Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dec. 10 Is Alward a liar?

The banner headline on p. 1 reads "Alward pleased SWN 'persevered' through protests". Yes, those are the words from the lips of the man who represents all the people of New Brunswick. And just imagine the ordeal those executives had to survive, standing out there in the rain and the cold with nothing but their briefcases to hold off raging native grandmothers defiantly kneeling on the road and holding up feathers.

Generally, it reads like an embarassing kiss-up speech - but that would have gone over big with his audience  (Greater Moncton Chamber of Commerce). However, there was something Alward forgot to mention)

In April of 1910, Alward and the Conservative party opposed shale gas. The Liberals were for it, but Alward said it was poisonous for the water table, and added that HE KNEW of many cases in which water supplies that had been ruined by fracking in the US.

Oh? So how comes  he doesn't know it any more? And why didn't the TandT mention this in its story? After all, it wasn't hard to find out. The CBC ran the story yesterday. (You'll notice that the CBC often has stories days ahead of the Irving press, and more often  has stories that the Irving press never mentions at all. Ever notice that, Norbert?)

Yesterday's CBC also had the story yesterday ( in plenty of time for Irving press) that the US spy agency, NSA, is joined at the hip to our Connections Security Establishment of Canada, even with interlaced work forces, and with Canada doing spying for the US in 20 countries - just like a puppy trained to bring in the newspaper.

And, since the NSA spies on Americans with no warrant, checking even what books they read and who their friends are, it's a safe bet CSEC is doing the same to us. The police state is here. But not in today's Irving press.

Also from CBC but not from Irving press, CBC has launched an aboriginal website and TV programming. Check it in google as " CBC aboriginal website". How's that Norbert? As an editor who constantly introduced new and challenging ideas through Irving press, does this impress your sense of innovation and creativity?

CBC also had a report yesterday of widespread rigging of the stock market so that, unless  you are an insider, you are likely to be a loser. Prices are rigged to funnel even more of the wealth of ordinary people into the pockets of the very rich. Check to see if it's on the TandT Business Page. (It isn't).

But the TandT, if it missed most of the news, does have a fascinating story of yet another person with too much money who decorates her house beyond our wildest imaginings for Christmas. I counted ten Christmas trees, lavishly decorated. Those were just some of the ones in the house - and it was so big even ten looked lost.

But, with the true spirit of Christmas she has a collection box for people who come to see it all. Last year, she collected $1,500 for the poor. Wow!

Of course, she could have given far more to the poor by not buying all those decorations in the first place.

By the way, take a close look at the photos (p. A3). See if you can find anything that might have any possible connection with the birth of a baby in a manger.

Can we have a break from these stories of rich people helping the poor?

NewsToday the usual story of Canadian leaders and how much they loved and respected Mandella. There's no mention of how they gave White South Africans the information they needed to imprison him, no mention that we listed him as a terrorist until 2008, no mention we condemned him for his friendship with Castro, no mention of the Canadian who designed super-longe range artillery to kill people like Mandella who wanted to end apartheid. (I remember being in that man's office at McGill U shortly after his was killed - the same office where is designed thaose long-range guns.. But McGill doesn't brag about him much.)

There's also a story on violence in Central African Republic where French troops are serving as "peacekeepers". It doesn't mention that France once ruled that area, and the reason it's back now is not to keep peace, but to finish ripping off the country's natural resources.

Amazing how these sects and and other groups lived in peace in Africa for centuries -  until the West interfered.
There are a few kind of important stories that are missing.

1. The US and Afghanistan are working toward a peace deal which would keep US troops in Afghanistan for years to come, working with Karzai as a puppet leader, and paying him off by leaving him in control of Afghanistan's trade in heroin and morphine. (Afghanistan's trade in these commodities (with US protectin) is now the largest in the world.

2. Meanwhile, the US is busy working with Israel on a "peace" deal which would see Palestine lose even more land as 40,000 Palesinians would be "relocated", their homes torn down, and the land given to Israeli settlers.


The US has to make nice to Israel to make up for its refusal (so far) to destroy Iran.

3. The bush people of the Kalahari  Desert in southern Africa will be getting visitors coming fracking. That, of course, will demand huge quantities of water in a land that has almost none as it is. The home of the bush people will cease to exist.

They haven't been asked to agree. In fact, they haven't even been told it's going to happen. Hey!
That's Alward's kind of place.

The editorial is ignorant, trivial and silly. I know it always is. But  this is more so. The writer wants to make protestors pay for the cost of the shale gas protests. If I were him (no. I'm not being sexist. No woman would write an editorial so ignorant),  I'd worry about a court taking a close look at how much Alward and the Irving press are responsible for the protest by their years of lying, misleading, misrespresenting.....)

Norbert writes yet another column about the province spending too much money - without once mentioning how much of that spending goes to big business in the form of "deals", low, low taxes, and favours.

It's okay Norbert. They know you're on their side. Give your pucker a rest.

Alec Bruce is excellent.

Alan Cochrane has nothing to say, but still disfigures half a page. He'll go far with the Irving Press.

Louise Gilbert has a very useful column on what seniors can do help others at Christmas.

The is a letter to the editor that Canada was founded on Christian beliefs. I didn't know that. I taught Canadian history all my life, and I didn't know that.

I thought Canada was founded by native peoples. We didn't discover it or any part of it. Native peoples showed us around because they already knew where everything was. They also taught us how to move around with the three essentials of travel in Canada in those days - the birchbark canoe, snowshoes, and the toboggan.

And  the Europeans who came were really not all that Christian. Settlers in New France were short of priests - and they liked it that way. They didn't become hyper-religious until after the British conquest.

And if you take  the starting date as 1867, things were even worse. John A. Macdonald was a drunk with the most flexible moral standards you ever saw.  He was hand in glove with big business - and did very well out of it.

And he quite happily and deliberately starved thousands of plains Indians to death so he could hasten the European settling of the West..

Then there was the Amherst boy, Sir Charles Tupper, who was as crooked as a slinky toy on a curving staircase, and made himself a very, very rich man for his retirement (no, not in Amherst. in England). Nor was he interested only in money. No, no. He had  much broader thoughts.  That's why his nickname was "the Cumberland Ram".

Christianity has had perhaps its greatest impact in Canadian politics. ( No, I don't mean in the Liberals or Conservativess.)  It was a Christian movement of a century ago, the social gospel, that gave rise to the CCF (now the NDP).

It's not a coincidence that Tommy Douglas, leader of the CCF, was a Baptist clergyman and the founder of medicare.



  1. I *think* that once you get yourself elected to ANYTHING in this province it either:

    1) seems that the "truth" becomes something fluid, rather than absolute.

    2) You develop a kind of sickness, easily confused with PTSD, or the effects of smoking crack cocaine over a long period of time (move over Rob Ford).

    (*I should apologize both to those suffering from PTSD and those addicted to crack cocaine*)

    Mr Alward seems to present a *special* case where his is not a situation where it is "either", but is "both".

  2. Interestingly, our carrier attached his annual card to the newspaper. I think these are provided by the T&T. What's interesting is that after all these outraged articles about the word 'Christmas' being removed from here and there, the T&T cards are completely free of any reference to Christmas, wishing us only a happy holiday.