Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dec. 1: It gets worse...

A search of google using "executives psychopathic " will turn out lots and lots of fascinating results.  The percentage of psychopaths in executive offices is ten times the ratio that it is for the general population.

And these studies do not come from the pages of scandal mags. Though some are written in popular form, all are based on many years of serious study by scholars.

What are the characteristics of a psychopath?  He or she is characterized by glibness, manipulation, callousness, lack of emotion, irresponsibility, impulsiveness, and aggression. (Why do I see a picture of Stephen Harper in my mind?)

These are the people the Norbert Cunningham's of this world think are ideally suited to govern a society. Glib, manipulative, callous, emotionless, irresponsible, impulsive, and aggressive. These are the people who feel they are ideally equipped to give orders to the politicians we elect, to control our major source of news, to interfere with health care - and now to introduce a compulsory school programme on entrepreneurship. (Bet they won't mention anything about psychopathy in it.)

There are the people who say their word is to be trusted when they assure us that shale gas is perfectly safe. These are the people who are responsible for centuries of slaughter, torture, impoverishment in colonies all over the world.

And they're still at it in Haiti, in Guatemala, in Congo, in Central African Republic. These are the ones who murdered millions, mostly civilians, in Vietnam, Guatemala, Iraq just in recent years. These are the ones who hold Haiti in a state of filth, disease, poverty and starvation.  And they will just as happily do it with us.

Now,  through their influence in government, they have armies of spies listening in on our phone calls, digging out our hospital records----and that information goes not just to government and police, but also to the psychopaths.

Well, that's what happens in world run by manipulative, callous, emotionless, irresponsible and aggressive people. (They make great executives for t he company, though.)

In all of this they are very similar to the dukes and earls and counts of another age and, in that similarity, they are self-destructive. One of the first victims of this self destructiveness is the United States.

The American debt, all of it borrowed from other countries to feed the stunning corruption of the Defence and foreign aid businesses is so great it can never be paid. Indeed, the American dollar will very soon collapse, creating a level of poverty the US has never seen before.

And even as it collapses the psychopaths borrow more to spend more on other psychopaths, and cut basic supplies like food to the growing numbers of poor.

That's why we're going to see growing number of "paramilitaries" in camouflage with military rifles. They're to keep us in line.

It's not that all the money in the US and Canada (and Europe) has disappeared. Goodness, no. It still exists. But it's tucked safely away, sometimes in foreign currencies, just to be sure. Over half the wealth of our country has gone from us to them.

It's even worse in the US where average pay increases for the rich now amount to over 30% a year for the very rich, but less than 1% for the poor.

Callousness, lack of emotion, irresponsibility....... And, like that same sense of entitlement of the old, European aristocracy, it destroys itself - and us with it.

Of course, not all big execs are psychos. Some are crashingly stupid. That can be particularly  true of the sons of the very rich.

Perhaps the best example is a young man born to a very, very rich daddy whose family had made its fortune largely out of selected government jobs, and really, really good political connections.

The young man was not a successful student. Through privately educated at great expense, he did poorly in university, so poorly his grades were far too low for him to get into the MBA programme at an elite school.

But, with Daddy's help, he got in, anyway. And, amazingly, he actually got a degree. That was particularly amazing since he had spent most of his school years on alcohol and drugs.

Then a war and a draught came. But it was all fixed. Daddy got him a spot in the National Guard so he was in no danger of being sent overseas. He walked out on the National Guard when it interfered excessively with his booze and drugs. But nothing happened.

By then, he was thirty, and Daddy thought it was time for his first job - president of an oil exploration company in Texas, funded by some of Daddy's very rich friends. But it went broke.

He was able, illegally, to sell his stocks before word got out he was broke. But Daddy covered for that, too.

Then, a company offered him a top job. And he would not have to do anything at all. The company was building a hugely expensive stadium, and had to demolish a large, residential area to do it. It also had to raise gifts from the government in order to pay for the job. The young man, with his daddy's connections, was perfect. So he did nothing in an office for several years while collecting millions of dollars in pay. Then several things happened.

He found Jesus, gave up drugs and booze and so became a better man, though in no sense a more intelligent one. And he decided to run for governor.

Now, here was a man proven to have no brains, no significant success at anything. What on earth made him think he could run for governor?

Well, he was rich. Like the aristocracy of old, he didn't need brains or ability. He was entitled.

So he became a governor, receiving, while in office, millions of dollars as gifts from psychopaths he had helped.

Then he became President of the United States. Of course, a man with brains, Dick Cheney, who was Vice-President made all the decisions. He had to; George Bush Jr. was far the most stupid man ever to occupy the White House.

But like the idiot sons of kings and Lords, he was entitled. It still happens.

There's a pattern here that runs back to the Olympics and even before. It's a very human thing. Some people are born into positions in which they believe they are superior to others, who set themselves above the common herd, and who assume power over life and death.

They often half psychopathic traits which make them effective thugs either as warrior lords or as business executives. They are effective rulers - but only inasmuch as immediately benefits them. In the longer run, they are short-sighted and destructive of themselves and others.

They also hold democracy in contempt. The nerve of those common people thinking they have equal rights with their masters....

Now, with all that in mind, look around at the governments and the business leaders of New Brunswick.

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  1. Sadly and happily, you've hit the nail precisely on the head, Professor Decarie.

    The first step in the changing is the understanding.