Saturday, November 23, 2013

Nov.24: I was more than a step slow on Saturday.

It occured to me a couple of hours after I did my blog. I had gone back to bed,  hoping (unsucessfully) to fall asleep, when I suddenly realized I had missed the full importance of a story in yesterday's paper. I saw it. I mentioned it in my blog. But the importance of it had not hit me.

Premier Alward announced that a French school board will introduce a programme running from kindergarten to high school graduation to train children to be entrepreneurs He followed that with three columns of half-wit gush that were obviously not written by him. (He really needs a new writer.)

The project will be administered by a volunteer organization of which we are told nothing. But it's a safe bet it's an organization of businessmen.

What the hell is such an organization doing interfering in the education system?

It willl train the children, says our premier, to be doers and leaders. Really? Are entrepreneurs the only doers and leaders in our society?

It will develop a sense of responsibility  (Oh? like the bank enterpreneurs who destroyed the US economy by their criminal and selfish behaviour? Like whoever sent that train through Lac Megantic?).

The developmental of enterpreneurial spirit will strengthen school, family and community partnerships. What? People who aren't entrepreneurial. hurt school, family and community partnerships? You mean well over 90% of the people of New Brunswick have lousy families, and are no use to the ommunity?

This is all pure ignorance and blather. Indeed, I doubt very much whether Mr. Alward even  knows what the word "enterpreneur" means. Check the Oxford or any other dictionary, Mr. Premier.

It means a person who finances and operates a business himself, USUALLY WITH A HIGH DEGREE OF RISK.

That's not the future, Mr. Alward. That's the past. Big business of today has pretty much crunched the market for entrepreneurs as even mom and pop shops are now usually owned by large corporations.

Nor does big business of today operate USUALLY WITH A HIGH DEGREE OF RISK. They have government flunkies. They have laws that protect them and expose the rest of us.The rip off what we pay in taxes. And, except at speeches at their expensive dinners, they don't give a damn about community.

Oh, yeah. And they also own most of our news media to keep us in the dark and to tell us lies.

No. The big ones who used to be enterpreneurs don't operate with a high degree of risk any more. And with their massive chains of coffee shops, hardware stores. supermarkets, they don't leave much room for real entrepreneurs. The proportion of entrepreneurs in our society has been dropping for well over a hundred years, and the demand can only go down more.

Whether you or Mr. Irving like it, the future in jobs, in what our society needs, is teachers, civil servants,social workers, journalists (but honest ones), machinists, voters educated enough to see through the sleazy schemes like this one that are imposed on us..

I know big business people like to think that they are the leaders this world needs. Alas! Most of their leadership, as in t his case, is disastrous, based purely on greed and self-love without the slightest thought for anyone else. In fact, all over the world, you will find good leadership by entrepreneurs is extremely rare. If you check a list of the world's poorest countries, like Haiti and Congo and Guatemala, you will find most of them controlled by people who call themselves entrepreneurs. Some have been under that control for a hundred years and more - and they just get poorer, more abused, and more miserable.

So what is this programme really all about? And who is behind it? Well, the school boards are - and that's a clue. I've noticed the school boards contain a high proportion of our intellectually challenged, and are reliable flunkies for big business.

And this scheme has remarkable similarities to others that have been promoted by the Ivings to move in  and control the schools, and to use them for propaganda training.

Think of it. The world has no crying need right now for entrepreneurs - and that is unlikely to change. It does have a need for good civil servants, good manual workers, good teachers....many other areas.

Why train them to be something the world is not short of? And why all of them? And why tart it all up with those wonderful but silly things  Alward says about improving the family, community, etc.?

Because this is not about jobs. It's not about jobs at all. This is about propagandizing a generation to believe that big business is good, civil service is bad, government is bad. This is a heavily political project to train a whole generation and more of Norbert Cunninghams.

And it's disgusting to impose this on our children. Children go to school to learn, not to be propagandized. I've been over fifty years in teaching and youth work. And this one is pure slime.

Oh, yes. The startup will cost a half million. Mr. Alward didn't say whose  half million.


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhh Mr Decarie....... are you entirely sure that when Mr Alward coined the word "entrepreneur" he was not confusing it with the word "entertainer"? I personally *think* we could do with a few more "entertainers" around here, maybe even a court jester (or two), to take the pressure off Mr Alward. Surely Mr Alward realizes there is only room in NB for one "entrepreneur", and with that position being filled, any/all entrepreneur training will be for naught?

  2. Mr, Decarie, your writing, so fearless and entertaining, makes my day. Please look after yourself as a lot of us cannot spent a day without your 'fix'.