Monday, December 2, 2013

Dec.2: We'll start on light note.........

Because we're going to need all the light notes we can get today.

Start with Norbert. He is just wetting his pants over the CBC losing hockey night in Canada. He, who has the journalism standards of a fignewton, has the nerve (no, the ignorance) to criticize the CBC for not having high standards of journalism.

He praises the BBC for its high standards. Actually, I often watch BBC news - and I doubt very much whether Norbert does. If he did, he would know  about recent scandals over poor journalism which have rocked it.

Well, it's still a nice bit of light relief to read somcthing like this by the village idiot.

There is no news, nothing in the whole, damn paper. Well, there is a story on the front page about the new, Moncton city plan. Alas! the story tells us nothing about it.

Like everything in New Brunswick, though, such plans always seem to be based around the needs of business. We even have an economic leadership  council chaired by Robert Irving. What a thrill!

And all of this depends on giving business leaders full  freedom, no restraint, no limitations. After all, if if makes money for them, we all benefit.

Actually, no. that's not true at all.

There has only been  one period in Canadian history when (almost) all Canadians benefitted from economic good times. That period was from the beginning of World War Two  to the late 60s or early 70s. And it wasn't business that did it.

In the early part of that period, prosperity began when severe restraints were placed on business. There were limits to profits.  There were social obligations. There was protection for consumers.
That continued after 1945 with vastly improved access to education, to health, to social services.

Then big business got its old self back together, bought government, threw off the restraints, went wild on tax cuts for itself, and began the attack that still goes on against those things that made us more equal - things like health care and education.

Today, The Atlantic Institute of Market Studies carries on the attack against public education, giving big business a chance to slip into control of such matters as evaluation, and that half-wit programme on entrepreneurship which has been adopted by a French board. It also openly interferes with health and the civil service.

It's far worse, of course, in the US where big business has driven public education to the very bottom level in the whole, developed world. And where health is just a wish for millions.

The shared prosperity of that period was not built by big business. It was built by a highly skilled civil service and by our parents who had the wit to elect politicians that would serve them.
But big business has worked its way back in so that it now has a a free hand. The result is the stunning drop in shared prosperity we have seen in the western world. That result is that when banking houses and other major concerns in the US went bankrupt due to their own criminality and greed, those who suffered because of what they had done also had to pay them back their losses so that bankers could pay each other multi-million dollar bonusses for the greed and imcompetence..  

That's going to happen again; and it's probably not far off.

It has also meant endless wars as economic bosses try to establish themselves as rulers of all the world.  Think of all the wars since 1945. How many were caused by foreign countries invading the US? Canada? Britain? France?____________________________________________

Why do you think  the US maintains a huge fleet in the Pacific? Land bases in Japan and Australia and North Korea? What is the point  of the US keeping troops in Afghanistan? Why is it so crucial to come to term with Iran? Why this extremely dangerous conflict over some tiny Islands off the coast of Japan?
Because within a decade China will have the biggest economy in the world. That would be a huge market lost to American business. And, before that, it can quite possibly mean the destruction of the the American dollar. China can do that almost at will, now.
And what are Canadians doing now? They're dithering over a choice between Harper and Justin.  Harper is the cause of economic and social disaster that hangs over us. His refusal to deal with climate change, his abandonment of environmental regulations, his invitation to the world to come and take our resources as quickly as possible and any way they like will be so costly and terrible that one might be forgiven for wondering about his mental condition.  (seriously)

And Justin is a figure made up of chicken fluff and wires.

Within New Brunswick,  we have the Provincial Liberals and Conservatives, both of them homely Barbie dolls for Mr. Irving.

In recent history, people in a position like ours have turned to fascism.  But that won't work. We're already there.

We have only two other parties to speak of - the NDP and the Greens. I have reservations about both. But either would be superior to the Liberals and the Conservatives.

What? You  think the Irvings of this world would be better at running things? Get real. The Irvings of this world are the ones who have created this crisis.

And frankly, we don't have much time. Another term with Harper would mean the end of Canada. I have seen no evidence that Justin is better.

In New Brunswick, a term for either   Conservatives or Liberals, and it's game over.

Big business has to learn - now - that capitalism is  defined by risk, not by government favours, that it works well, like most institutions, only when it is regulated.

And, oh, I do wish New Brunswickers would learn that this is THEIR province, that in a  democracy we all have the same rights and, in a democracy, the government is ours. I suggest that Robert Irving stay home, and let the people of Moncton and Riverview decide how they want to develop and what they want to develop.

And, oh, I wish the people of t his city would  develop the courage to speak publicly about the political system that is theirs. Nobody else's. This is our city, our future, our children's futures. We decide by public discussion what will happen to our lives.

Alec Bruce writes a nice piece of subtle humour - something he always does well. I always fear, though, that in this city there are many who miss the humour. To get a laugh in Moncton, you have to do something really funny - like tripping and falling into a pit of rattlesnakes.

I always enjoy Steve Malloy's touch on ordinary things. This time he talks about people smoking at the Santa Claus parade - though I also think he missed a good topic. Have you seen the videos on youtube of people duking it out in the fight for cheap items on Black Friday at Walmart stores?

Hey! that's what Christianity is all about.

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