are muzzled on an issue that they can and should speak to without fear of repercussions.......How on earth has government been able to release not one, but two forestry management plans in as many years - each strikingly different - yet each claiming to be balanced?"

Copies of his letter were sent to all news media. Alas! The Irving press seems to have had no room for it.

At that, it's a gentle observation of the moral rot that runs deeply through government and big business in this province. And which runs like maggots through its commercial news media.

Mr.Irving wants to bring prosperity to this province. He and his friends also want control of our schools and our health system because businessmen are so good at these things. Are we all crazy?

The province's two, leading parties were born and raised in this rot, and the rot and corruption appears to reach down to every level of government. Such is the influence of a press which makes no pretence of being unbiased. The editorials routinely lie and propagandize - like today's half-wit effort which attacks city councillors who are not jumping up and down and cheering enough for an events centre.

This moral rot is the prime cause of suffering and need in this province. And it comes down to us from the highest social and economic levels.

Until New Brunswickers face that, this province isn't going anywhere. You are poor because you have been made to be poor. They have made you to be poor because that is what makes them to be rich.

At bottom, this is a profound, moral problem. That's why I get annoyed at the Faith  Page every Saturday with its weak, wimpy sermonettes.  It seems we don't have to bully the churches into accepting profound moral rot. Either they like it that way, or they would rather not be noticed.

But relax. The Liberals have the answer to all this. it's in the headline at the top of p. 1. "Liberals vow to push for river restoration" Wow! Way to speak out on the big issues.


The Canadian Press has a story on C1 "Harper to visit Ukraine". The last half of it (in fact a bit more) is pure propaganda and opinion. It says, Mr. Harper is a man who commands enormous respect on the world stage because he has opposed Putin from the start.

Come off it. The US has opposed Putin from the start. And Harper is a toadie  for White House foreign policy. The "expert" who said that also said that he has enormous respect, also says the West was slow to wake up, but now the west has great respect for Harper's consistent position.

In fact, the US disliked Putin from the start. Harper has never had an opinion of his own on any foreign policy. And I rather doubt that the great world leaders have any respect for Harper. We have produced prime ministers like Lester Pearson who did have great respect for their contributions to world relations. But Harper, overseas, has never been anything but a travelling salesman offering great discounts that our children will pay for.

It ends saying that the Russian move into Crimea was widely condemned. I've often read this. I've never seen any evidence of it. NATO condemned it. But NATO is a very small part of this world.

On, and they don't mention that before Putin moved, well before, the US had sponsored a coup overthrowing the government of Ukraine in a move designed, among other things, to use the region as a base to attack Russia. Putin would have had to be a damned fool to allow that. The US went ballistic when Russians atempted to put nuclear missiles in Cuba. Apparently, Russians are supposed to jump with joy when Americans do the same to them.

All of the opinions in this "news' story come from the Centre for International Governance Innovation. And what is that?

Well, it's closely associated with groups like the C,D,Howe Institute, or our Atlantic Institute for Market Studies. In other words, it's an organization founded by billionaires to spread their very far right opinions. Essentially, it's a propaganda house which tarts itself up with fancy titles (Senior Research Fellow, Chief Statistician). These are the pimps of the research world. But, oh, they love to cover themselves in glory.

Look them up in Wikkipedia. It's obvious they wrote that entry themselves. It's all struts and swaggers and lipstick on a pig. No ethical jourmalist would think of quoting these pompous asses as authorities. But the Canadian Press does. That tells you something of moral decline of the North American press.

What has really happened so far is that the US attempted to fatally weaken Russia by staging a coup, and drawing Ukraine into NATO.

Putin played it cool, and did what he had to do - make sure that he still controlled his bases in Crimea.

The US threatened, called names, the usual stuff. But Obama, very sensibly, backed off. And Harper was irrelevant in all this.

 Now, however, Obama's position around the world is in serious decline. So he has to make it look as though he hasn't backed off.


What has stunned me in recent days has been the volume of propaganda over Ukraine. It has been utterly unlimited with emotional (if inaccurate) language, and outright lying And that has been true in the most outstanding of North American news media like The New York Times and The Washington Post.

I'd be very surprised if 10% of Americans and Canadians even know that the US was behind the coup that overthrew the Ukrainian government.  I'd be more surprised if 10% of them knew it is illegal under the UN charter to do that. In fact, the US, with drones, assassination squads, etc., has broken the terms of the UN charter on almost a daily basis for some fifteen years.

It was the US, not Putin, that broke the law in Ukraine, and created the mess. You may or may not like Putin, but you can be very, very grateful that Putin kept his head, and made just enough response to defend Russia without plunging into war.

But, oh, even Hitler's propagandist, Dr. Goebbels, would never have lowered himself to lie and encourage hysteria as the North American press has. If Putin hadn't kept his head, we would all be toast now.

It was hard to find a single, good article on this affair. But try the link below. It's the best I've been able to find. (via

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