Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March 11: This is terribly, terribly late...

because it's been a terribly, terribly busy day for me. It will also be short because this paper is so damned irrelevant that only two things are worth talking about. One is the editorial; the other is a letter to the editor.

The editorial is a smug, arrogant, and ignorant one appearing in a paper which has constantly lied to us about its subject.

Fracking, it seems is "a good deal for Canada and for the world. WE SAY: time to move the debate from risk to benefit"

People who say different have "no evidence to the contrary."

Well, we don't know that, do we? - because you're lying, manipulating newspaper has concealed any evidence there is. Think of the Dr. Cleary report on health aspects of fracking.  Think of how your paper butchered the the presentation of the report - and never did tell us what was in it.

Oh, I also noticed the large number of people carrying pages of photocopied notes at her speech. They were the ones who were there to dominate the question period with their long and silly papers so that the serious questions barely had a chance to surface. (I've been to a lot of public meetings. I know the game.)

Tell us how the government then hired a fraud to pretend it was doing a serious examination. Think of how your paper at first tried to ignore the fraud, then wrote a coverup story suggesting the professor involved was mistreated. Until then, I had never seen such a low and lying standard of reporting in a daily newspaper.

Today, your editorial tells us that the government says it has framed the toughest regulations for shale gas in the world..  Oh, Wow! The government says so? Is that the same government that has lied to us for years? The same government that pulled the fraudulent professor on us?

Then we get fed a quotation from Atlantica Association for Energy. Wow! Wow!. Wow! they say shale gas is really, really good. The editorial writer doesn't have the honesty to mention that Atlantica Association for Energy is a front for the industry.

We hear from the industry. But there is not a single comment from anyone who is critical of shale gas.

The editorial also tells us that people opposed to shale gas are just stubborn, and will never change their minds. Perhaps so. When was the last time that anybody in this wretched newspaper changed his mind about anything the boss wanted?

And we get a touch of history - about how damaging the early coal mines of England and Wales were to health. Yes, they were. And now, I challenge this learned editorial writer to find a single mine owner or newspaper that ever mentioned this danger at the time. They worked people to death in the coal mines and they polluted Britain terribly. And, for that matter, they still do.

However, since the editorial writer  was showing off his historical scholarship, why did he or she use the mines of Britain for the example? Canada had plenty of coal mines just as bad - and not very far from here.

Finally, consider the factor you never even mentioned. We are suffering climate change. There must be no doubt now that is happening - though people in the industry have, over the years, given money to corrupt news sources to lie and say there is no climate change. Some are still doing it.

But climate change is happening. And it's still happening. We have been warned it will soon be irreversible. And yes, it's caused by burning even the cleanest fossil fuels.

Can the editorial writer give us a single example of what our political and industrial leaders are doing to prepare for that day?

In fact, Canada is the most backward country in the world in that respect.

So  how about it, Mr. editor? How many years will it be before it is irreversible? 30? 20?

And when that day comes, do you think it will matter a damn what the provincial debt is?

This newspaper is the lowest example of propaganda - and that's in a newspaper world soaked in propaganda.

This sort of thinking is what causes another problem in this province. It is obsessed with finding ways to make money. (Yes. I know we need money. Yes. I know we can't to anything without it. But finding money is NOT an intelligent place to start.)

You start by deciding what your values are, and what sort of a society you want. Yes. you need money for that.

But if you start with the money, then what happens is irresponsible and damaging development, with most of the money ending up in the pockets of the already rich, anyway.

That's the history of New Brunswick. An obsessive search for money, encouraged by lying and unethical journalism of the sort we see in the TandT, inevitably becomes a search only for money - and not at all for the benefit of most of the province.

What are the human needs of people in this province? That's where you start. And I've heard very, very little about human needs from either the Liberals or the Conservatives.

"Nightmare must be stopped in the Ukraine" is the letter to the editor I wanted to draw attention to. We are being flooded in dangerous propaganda, lies, and irresponsible posturing on the Ukraine. This letter is a useful corrective.

Unless something miraculous happens to tomorrow (Wednesday), like the Irving press becoming intelligent and ethical, I want to talk about the strange and dangerous ways we human beings (all of us) think about what is happening in the world.

To get in shape for it, just think of Fidel Castro, George Washington - and think of what images come to your mind.

Oh, there are two, other good letters to the editor. "Loss of rail hurts the most vulnerable of us".

My attention was also caught by one headed "Focus needed for Celtic heritage" The letter refers to Scots and Welsh and Irish as Celts. True enough.

But a lot of Acadians are probably Celts, too. Check out Normandie. home of a noted Englishman known in the history books as William the Conqueror,  but known more familiarly in his own time as William the Bastard.

Many of the people of Normandy were (and are) Celts in language and, have mercey upon us, in the use of bagpipes.


  1. the truly hilarious twist to the fracking story is that the whole thing just another investment bubble. the wells deplete so quickly that it is almost impossible to get enough gas out, at today's low prices, to earn back the millions needed for each hole. some people think the bubble will burst later this year. when that happens, it might just blow over, or it might hit people in the face, when they realise that the promise of "100 years of natural gas" was just another lie.
    oh ya, and another cool thing about natural gas is that when burned, it is not a particularly potent greenhouse gas. but when leaked into the the atmosphere through holes in pipes or holding tanks, it is ten times more potent than carbon dioxide. and yes, these things leak all the time.
    fun stuff
    Doug Stewart

  2. Forget the editors. They write what they are told to write. Forget the politicians. They say what they are told to say.

    We live in a corporatocrazy now.