Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Feb. 26: Two weeks in Oct., 1960....

I shall never forget them. The fear was so high that students sometimes burst into tears in class. I remember a teacher who broke under the strain, and fled her class.

Cuba had just got rid of the last of its US-appointed dictators, a series of torturers, killers, thieves, and rapists who kept salaries and social services down so that American big business could loot the country in peace. (Were you under the impression that Cuba was a paradise until that awful Mr. Castro came along? It wasn't. There was a reason why he won.)

Castro then turned to the US for help. The US refused. It wanted its dictators back on the job. So, Castro turned to the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union offered trade - and some nuclear missiles to be planted on Cuban soil, just minutes of flying time from the US south coast.

President Kennedy decided the US could not permit that, and sent warships to intercept the Soviet freighters, warning he would sink them if they attempted to reach Cuba. Any such sinking would very likely have led to a world, nuclear war. Thus the two weeks of fear, and even terror.

Flash to today.

The US has created and paid for an uprising in Ukraine. (Most of our news media haven't mentioned that, though the assistant to the secretary of state publicly announced it at five billion dollars over a month ago.)

That money has succeeded in taking power, though only in that part of the country that holds the capital. The rest of the country is pro-Russian -and wants nothing to do with either Americans or rebels.

The US has openly intervened in a matter that really has nothing to do with it. And one of Obama's favourite poodles, our own John Baird, is rushing over to help the rebels or, as the TandT puts it on C1, "Canada reaches out to Ukraine". Doesn't that sound nice? Reaching out, yeah, very Christian.

Actually, of course, Canada is just being a good poodle. Why else would we care? To spread democracy? Get real. Some of out closest allies around the world are dictators. We sat by and watched while the US slaughtered a quarter million Guatemalans to keep our mining investors  happy. We sent a phony peacekeeping force to Haiti to help the US get rid of the only democratic government that country ever had, and to install a US puppet.

And we don't even know who these protesters are or what it is they want. Some, at least, have strong, neo-Nazi affiliations - and they are most prominent in a part of the Ukraine with a long history of racist and Nazi sympathies. It is a part that contributed heavily in soldiers for Hitler's Waffen SS, and as persecutors of Jews.

So - the rule is nobody is allowed to plant missile bases close to the US. But the US is allowed to set up missile bases in the Ukraine close to Russia.

Another rule - It's against international law to set up violence in another country. But it's okay for the US to do it.

And there's an even more dangerous message in there.

The US announces it will insist on respecting the integrity of the Ukraine.

Translation : The Ukrainian majority that does not want to break relations with Russia will be forced to break them. This is very, very likely to lead to a civil war - in which the US will continue to (illegally) interfere.

And what will Russia do?  Ukraine is of central importance to Russia's defence. That is why it maintains important naval and military bases there.

Russia could do what Kennedy did in 1960, intervene with force to stop what is really a takeover of Ukraine by the US and the European Union. I mean, if Kennedy could intervene in 1960, then surely Russia has an even stronger right in 2014.

But there's a catch, and it's the same one as in 1960.

Putin may decide that he has to put up a military resistance - of face a rapid decline in Russia's standing in the world. He might also decide that if the US takes the Ukraine, the game is over - so he might as well go nuclear now because there won't be another chance.

It's similar for the US. It is an empire in rapid decline. The American economy is a disaster due to widespread corruption that our news media rarely mention. It depends on being able to borrow money just to pay the interest on its debt. And the debt is so huge it can never be paid.

Obama may well have decided that it's now or never to use nuclear weapons.

It is not possible for either country (or any country) to gain from the horror that would follow.

On this side, it's traditional to praise Kennedy for getting tough in the 1960 crisis. In fact, it was extremely foolish. We can only hope that neither Putin nor Obama will be so foolish this time.

Oh - and I didn't mention that China might easily feel  threatened if Obama wins this round - because it would leave China as the only major power left for the US to deal with. So we might have a third leader who could decides it's now or never to use those nuclear weapons.

And we won't even think of what might happen if Ukraine slips into civil war as the US insists on its "integrity".

Alec Bruce discusses the middle class, and how, according to an internal report of the Conservative party. it is disappearing, getting less and less - and the rich are getting much richer.

That was countered by a report from the MacDonald-Laurier Insitute in Ottawa which uses the same statistics to show the Canadian middle class is rolling in good times - but the rich are suffering. (The MacDonald-Laurier Institute, like our own Atlantic Institute for Market Studies, is a propaganda house for the wealthy. It was created by the wealthy, is run by the wealthy, and gets itself regularly quoted just as if it were honest.) This story appeared in The Financial Post - which is proof, for any who doubted it, that the rot reaches pretty high in the Canadian world of journalism. The Post doesn't say a word about the big business connections of the institute or its role as a propaganda front.

C1 has a result in the middle, using the same statistics, in the story "Canadian families are worth more but owe more."

That's the nice thing about statistics. If  you torture them enough, they'll say whatever you want them to say.

And now - the heart-warming story of the day. 9The Tand T missed it.0

ExxonMobil is the leading US producer of gas found by fracking. The CEO of ExxonMobil is now in court to stop fracking anywhere near his house. He says it will reduce his property value.

I'm taking up a collection for him. So send me your cheques (cash is also acceptable.)

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