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Jan. 16: The idiot story of the week...

In NewsToday, "Prime minister (Harper) to visit Israel."

He's going to tell Israelis how much he loves them and is on there side for ever and ever. That's the sort of letter I regularly get from my four-year old granddaughter.

He's not actually going to do anything for Israel. He never has. But he's on Israel's side. (clap, clap).
Then he indulges in a touch of racism. He says that Israel is a light of democracy and freedom
 in a region of darkness.

Oh, really?  Israel operates prisons of torture. Those  Palestinians who are also citizens of Israel are not permitted to walk on certain streets or to live in certain districts. They can be kicked out of their homes at any time, and their neighbourhoods demolished. And it happens. Often.

Indeed, Palestinians who live in Palestine are kicked out of their homes and off their land routinely so the land can be (illegally) given to Israeli "settlers". The Israeli government is doing that right now as part of its attempt to wreck the Israel/Palestine peace talks. I think it will succeed. More than that,  I expect Israel will soon take over all of Palestine, sending off all its people as refugees.

Sharon, the former president who just died was found guilty by the UN of the deliberate murder of Palestinians, men, women, and children who were his prisoners. It was about that time he said he wanted to kill every Palestinian baby he saw.

Israel defied world opinion to get a nuclear bomb over fifty years ago. It also - illegally - tested that bomb off the coast of South Africa. In fact, It offered to sell nuclear weapons to a South African government which, at the time, was a White supremacist government.

And the arab world is a "region of darkness? Well, Saudi Arabia certainly fits that description. But it is an ally of both Israel and us. Ditto for the emirates. Ditto for Jordan.

You don't like Iran? Well, Iran used to be a quite acceptable democracy. But Iranian democracy was destroyed by Britain, France and the US. It was the West that made Iran, for years, a brutal and thieving dictatorship. And it was the West that forced Iranians into the arms of the ayatollahs.

Oh, incidentally, Jews live in Iran. And they don't get kicked off their land or discriminated against. I taught several Iranian Jews who didn't see Israel as a democracy or a place to admire in any way.

Incidentally, if Harper would (or could) read a little  history, he would find out that Jews were terribly prosecuted for over a thousand years - IN EUROPE - ALL OVER EUROPE. NOT JUST GERMANY.


We and the others supported the creation of Israel, but not in support of the Jews. We and the US and the Europeans did it so the Jews wouldn't come here. They wanted to get rid of the Jews. Historically, the people who persecuted the Jews were us and our ancestors.

The people who did NOT persecute the Jews through all those years were the arabs. So now, ignorant and/or self-righteous frauds like Harper are punishing arabs for things that they never did - but that we did.

And, while we're speaking of Harper as an ignorant and self-righteous fraud, there are Europeans, the Romas, who have also been persecuted across Europe and the West for centuries. Romas, too, were Hitler's targets in the death camps. Romas, too, were gassed and incinerated. They suffered a holocaust. They still are persecuted across Europe.

And now, almost eighty years later, Harper still refuses to let Romas into Canada. What a great guy!

A professor at UPEI says Harper's visit will make the world sit up an take notice.

No, it won't because the whole world will know what the Canadian press hasn't figured out.

This visit is the opening move in our next federal election. Harper needs the money and the support of Jewish voters. Many Jews do NOT support Israel. They are offended by its abuse of other peoples, it's brutality, its lack of democacy. But Jews in Canada have pretty well been rounded up and branded by the pro-Israel movement. For those of us who grew up in Jewish circles, it's saddening to see the principles of Judaism being destroyed in this process.

When I first encountered Jews, I was drawn to them because their Judaism was more Christian than any Christianity I had known (or have come to know). Now, the Jews I admired are cut off in their own communities.

Oh, and Harper will be taking 200 people along with him. As well as the usual aides and reporters, there will be a large contingent of "prominent Jewish leaders in Canada". So that's jet seats (of the better sort) and accommodation and meals for 200 people for 2 weeks. Your tax dollars are work. Several millions of them.

Just to make sure Harper gets the Jewish vote in the next election.

Where is Mike Duffy when we need him?

Oh - for those who say I'm anti-semitic, read some  history. Most Jews are not semites. The Palestinians, however, are semites. Then such people might well google Jews for Peace in the Middle East, and get a little more of the truth.

TandT editors should listen to CBC news more. Yesterday, it had a story the Irving press still doesn't have.  Nobody is permitted to visit the land that is being cleaned up after the train wreck at Plaster Rock. (Crews are testing for contamination, and have already removed some soil for disposal).                                                                                                        .

Okay, okay. Work is going on. Can't have people there. Okay.

So can we get a report on what it is they're finding? Sorry. Government ministers and civil servants have no time to talk ot anybody because they are terribly, terribly busy watering the ducks.

In short, us peasants aren't allowed to know what contaminants there are, how much there is, how dangerous it might be.

Couldn't they at least get professor Lapierre to look at it?
Nothing on the editorial page. Alec Bruce, sadly, buys the idea that in a democracy a self-selected group, largely of business people, has the right to plan our civic future for us.

The op ed, luckily, has Beth Lyons. Rod Allen seemingly cannot resist being cutesie. But this time it isn't bad.

Picking through the garbage, I came across Atlantic Business, a magazine that regularly comes with the Irving paper. It  is, according to its cover, smart, sophisticated, provocative, powerful. That alone, I guess, should be a warning.

The cover story is about the Richard Oland murder mystery. And I wondered. What the hell does this have to do with business news?

Then there's an interview "The World According to John" an extraordinarily arrogant exchange in which "a billionaire seafood baron" says that business, not government, must lead Atlantic Canada to prosperity.

Way to speak up for democracy, John. But, say, haven't billionaires controlled Atlantic governments for generations? So how come we're not prosperous now?

The editor writes a column about her boss, as though she were twelve, and  he was Justin Bieber.

There's an almost incoherent article on Obamacare and health care. I think it's about how we should allow private business a bigger piece of the health care market. Gee! If that is the point, then it's kind of dumb to start off with the failings of Obamacare. Most of its problems and inefficiencies are precisely because of private business involvement.

Most of the articles are either trivial or ignorant so that as I read it, I thought "Irving press" because it's the same style as the TandT.

Like the TandT, this is essentially a propaganda sheet. My guess is that it's aimed at small businessmen; and the point of it is to kid them that they have the same interests as big business. It's a magazine that tells people what they want to believe no matter how silly it is.
You know. Like Don Cherry

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  1. What, no mention of the "Stephen J. Harper Bird Sanctuary" in Israel? What species of birds will take refuge there? What kind of bird seed will they be fed? Will the birds have to pay for their own bird seed? Will the bird shit resource be responsibly and sustainably used as fertilizer? Will Steve and Laureen take their cats to the sanctuary?