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March 15: Metro businessmen favour selling elderly as slaves...'s not it. Metro businessmen want schools to be taught only by, that's true; but it's not the big, front page, I  have it....
Remember the 2014 Economic Summit? They called it "one region, one vision" (and that one only their vision.)  Well, we have a report  of their meeting of 340 business, community and political leaders to decide our futures.

(Who the hell gave these clowns the right to decide our futures?)

And you'll never guess what happened. They all got excited and thought shale gas was a great idea. It was, well, the hotel staff must have had to mop up after.

Did any of those "leaders" have advanced training and research experience in health? in environment? Were any of them followers of the latest research developments? Could any of them even read a research paper in these fields?

No. Their experience is in selling pizzas, furniture and events centres. Their only training is in making money - and in making it for themselves at that. It's bizarre. We live in a society in which business tells us we're not allowed to interfere in it. But business is allowed to interfere in politics, education, health, you name it. Even when it doesn't have a clue what it's talking about.

The reporter of this story, the chosen one for these propaganda shows, is Brent Mazerolle, of course.

This is not journalism in any sense. This is shameful, servile crap. Baby fwow up.

Incidentally, the last several days have been pretty awful with big, propaganda stories and an editorial on what a great deal we're getting by giving away our forests to the ever-hungry Irvings. There was also a great photo of Jim Irving and Premier Alward sharing a laugh. Guess who they were laughing at.

Meanwhile, Mr. Gallant has nothing to say. Sorry, Mr. Gallant. But nobody is that dumb. You are another hack just like Alward. It would almost say that New Brunswickers who vote for you or Alward deserve what they get. But nobody deserves anything that bad.
NewsToday has another propaganda piece on how good Mr. Irving is to us. It has a great photo of him pretending to point at something. Alward is following the finger as if he is trying to show he understands what's going on.
D4 has a brief and useless story on Ukraine - a story in which the reporter says that Russian aggression is a threat to peace.  Get real.

In a world poll, the US came out as the country which was the greatest danger to peace. In fact, it has also been the country which has been far the biggest aggressor of the past 70 years. It has invaded or has interfered in the internal affairs of every country in Latin America, and most of those of Africa. It has almost invariably gone to war in aid of the rich against the poor. It has killed and poisoned by the millions in Asia.

Most of the victims have been civilian - which has been a pattern of American warfare since the closing months of the war on Japan.

The story mentions none of this. Instead, it points to a Russian threat despite the fact that the origins of the present crisis owe everything to American interference. (Yes, Harper talks big from the sidelines. But the reality is that no country in the world takes Harper or Canada seriously. As a part of his campaign to use this crisis for self-promotion, Harper is going to visit Ukraine. Alas, he'll be coming back.

At first, I thought this was all just posturing. After all, the US has just fought two, disastrous wars, destroying two countries, killing close to two million people, going into debt for at least two trillion, and gaining not a damn thing. The mighty and large US could not win two wars against two, smaller countries, one of them primitive.

In the process, it has destroyed its own national economy (and that is not going to come back); it relies on hired mercenaries for its armies; it has torn its constitution into shreds; it has become a police state    with personal liberties rapidly disappearing - And there are people in powerful positions in the US who want a war with Russia.

Such a war cannot be won without nuclear weapons. And they must know that , too. But they also know the American empire is over. From here, it can only get weaker. The big war is now or never.

And our prime minister is pulling us alongside this insane venture, though affairs in the Ukraine have nothing to do with us. Harper is setting us up to fight another war and, like the one in Iraq, it would be illegal under the law he claims to defend.

There is no sense of this in the news story. However, I am now very much afraid that American leaders in business and politics want this war to happen. It's insane. But as I watch the behaviour of business and political leaders in New Brunswick, I begin the realize that stupidity and insanity are more common in these circles than I  had thought.

The editorial calls for a big push to encourage surfing on the tidal bore this summer. It offers the interesting notion that the chance to make tourist money is more important that public safety.

Some interesting thoughts on Pierre Peladeau who is running for separatists in the Quebec election. Pierre is the sort of person you might already know - very rich, arrogant, intolerant of what others want, and controls most of the newspapers.

He is also above the law and common practice. For example, He owns and chairs Quebecor, but in a deal that requires close cooperation from the government - and he has refused to sell  his stock as he enters politics. Gee! Do you know anybody as self-centred, self-serving and arrogant as that?

His most trusted partner, by the way, is Brian Mulroney, the man who escaped any significant punishment for gross corruption while he was prime minister.

But does he want to separate? I  have some doubts. Watch for PQ troubles on the campaign trail.

Excellent column by Gwynne Dyer on Afghanistan.

Then there's the Faith Page. Sigh.

We live in a world in which some, at least, American leaders are preparing for a war that will kill millions - and maybe more. They are already fighting dozens of secret wars all over the world. We live in a world in which drug companies insist on full retail price for medications we send to desperately poor and suffering nations.

We live in a country in which our mining companies have been complicit in the murder and exploitation of workers in helpless countries.

We live in a country in which the Prime Minister refuses to lift a finger to deal with climate change - though it will certainly do us enormous damage.

We live in a country in which big business worships at the feet of the gods of greed and self-interest - and in which big business refuses to pay its share of taxes and exploits the poor at starvation wages -all to make itself even richer.

And the sermonette for today is about God's gift of trust.

Well, at least it's not another stinker on letting God shine on our hearts.

But do these preachers really think that the word Christian is spelled "wimp"?

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