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Feb. 21: "New Downtown Planned today."

That's the banner headline on p. A1. And it's so exciting, - well - it's just going to change everything. The whole world will come to Moncton downtown because, well, just because. But, like so many other things in this province, the story does not mention whose plan this is.

It mentions one architect. But architects don't usually work out the idea of having such a development. That's usually up to some representative body. What is this anonymous body which has decided we need an expensive remake of downtown?

Frankly, this deal, like the events centre smells.

Mind you, the Irving press is sure to support it all the way because, almost certainly, one of the insiders is the one who's behind this, and plans to make some big money out of it.

Anyway, the Irving press is sure to call it a great success, no matter what. Remember December of 2012 when the TandT had a banner headline about how successful Main St. parking was? And how the stores on Main were just jammed with Christmas shoppers?

Like hell they were. I walked along Main after reading that story. It was dullsville.

There's another story on p. 2 about the shale protest of last summer and fall. That's three, long stories about the shale gas protest where nobody was killed. How many stories have you seen about the RCMP raid on Irving Oil headquarters in connection with the deaths of 47 people?

And that's pretty well all there is worth talking about in secion A. But in section C, "News Today"___________________________________________________________________

I have never seen a paper whose reporting could spread so much ignorance.

C1 has a big story that Liberal leader Gallant is about to present bills to cut down on government power to influence elections - like making it illegal for government to do partisan advertising. There's another one requiring elected MLAs to report the names of any relatives they have working for the government.

Alward says,  "There's nothing to it, other than posturing." And Alward is right. But then, Alward is a man whose whole political life has been a posture. So he know what's he's talking about.

Even if Gallant's bills pass, they won't make the slightest change in the province. We are facing an alarming wage gap that is spreading poverty. We have corporations that won't pay taxes - and that still ask for million in favours. Financially, we are being bled to death - and not slowly.

That's our problem. Mr. Gallant's proposal doesn't even mention the real problem, and it certainly isn't how many relatives we have working for the government. As for Mr.  Irving and friends, you can report relatives working for the government until you turn blue, and you can include your mother-in-law. It doesn't bother them. They have the whole damn government working for them.

Then there's the foreign news.

A daily news paper should have at least one editor who has expertise in foreign news. That person should also know what news sources are reliable. And, certainly, a whole newspaper chain should have at least one such person.

Obviously, Irving news doesn't.Any dolt will do for news editor in their book. It's obvious every day that the foreign news is put together by an editor who is largely ignorant of what is happening, knows only the standard sources (which are usually misleading and, often, lying.) And has no idea of the background of any of the stories. In short, foreign news in the Irving press is almost always ignorant, misleading, lazy, and sloppy.

On C1, read "Scores killed in Ukraine protests". Read it.

Now, tell me. Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys?

Obviously, the Ukraine government is bad, and the protesters are good. That's why the story reports "shocking scenes of protesters being cut down by gunfire". (The estimate of the dead was 75).

And the protesters are dying, we are told for freedom.

When a quarter million Guatemalans, right down to babies, were slaughtered by government troops with CIA guidance, I cannot recall a single Canadians newspaper that reported it at all. Where were the shocking scenes when American troops killed over a million in Iraq? - mostly innocent civilians.

US drones have killed thousands of innocent civilians.

So where are the good guys/bad guys reports about that?

And it gets worse.

It was exactly 11 days ago that Victoria Muland (Assistant Secretary of State to John Kerry) announced - to a press dinner, no less - that her office had given 5 billion dollars for the "protesters" in Ukraine.

I didn't see that story in the TandT. Did you?

And obviously no editor in the Irving media every heard of it - though there are over a hundred citations of it in Google.

The reason, she said, was to give the Ukrainian people the future they deserve. Right. The future the Guatemalans deserved - and the Iraqis - and the Afghanis - and the victims of drones over Pakistan and Yemen and Somalia -  mass slaughter.

And the US gave away 5 billion out of pure charity at the same time it cut more than 5 billion dollars out of its food stamp programme, leaving its own people to starve.

This story is pure propaganda, selected by an editor who is too ignorant or too lazy or too unethical to care. And that's true of almost all the foreign reporting in this paper. Column 2 paragraph four is a paragraph written for pure  emotion and sympathy. This is propaganda. Any editor worthy of the name would have caught that, and would have refused to publish the story.

Just suppose a native woman, a protester,  had been shot in the throat by police - a duplicate of the case reported above?. Would the Irving press have published something to make you weep for her, and to hate the police?

(And yesterday, we got our own Harper denouncing the Ukraine government for its use of force. Funny, I can't ever recall a criticism from him about Americans and British - and a few others _ who have been slaughtering people by the million.

Whaddya think, Stevie? Gonna give hell to Alward for sending police armed with live ammunition, pistols and combat rifles against native peoples in a situation that could easily have gone out of control?

No. I didn't think so.

And don't' tell me the US is doing all this to help Ukraine win more democracy. You send me a list of all the countries the US has brought democracy to. And I'll send you a list of the real democracies it has destroyed to replace them with sock puppet democracies or stunningly brutal dictatorships.
Hint - you won't need much paper for your list.

The story on the Ukraine is pure and deliberate propaganda. The US, with the help of the European Union has been trying to start a civil war in Ukraine. For trade purposes, it wants Ukraine to be a part of the European Union. Strategically, it wants Ukraine as a base for nuclear weapons to be aimed at Russia.

The risk? Well, this threatens Russia and China, both of them nuclear armed. Both of them, too, know that the US is going for world domination. The US said so publicly on the web. Their document, Project for the New American Century, is still there. (though it is not likely that any journalist from the Irving press has ever read it.)

What we're looking at has nothing to do with good and guys and bad guys. What we're looking at is one hell of a scary confrontation that could, literally, blow up at any moment.

Once again, the editorial and op ed pages ignore the only real issues in the coming election campaign.
1. Our politicians are puppets. New Brunswick is really governed by a small selection of corporations - which run it without the slightest regard for the needs of those who live here. Ukraine doesn't have freedom? Who are we to accuse anybody of not having freedom?
2. Corporations and the wealthy refuse to share the load of taxation.
3. Despite 2., corporations are a constant drain on our budget.

Just a parting thought regarding freedom and democracy.

The US has a president who has given himself authority to execute American s(and anybody else) simply on his own decision.
\He can can also go to war without debate or consent. That's why the US hasn't bothered to declare war since 1941. That's why US special ops are busy killing in a hundred countries - and it's not even reported.

Similarly, Canada has special ops which are certainly killing alongside their American colleagues. We don't know that for certain because Harper has given himself the power to limit special ops reporting to himself.

That's war - which we are supposed to declare. Us and our elected representatives. Not Harper.  Listen to the speeches on Nov. 11. That principle, we are told, is something Canadians died for.

Britain is thoroughly caught up in all the above.

As for elections, American and Canadian ones are controlled by big money. The last Canadian election was probably the most dishonest one we have seen in a century - but Harper is pushing a bill though to make it almost impossible to check illegal behaviour in future..

And we read a weepy news story about how that awful Ukraine government isn't as democratic as it should be.

Amazing how we can fool ourselves.

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