Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dec. 8:My life is in ashes....

... I forgot to buy a lotto 6/49 yesterday. I mean, what is Sunday without a chance to look up my losing ticket?

Mr. Mandella spent 27 years in prison, a period that did nothing to weaken his sense of compassion for people  ( including  his white enemies who treated Mandella's people with contempt and brutality.) Then he used his political skills to drive hatred and bigotry out of South Africa.

Alas! The common people of South Africa will get little chance to be close to the body of the man who was their saint. The best seats are reserved  for people like George Bush and Tony Blair, people whom Mandella despised as mass murderers in wars like Iraq. Bush, indeed was a special case in the eyes of  Mandella/ A brainless twit born into a rich family. long a drunk and a pothead, Bush nonetheless regarded himself, as most of the very rich do, entitled to go to universities he didn't have the grades for, and to pass courses he had nowhere near close to the brains to pass. Then he decided to be president. Hey! Why not? He was entitled.

Blair and Bush never lifted a finger for anybody else. They were as opposite to Mandella as can be imagined. Mandella told them in plain language the contempt he had for both of them. Now, both of them pretend to be men of his spirit as they take up room at his funeral.

Get used to it. The very rich don't give a damn about you. All they understand is their own greed. Their only purpose is to make thsmelves rich. And they, who accuse the poor of feeling entitled to have a living wage, they feel entitled to be rich, to get fet richer, and to poison the land and the people to do it.

The very rich are your enemy. They know it. Don't ever make the mistake of thinking you are buddies, or that they are there to create jobs for you. (And definitely don't ever expect an Irving to go to jail for 27 years for you.)

That's how New Brunswick has put itself in an unspeakably dangerous situation.

The rich know the dangers of fossil fuels. They may finance campaigns to deny what is happening. But they know.But they don't give a damn. If you suffer, tough on you. They will use their money to get to some place safer.

But won't such damage get to them no matter where they go? Sure. But taken as a group, the privileged classes have never been a brainy lot, not anywhere in the world, not at any time in history. They've been greedy, short-sighted, selfish, uncaring of others. But rarely intelligent. And we have at least a few thousand years of history to prove that.

All of that is reality. That's why it matters that the Irvings had the arrogance to hold a conference a few years ago on the conomic future of New Brunswick - right after we had just elected a government to decided that sort of thing. The conference was mostly unqualified, and assuming control over something it had no right to control in a democracy.

Then, an Irving had the gall to say he was a member of the government  ( without anybody electing him. talk about a sense of entitlement). And then he appointed his own hacks to be financial advisors to the government. The premier, who should have told him to mind his own business, was too soft and squiggly to do that.

Then we had the case of the Atlantic Insitute of Market Studies interfering by taking over grading of the schools. Then, the case of the Irvings interfering with the operation of the hospitals. Now we have a mysterious group imposing a compulsory programme on the schools - to teach children all about entrepreneurial skills.

Why the hell are these outsiders - with no educational training - being allowed into the schools? And are they gong to be teaching the sort of crap that Alward burbled - about enterpreneurs creating communities and happy homes?

As nearly as I can gather, those clowns have no idea what the words enterpreneur or capitalism mean. And they're being allowed into our schools for a compulsory programme that will run all the way through school so they can preach their ideological propaganda?

You don't like our deficit? Well, it's Irving's advisors who created it.But don't expect the Times and Transcript to report that. No. It will blame the poor. Yeah. That's why we have deficits. It's all them lazy poor people. It has nothing to do with the Irvings walking off with a bigger chunk of our wealth each year.

The Times and Transcript is designed deliberately to make you dumb, even dumber than the rich, to hide the truth, to lie.

If the TandT were any kind of a newspaper at all, it would tell you about conditions in the US which are even worse than ours, abour massive hunger, about crime as a matter of survival, about children denied basic necessities so the money can go to soaring profits for the defence industry. You cannot go year after year taking money from everybody else and giving it to the very rich. That's why the US is crashing as a nation and as an empire.

Never kid yourself. The very rich are your enemy. They will cheat and starve and work you to the death. These are not Nelson Manellas. They don't give a damn about you. And they don't have enough brains to realize that what they are doing will eventually destroy them, too.

We do not have a capitalist economy. Nor, at the corporation level, do we have entrepreneurs. All we have is a cluster of greedy and selfish people whose greed and selfishness make them stupid - too stupid know what the words capialist and entrepreneur mean.

These are our enemies. New Brunswick has to learn that fast. It doesn't have much time.

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