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Dec. 17: Damn me for a fool....

....yesterday, as I commented on the news of Canada Post laying off almost everybody, I didn't have the wit to do the simple, ten minute check I should have done. Luckily, a reader sent me a post that sent me back to my computer to get some basic information.

It was a simple thing to do. But I didn't do it until that post from a reader. So I write this with some humility toward people at the Irving press. They were still shallow and uninformed in what they said. But so was I. Let's start with the  Conference Board of Canada.

This is a very influential "private and independent" board that conducts "impartial" studies and "research" to advise Canadians on economic matters. That's what it says. But that's what it isn't.

The board is certainly private. But there's nothing independent or impartial about it's research. It is really a propaganda house for the super-rich to they can get richer at our expense. It starts with a carefully chosen board of governors, all devoted to making big business even richer - and with the promise of goodies for themselves.

It's staffed with propagandists all tarted up with titles like "research fellow", and it turns out reports that are anything but impartial. In short, it is in a class with so-called "think-tanks" like Atlantic Institute of Market Studies and C.D.Howe Institute that are financed by billionaires to make themselves richer at our expense/

The CEO of Canada Post is Deepak Chopra. He is also on the board of Conference Board of Canada whose main objective is privatize everything, including Canada Post, so it can be used for private profit.

No man of integrity would have used his  work position at Canada Poast to close it down while at the same time sitting on the board of a. ideological, propaganda group whose official policy was to privatize as much of the mail service as it could.

Now, at least 8.000 workers will lose their jobs. That should do wonders to help us out of a recession. But don't worry about Mr. Chopra. The plan is that he gets to keep his job at something like a half-million a year. All the other high-paid executives,  including the 22 (TWENTY-TWO) presidents and vice-presidents will also keep their jobs. They will also continue the useless but multi-million dollar studies which have characterized them for some years. So Canada Post will continue to lose money, even as 8,000 unemployed look for work in a Canada that doesn't have any.

Meanwhhile, Canada Post will get on with the job of privatizing that will provide us with services that are more expensive, and which offer jobs at lower pay.

All of this incidentally, is part of the general cutback, fire people, lower wages strategy that made the dirty thirties so much dirtier, and which did nothing to end the depression.

But big business doesn't give a damn. Why should it? By creating unemployment and guaranteeing low wages, it is making its biggest profits in history.  And that, too,is a replay of the 1930s.

It was easy enough to check this. It took ten minutes on Google - which also turned up the story in National Post on Dec. 12. The National Post is not one of my favourite newspapers. But there can be no doubt of the truth in this story.

I don't expect a hell of a lot from the editors of the Irving Press. But don't they have even one who  glances over the big stories across Canada?

There's a web site that deals with this and similar issues. You might want to check it at

We are re-living the thirties when the very rich took advantage of the depression to lower wages, to toss people into the scrap heap, to cause enormous suffering ( the business-owned Congress of the US, just cut back on food stamps for 50 million people. What the hell. The rich don't need food stamps.)

We are living through a systematic pauperization of Canada,  made possible by the Deepak Chopas of the world. If you think that's a good idea, then just keep on voting for the Liberals and the Conservatives. Just keep pretending that Mr. Gallant isn't a walking disaster in a class with Alward.

Some 50 presidents, deans, and other leaders of Catholic universities in the US have condemned Catholic University of America for accepting a million dollars from a foundation controlled by Koch brothers, a pair who use some of their many billions to run a foundation (think-tank) that is anti-tax, anti union, anti-regulation of big business, and denies climate change.

And, for their money, the Koch bros. expect the university to hire three visiting "scholars-practitioners from the business world" to teach courses in free enterprise. In other words, they want three people in there teaching their propaganda as if it were scholarly and  recognized.

The Koch brothers also use their money to control faculty hiring at many universities - you know, to get the "right" sort of people.

In other words, the Koch brothers are putting propagandists into the schools - just as New Brunswick is staring to do with elementary and high schools.  Similar interferences happen in New Brusnwick universities.

It's nice to see Catholic universities in the US having the guts and integrity to blow the whistle on that sort of interference - and to say it is counter to morality.

Maybe the churches of New Brunswick will speak up next. (Some bloody hope!) Or maybe university presidents here will start to turn down such offers.........Nah.

It hasn't  appeared (and won't) that there is some evidence that Saudi Arabians, our good friends, at the highest government levels were closely involved in 9/11. Those involved include senior diplomats acting under official orders. This one sounds possible. Most of those captured as a result of 9/11 were Saudis. That's why the US murdered over half a million Iraqis and Afghanis.
The TandT has the usual headlines that you NEED to know. "Gun death of dog breaks hearts"

Then there's one headline that looks silly, but makes sense. "NORAD criticized for Santa tracking". Apparently, in its show of Santa flying south, it has him escorted by fighter jets. NORAD doesn't see the problem. Do you?

No? Okay, then. Watch for my display of Jesus in the manger guarded by a squad of special ops killers (who wipe out the three wise men because they look suspicious.)

As usual, NewsToday has mostly no news. Industry minister James Moore apologizes for saying it isn't his job to feed hungry children. Conservatives will see this as making everything okay. It doesn't. Any man who would make a statement like that - even in a fit of impatience - has shown a side of his character.

He also was misleading when he said child poverty is down under his government. In fact, it's up.

Justice minister MacKay surprised no-one  with his support of a proposal to impose a fine on convicted criminals to be used as compensation for their victims. It will, said MacKay, remind them that society rejects criminal behaviour.

Actually, I think most criminals already know that. This is a move that will have no effect whatever on the crime rate, and will do nothing to rehabilitate anybody. This is just one more piece of the government's "get tough on crime" to achieve nothing except to appeal to the moron vote.

The only useful column to read is David Suzuki's.

Oh, check Alan Cochrane's Views. Send him a note to use google to get some information before he writes a column.

I mean, I can't tell him. I made the same mistake.


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  1. Thanks for the sumofus.org link. Didn't know about it.

    Lots of concurrent articles there with one common theme anyone with a brain has come to realize: transnational corps are totally in bed with bought-and-paid-for sold-out governments around the globe. That's why NAFTA was so bad for Canada.

    And it's why the secretive nature of the TTP and Euro/Canada trade deals will likely finish off democracy as we know it.