Friday, November 8, 2013

Nov. 8: A huge blunder, even by the standards of the Irving press...

Saudi Arabia has announced it has nuclear weapons to be delivered from Pakistan, and intends to use them soon on Iran. Some observers are doubtful - but not many. And it is quite certain that the Saudis have launching ramps for those weapons aimed at two countries - Iran and Israel.  Israel, too, has threatened a nuclear attack on Iran. The ultra-Moslem Saudi Arabia and the Jewish Israel are buddies, but only so long as both as killing Syrians and Iraqis. Then, they are ready to turn on each other.

The eidtors at the TandT yawned. They already had a big story for p. 1. It's a piece of propaganda for the events centre.

So it's no big deal? It'll soon blow over. Well, consider this.

The kings of Sauri Arabia, the most absolute and the richest dictators in the world, were created by Britain and the US out of a family of desert bandits. Saudi Arabia owes is existence and its wealth to the US, in particular. It has been a puppet state of the US for over sixty years.

Israel could not exist without the US. The US supplies it with billions in aid every year, and supplies virtually all the weapons that make its military so powerful.

Pakistan, though nuclear armed, is a poor country, so poor it could not survive without massive handouts from the US. However, the US has for some time been humiliating Pakistan with constrant drone raids that have killed up to a thousand innocent people. It also killed the taliban leader in Pakistan just as Pakistan was close to coming to a peace with the Taliban. (The US doesn't want a peace. That's why they killed him.)

Even if all three countries are bluffing about their intentions (and I really don't think they are bluffing), what they have done is to give the US president a deliberate and public humiliation such as no US president has ever before received.

Obama has been trying hard for peaceful settlements with Iran and Syria. (They would be unfair since  both would try to set up puppet governments in those countries. But at least the killing would stop.) It was just days ago that Obama sent John Kerry to Israel and Saudi Arabia to convince their leaders to support the US.

This is a deliberate and public f**k you to Obama.

Even at that, editors at the Irving press won't understand this is staggering news - even more staggering than their half-wit story that an events centre would draw retail trade to Main St. (There is not the slightest possibility it would).

This humiliation of Obama is the clearest possible sign of the stunning decline of respect and American power in the world. This, I'm afraid, is a moment to remember. And it won't do anybody any good.

The New American Century which began with George Bush has ended after a a dozen years of disastrous wars, massive slaughter, wild spending, and profound corruption, and with a world-wide contempt for American leadership.

Great timing to build an events centre.

Their story on the Senate still babbles irrelevance. Will they get their pensions? Who cares? The senators are not the issue.

The issue is that the prime minister broke constitutional law when he appointed them in the first place. Constitutional law is clear. A senator must have his main residence in the province he or she represents. Wallin did not have a main residence in Saskatchewan. Duffy did not have one in PEI.

The prime minister knew it. He broke the law. If he were a man of honour, he would offer his resignation. If, as all the evidence suggests, he is not a man of honour, he should be facing a court.

Instead, he has begun his campaign for the moron vote. I received my pamphlet in the mail, yesterday. It came with the usual picture of George Goguen, smirking in both official languages.
It makes the claim that the government has done wonderful things for our veterans, carefully avoiding any mention of the massive cuts it has also inflicted on them.

The reader is asked to check off which party is best for veterans - a little difficult for most people to do because a) Harper has lied about what he has done and b) he doesn't tell what the platforms of the other parties are. Under these circumstances, only a moron would check off one of the boxes, and mail it back to Ottawa.

However, if you have the qualifications they seek, it could be worth your while to put a check in the Conservative box. Think it over. Do you have trouble keepiing up with the intellectual pace of conversation with a pigeon? You could be what Harper is looking for in a candidate. After all, Mr. Goguen, despite being in an intellectual class with pigeons, really doesn't photograph as well as most of them.

Norbert may have set a record in today's column, writing on four (count them, 4) subjects of which he is ignorant.

The editorial is trivial. Alec Bruce is entertaining, though on a topic that is  understandably sad for him. Cole Hobson's column is well written, but he really has to get out and go to a real newspaper to develop his talent. The Irving press is for losers and sycophants. It likes them that way.

Suzuki, as always,is excellent. But, then, he doesn't work for Irving.
In the whole paper, there is only one, real news story. It's on C1, "more spy oversight urged". We are following the US in becoming a police state. There seems to be no control whatever on our spy agencies. They are spying on friendly nations. They are spying on businesses in  foreign countries to get information to make our billionaires even richer. They are spying on us. And their is no control.

Harper likes it that way.


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