Saturday, November 9, 2013

Nov. 9:Wow! "N.B. has safe fracking history: group..."

Not only that. N.B. has had only SOME contamination of water supplies as a result of fracking. Well, if it's only SOME, then there's no point worrying about it. In fact, we should also ease up on chasing drunk drivers, because only SOME people get killed by them.

But can you trust the group that says all this? You bet you can. They are all impartial because they are all employed in the shale gas business. So they know what they're talking about.

This crap that would insult the intelligence of a mongoose is the lead headline in today's TandT. It was written by Dale Hobson. Dale, get out of NB as fast as your little feet can carry you. If you don't, you'll end up one of them - and you're better than that.

As I read that story, it reinforced something I have come to realize over the past day or so. What is going on in New Brunswick is  very dirty, indeed, far dirtier and more criminal than I had realized. And I think the choice of Rexton for a show of government violence was not a coincidence. Indeed, that was one of the dirtiest parts of the whole game.

No, t don't think Alward is guilty of the planning. I don't think he has the brains. This is being planned by the sort of people who know no limits to viciousness and greed, the kind of criminals who live in mansions rather than jails.  And I think it has the potential to become much, much uglier as those people make their pitch to the uglier side of our whole society.

But I want to think just a little more about it - and then try to write about it - probably in tomorrow's blog.

There's over a page on the expenses of senators from N.B. What's interesting is that for 2011, their expenses were roughly on a par with Duffy, and even with Wallin. I was also intrigued by the responsibilities of John Wallace - Energy, the Environement and natural   resources. Gee, there's a bit of confluct interest in there - the same person passing judgement on rules to protect the environment and rules to benefit resource industries? Oh, and he's also the man who who specializes in procedures and the rights of parliament. Ii wonder what he had to say about the legality of suspending senators by vote of the Senate?
NewsToday has no significant news. Some construction giant is being inducted to some provincial hall of fame. I can't keep track of all the halls of fame and  Orders and awards of this province.

The paper still hasn't noticed that Saudi Arabia claims to have nuclear weapons,and says it plans to use them. Nor has it noticed that it and Israel have delivered the worst public insult ever to an American president - because he doesn't want to fight their wars for them.

And The Senate? It's obvious that the editors still haven't figured what that's all about.

Good column by Bill Beliveau. But it's still one hell of a sad-looking rose on a page dominated by the stinkweed of the editorial and Norbert Cuthbertson. Days and days about bus stops and garbage disposal leave us little space for matters like the dumping of toxic chemicals, tha vast transmission of wealth from the poor to the rich, the idiocy (to put it kindly) of pushing for an events centre which will almost certainly never pay for itself or attract retail stores - and to do it as the world faces very, very uncertain economic times.

Brent Mazerolle, as  usual, has a column guaranteed not to offend anybody who counts. And even Gwynne Dyer has rather a lightweight peace - given what is happening in the world.

Letter to the editor has a couple of cute ones. One letter calls the Liberals "Grits". I thought that went out of style a century ago. Cute, though. The word 'grits' suggsts that Liberals are diffferent from Conservatives "Tories", in a sort of good vs. evil tug-of-war. How nice to live in a dream-world.

Another letter says that Norbert Cunningham has the most varied and well thought out column in the paper. Well, if anyone wants to be the best columnist in a newspaper, the TandT is certainly the one to try it in - though the contestant would have to use some hired muscle to first
get rid of Alec Bruce and some of the part-time columnists.

However, I can see an award coming up. The Moncton Order for most varied and well thought-out column in a "flaming Grit scandal-rag."

Sorry. This edition is so empty and incompetent, there is really nothing to say about it.

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