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Feb. 20: Interesting stories on A2

There are two stories on that page that use up almost all of the page. The stories speculate that native people from Nova Scotia may have been the leaders  on the days of the disorders in the shale gas protest that saw 6 police vehicles torched. Both stories are full of speculation about that.Now....

This summer RCMP got warrants to search the offices of Irving Oil, shortly after the Lac Megantic disaster. Do you remember seeing any news stories speculating about that?

In fact, did you ever hear any report about that at all - what the police were after? or what they found?

And, apparently, somebody (not identified but wink-wink-nudge-nudge we know who) had three rifles in his car, one with (gasp) a bayonet. And two, vicious hunting knives, and over 400 rounds of ammunition.   Now, there was a clear and present danger for police force of only a bit over a hundred with perhaps a couple of hundred guns, many of them combat rifles.

This is probably the incident Alward referred to when we restored peace and security to the situation by announcing "it was an armed camp."

When they invaded the Irving head office, did they search any Irving cars for guns?

No, I don't intend to justify either side in this - just pointing out that the law and newspaper reporting are supposed to give equal treatment to people, regardless of social status.

Oh, the headline on the second story is also false. "Court document reveals outside element in October riot" If you read the the story, you'll find that no court documents reveal any such thing. What it reveals is that police suspected outside elements

To say that court documents revealed the outside element is sloppy reporting and sloppy editing.

Dr. Cleary, on p. 1 of NewsToday , turned down an invitation to the join the NB Energy Institute. Her tone is gentle and reasonable. But no other decision was possible. The government ignored Dr. Cleary's original report,  the Irving press contributed to distorting it and dismissing it, then in supporting Dr. Lapierre even after it was discovered he had no qualifications.

And Mr. Alward, on an almost daily basis, publicly declares that he is committed to shale gas.
Well, then, what's the point of having an NB Energy Institute?

The government and the Irvng press have a long record of misrepresenting, lying, distorting, hiding facts - and abusing the public interest with what they like to call independent study groups.

Dr. Cleary would have to be a fool to join forces with such a gang.

And she is no fool.
The same page also has the story that Canada decries Ukraine violence, and is critical of riot police for using live ammunition.

Well, gee-golly, weren't our riot police equipped with live ammunition for the shale gas protest?
The US, every days, sends drones to shoot live ammunition, mostly at innocent people, killing thousands.

And Obama condemns the violence? The same Obama who has killed Afghanis by the tens of thousands for no clear reason? the same Obama who operates torture prisons around the world? the same Obama who has special ops (terrorists) operating in at least a hundred countries?

What's it all about? The US wants Ukraine in the western camp so that the US can use it as a base for nuclear missiles close to Russia.
Of course, when Russia tried to do that using Cuba a a base to threaten the US, that was evil - and it brought the world close to nuclear war.

So could this.

The editorial is bizarre. It begins with the upgrade for the Capitol Theatre then, predictably, says the upgrade to the Capitol now makes it necessary to build the hockey rink - sorry, events centre.

Then, it says, we need a statue outside the Capitol because a statue would draw people downtown.

I"m afraid I can't think of a punchline for a statement as dumb as that.

In fact, we have a sztatue downtown, and a very fine one outside the library. It's the one of Northrop Frye seated on a bench. It's a superb piece of work. But I can't say I've ever had to fight through a mob to get past it.

Norbert has another uninformed column which will appeal to readers who like the grand sweep of his pronouncements and name-calling.  But this is just ignorance deluxe - with an ignorance of how schools teach today, and have been teaching for some time.

He writes about things that sound like great idea to someone who has never taught.

He says we could skip schools for students who aren't bright, and just put them in an apprenticeship   system.

You mindless twit, Norbert. A system like that would condemn virtually all the poor who often do poorly because of their social background/ And Norbert would condemn them to stay there.

Meanwhile, the 'gifted' kids would be the rich ones because their social background makes school an important part of their lives. Very often, they aren't 'gifted' at all - but they breeze through to become MBAs to be added to the moronic political and economic leadership we suffer from.

Believe it or not, Norbert, there are poor kids, lots of them who have real brains. And you would just toss them away.  You're thinking about education belongs, at best, to the early nineteenth century.

Incidentally, those who have learned trades and now live by them may not be flattered by your judgement that they aren't very bright. I have met more than a few of them who would leave you in the shade.

Alec Bruce's column is - an off day.

1. Shale gas is not a cleaner from of fuel that will tide us across until we develop some renewable form of energy. - for two reasons.
a) Even if it is slighter cleaner, the use of energy is rising all over the world. So we still get closer to the day when climate change cannot be reversed.
b)Most government (and most notably Canada's government) have shown no interest whatever in developing renewable energy.
And they aren't going to as long as there's an oil and gas industry to pay them off.
2.Alec Bruce suggests we go ahead on shale gas by forming alliances that span party and ideological lines.  No, thanks.
We don't elect people in a democracy so they can all agree to like each other. I would not want anyone I voted for to become buddies with Harper or Alward.

 It think they're wrong. Getting them all to agree with each other won't make them right.

3. I think Mr. Bruce is quite wrong on the politics of what is happening. Alward and and Gallant do notdisagree with each other. Alward is committed to shale gas because big money wants it. Gallant is playing a game of standing in the middle, pretending do disagree, but in a way that gives him wiggle room after the election to decide it's prefectly safe.

On op ed, Rod Allen has a column on how much the people of St. Pierre and Miquelon are like maritimers. Thanks. I needed to know that.

Jody Dallaire's column is a useful one on getting understanding of government budgets. Her emphasis here is on women - but it has a broader usefulness.

One point she makes, for example, deals with child care. That is a serious problem in our society which depends heavily on women in the work force especially since those women are commonly low-paid.

But Canada has the worst and weakest funded child-care system in the developed world. And down the road, we'll pay a price for that.That's what happens when you allow billionaires to bleed nations dry, don't collect taxes from them, and let them shift all their money out of the country.

Then billionaires, through their puppet governments, say we can't afford social services, and make us pay by cutting funding for them.

This is not a passing problem It is a terminal one. In the US, as a result of these policies, 100 million Americans are unemployed. And food stamps for the masses of hungry have cut by billions so we can fight wars to make more profits for big business.

It's not appearing in the Irving press, but a  senior executive of J.P.Morgan trust has committed suicide by jumping out of his 30th floor office.

No big deal? Well, he's the sixth one in the last few weeks - all J.P.Morgan. It could be a coincidence, of course. But it's surely not likely.

Our world is being  run by very greedy and stupid people. Maybe a few have understood the devastation they have caused.

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