Friday, December 20, 2013

Dec. 20: The best column I have ever seen in the irving press... by Gwynne Dyer on the op ed page. It's one of the best I have seen in any press. And, in dealing with Melson Mandela, it is far superior to any of the mindless gush we have been reading, hearing, and seeing about him for the past of couple of weeks in almost every medium.

Dyer has a great admiration for Mandela - but it does not mislead him into giving Mandela saintly powers. This is really a superb column, a must read.

And the good part pretty well ends there.

Section A looks, as  usual, like something prepared for a church bulletin- only less important. There is, again, lots of upbeat stuff on the food drives for Christmas - but not a word to examine how it is we have so many people who need food or what the consequences of it will be, not a word about how this can happen ia province that has some people making hundreds of thousands and even millions a year.

The only news item of any importance is that a recent poll shows that Atlantic Canadians, by a healthy margin, support native peoples in their land claims. That will not change Harper's mind in  his determination to forget his obligations. But it does remind us who the enemy is.

In NewsToday, there is "Canada Post cuts cheered in U.S." That's rather an odd title for an article that names only one American who is cheering - and he's one of the far-right wingers who voted to cut food stamps even as poverty was getting worse and, of course, who opposes any form of medicare.

This is presented as a major news story. Why? Why should we care what Americans think about our post office? Why should we care when most Americans almost certainly have no idea what's happening to out post office? What does it tell us about our need for Canada Post? Or the lack of need? And why should we care when all the opinion we have comes from one nutbar? And, since it is just one, why would the headling be "Canada Post cuts cheered in US?  Couldn't they find a person or two in countries all over the world, and make the headling "Canada Post cuts cheered all over the world."  This is a stinking example of the deliberate use of a misleading headline.And why is such a trivial items presented as a major and very large news story?

All the above is what is called lying. And it was the news editor who wrote that headline.

This is propaganda intended to sway Canadian opinion. It comes from Canadian Press, and it's a safe bet that The Canadian Press was "encouraged" to circulate this "news story".

There's also a story about concerns in the US over domestic spying by NSA. Well, that's reasonable enough. But shouldn't a Canadian paper give priority to news about  domestic spying IN CANADA by CSIS, RCMP, and Communications Security Establishment Canada?

These people are spying on us - all of us. Our taxes are paying for us to be spied on.

To protect us from terrorists?


Most of their spying is done at the request of major corporations. They look for environmental activists, for anybody critical of big business, for union members, for everybody, really .....They also do searches in foreign countries where Canadian mining companies have given all of us a very black eye, indeed, for corruption, pollution, beatings....

And these spy agencies report to a meeting of CEOs of major Canadian corporations twice a year.

You won't find that story in the puffery pages of the Irving press. After all, the Irvings almost certainly attend those conferences, just to check up on you.

However, you can read an excellent article on it in a very respected journal called CCPA Monitor. Or at

Yes. We do live in a country that spies on all of us, just like the US. Your tax dollars at work. And those dollars would have fed a lot of hungry people.


Norbert writes yet another column on cutting costs to reduce the provincial debt. Again, he does not once mention those people have have big money to pay, and whose demands are responsible for a lot of that deficit. No. We gotta nail them poor people.

Was there any important news the TandT missed? Well, yes.

Obama has just received one hell of a slap in the face from Congress, including Democrats - and including the nation that is most dependent on his aid.

Israel lives on US aid. Israel wants Iran destroyed. It insists the US do the destroying. It maintains a powerful lobby to buy off congressmen in Washington (using US aid money - and it's also active in Canada.)

This has nothing to do with Israeli security. The idea that Iran is a threat to Israel is absurd - even if it had a nuclear bomb - which it doesn't and which UN inspectors say it isn't working on. This is not about Iran's power. It's about Israel's desire for power.

A war with Iran would be a quite dreadful and bloody one, with consequences that would involve a stepping-up of terrorist attacks on North America and, quite possibly, a world war which would be nuclear.

Obama's policy is to settle all this with talks - and Iran is very much in agreement. But Israel isn't. It wants the destruction of  Iran, nothing less. So it has bought off a majority of US congressmen who are now openly defying the president as he tries to carry out talks.

These congressman are preparing more sanctions against Iran - not as punishment for anything but as a way to destroy the talks.

Meanwhile, to placate Israel, Obama seems to be giving Israel a free hand to to kill, expel, steal land from as many Palestinians as it likes. Israel is doing that. But it still wants Iran destroyed. And the man who should be the most powerful in the world now can't even control his own party.

I kind of think that's all worth a mention in the news.

In local news, we've had nothing more of this incredible scheme to let a business group into the school to set up and run a programme on entrepreneurship which would be compulsory for all children through all thirteen years of school.

I doubt very much whether such a sysem exists in any part of the world except, possibly, in totalitarian states.

This is not only education idiocy. It is wildly impractical to run such a programme for so many students when only a few will ever find a use for it. In fact, this is not a learning programme at all. This looks like pure propaganda, brain-washing. This is an abuse of our children, a serious loss for other learning they should be doing, a highly improper invasion of the schools by a special interest group.....perhaps with encouragement by The Atlantic Institute of Market Studies....

Parents should be standing en masse, shouting "No. You bastards cannot have our children. Get your hands off them."

Where the hell are the parents of this province? Where are the parents' associations? Where are the teachers? The teachers' union? Where are the school boards?

I cannot imagine this being permitted in any other province or even village  (well, possibly PEI and Dogpatch).

It is an assault on public education. It is an assault on the principles of democracy. It is an assault on our children.

I know this is a province that tip-toes in fear, the province in which nobody wants to be noticed unless it's for something harmless like campaigning to collect free kitty litter boxes for the poor. But the more you back away from a bully, the more he'll keep pounding you.

Though this is a huge story - I mean, this is a province in which if you have a friend whose eight year old son wins as part of a choir contest in Arizona, it's a banner headline,"Moncton in the news: metro man knows boy in choir that wowed Arizona". - this is a really, huge story. And the TandT gave it only a small space, and it has not followed up.

They don't want you to be thinking about it. That's because what is being done is disgusting and abusive, something I would put n a class with paedophilia.

I'm sorry. Am I waking anybody up?

Actually - and this is serious - I saw and heard more serious criticism of the government and more real freedom of speech when I was working in communist China than I see in New Brunswick. Better newspaper, too  (from The New China News Agency).  Still awful, but better than New Brunswick.


  1. More sleezery in today's mailbox (still delivered to my door) from your "friend" (and mine?), that guy with the shit eating grin: Robert Goguen. Do these guys not know when to give up?

  2. I think the only reason Obama seems to be backing off Iran, (for the moment) is so he can continue being effective for his masters by fooling a segment of the public into thinking he has a 'humanitarian' side after all.

    It's a psyche-out. It's just part of the overall continuation of psychological warfare against the public.

    I'd almost completely given up listening to CBC when Anna-marie Tremonte (this week) mentioned (in passing) Seymour Hersh's Redirection article of 2007 proving how the U.S. pays and funds terrorists to first undermine various nations to create violence and chaos, before asking for NATO or UN intervention to 'save' that nation.