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March 16: do we have illiterate news media?

To read, listen to, and watch the news of the past week has been disturbing not just because of the news, but because of - well - the blizzard of lies coming from our news media (all of it) and our politicians. Then, charitably, I think  it may be that they can't or won't - and surely haven't - read the Charter of the United Nations. It's on the web. Just punch it up on google. It's not all that long. And the language is pretty clear.

For a start, what was the first incident that set up the present confrontation with Russia?

Russian troops in Crimea? No. There were and are Russian troops there. They've been there for twenty years because they have a treaty to be there. And they have the treaty because Crimea is crucial to Russian defence.

Was it rioting in Ukraine? No. It began several years before that when a US assistant secretary of state named Victoria Nuland began distributing five billion dollars of American government money to organize and encourage the overthrow of the elected government of Ukraine.

She admitted that to a committee of congress but, so far, the only reports of that I have seen have been in The Guardian.

Now, intervening in the affairs of an independent state is illegal under the UN Charter - chapter 1, article 2, part 4.

The North American press has been screaming that it's illegal for the Russians to do that.

But the Russians didn't.

It was done by the United States through Victoria Nuland. She organized for years. She got the street rioting she wanted. The rioters overthrew the democratically elected government. Then they set up their own, unelected government which is, by no coincidence, headed by a major banker highly regarded by the US. He has already announced his programme which takes effect immediately, even though neither he not his government is elected. He is putting through an "austerity" programme which will bleed Ukraine dry, causing enormous suffering, all to make sure his banker friends get their money.

When you overthrow a government by violence, that is called a coup - though I have rarely seen that word in news reports When you are foreign county doing it, it's a double crime.

So the US, before anything else happened, had already left the UN charter in tatters.

Now, Obama says it's illegal for a state government in a nation to hold a referendum on separation unless it does so in cooperation with its national, democratically elected government. Quite true. That is what the UN charter says.

But, as Obama has surely noticed, there is no democratically elected government of Ukraine. Obama had it destroyed. And, under the charter, a people have every right for self-determination entirely on their own if there is no democratic state.

Ukraine now says it will allow a secession vote for Crimea - but it would insist on the whole of Ukraine voting on it. Good luck to Crimea on that one.

So - what would you do if you were Putin? Crimea is essential to Russian defence. As well, the US is certain to mount nuclear weapons there pointed at Russia.

Of course, Putin is strengthening his forces. He'd be a fool not to.

Reporters and editors across North America have not shown any understanding of any of this at all.
And The Guardian, in Britian, has been under severe government pressure because it's been trying to tell the truth.

(You don't have to put pressure on the Irving press. You have a staff there who couldn't find their own bellybuttons using both hands.)

And who has been making all the threats to use force? (and making threats is illegal under the charter). So far, it's been the US and its allies.

I even read one columnist who said Russian behaviour was typical of communists. Just to keep it clear, Russia ceased to be communist decades ago.It is now, just like the United States and Canada and all God-fearing nations,  controlled by greedy, short-sighted and amoral multi-billionaires to the disadvantage of all others.

In fact, communism never had anything to do with the cold war. Fear of communism was created and stirred up to create hatred, and to justify wars. It's the same as we're doing now with Islam and will, perhaps, some day do with Baptists.

There is no connection between communism and dictatorship any more than there is one between capitalism and democracy. In fact, western capitalism has happily created dictatorships all over the world. And it  has happily destroyed democracies as it is now trying to destroy democracy in Venezuela.

Oh, and there's a new development you may not read much about. All of Ukraine's gold bullion has been flown to the US. That happened to Iraq and Libya, too. They'll never see it again.

Even good ol' ally Germany which sent hundreds of tons of gold bullion to the US for storage can't get it back. They've been asking for a whole year. So far, all they can get is 5 tons.

Oh, yes, and I heard a radio report that the world is largely against Russia for its behaviour. This seemed to be a conclusion drawn from the Security Council's majority vote condemning Russia for "aggression" in Ukraine.

Well, the Security Council represents only 15 countries. Of the five permanent members, two are there only because they were on the winning side in 1945 - the UK and France. Neither of them has an attractive record for its behaviour. Both ran brutal empires. And the UK, along with the US, is almost certainly guilty of criminal behaviour for its invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Indeed, the US, alone, is almost certainly guilty under the UN Charter for more invasions, illegal drone bombings, proxy wars, assassinations, threats, than any other country in the past 60 years. It has driven Africa into the death throes of destroyed, impoverished, and brutalized nations. It has done much the same in Latin America (and native territories in North America). And it would happily have done the same to Canada.

Though the US is surely the most impossible country in the world to attack, it has been at war constantly since 1775. There is probably no country in the world that can match its record for aggression.

The world is "largely against Russia for its behaviour".? I don't think so. For a start, China abstained from the vote at the Security Council- and China is quite a bit of the world. And why did it abstain?  Almost certainly because China wants to be acceptable as a mediator in this situation. It knows the American record for unending war - and it knows that as soon as the US can knock off Russia, China is next.

In fact, a recent poll shows that the US around that world is generally considered the world's greatest threat to peace.

Would the US be stupid enough to launch a nuclear war? Well, it's the only country that ever has been stupid enough to launch one. It is also a rapidly collapsing power, painfully aware it has to strike now - or maybe never. And it is run by business lords who have proven themselves to be ruthless - and not very bright.

The press coverage of this whole affair has been disgustingly dishonest and/or incompetent. I don't think we've ever seen anything as lying and ignorant as this.

I now apologize for my own ignorance. When Obama first ran for president, I was on radio. The opinion I gave was that he wasn't much of anything - lots style, but no substance.

I was wrong. Since then, he has shown himself to be as vicious and unprincipled as the worst - like Bush.

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  1. This has to be the best article written about this affair. I try to keep abreast of what happens in the world, and here in Canada too, and it drives me mad to see the general,woeful ignorance of the populace. We need to wake up and look around at what's happening.
    When you can openly see, but still deny, the facts then I despair. As for the recent denouncements from
    John Kerry regarding the illegality of what the Russians have done, well God give me strength!