Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nov. 6: Keeping New Brunswick in a stupor...

The national story today that cried for an op ed opinion was ignored. We got an op ed piece that it's a good thing we have emergency services preparing for any railway accident in the city. That gem of wisdom comes from Eric Lewis.  Mr. Lewis,  I think most of us figured that out for ourselves when we read the news story on it.

And Brian Cormier....well,  he's Brian Cormier.

Meanwhile, in real news -

The Senate has accused three members of criminal behaviour, and   assigned a punishment of suspension without pay. This is not a minor matter. It is one hell of a precedent for the political future of this country. Unlike any other institution outside the judicial system, the Senate has given itself the right to declare behaviour illegal and to punish the accused without trial. We're getting more like the US every day.

No commentator thought this worthy of mention. In fact, the only commentary is an excellent letter to the editor by Donald Goodspeed of Bathurst.  It's just too bad the editor can't read.

No,  I'm not defending the behaviour of the three senators. And I can assure you those three are not the only ones worth looking at. But a basic prinicple of a free country is that one cannot be convicted and punished without a trial. So what aren't we seeing one?

We're not - because the central figure responsible for all this is Stephen Harper. He is the man who appointed t hose three and, quite correctly, he is the one now looking bad and with a re-election in trouble. Best to appear to take action (with all the blame on the senators).  But to do that in a court of law  would almost certainly bring out further evidence about Harper's complicity. Thus the Senate suspension. But, oh, there are dangers.

Senators do not appoint themselves. So where to they get the right to fire each other? The dangers of that in a roomful of political enemies should be obvious. Even worse, the precedent could logically extend to the House of Commons, the ones WE elect, as the governing party suspends opponents to make sure its legislation goes through with little opposition.

That nice nice Mr. Harper wouldn't do such a thing? Oh, yes he would. - there is no prime minister in Canadian history who has ever shown such an utter contempt for democractic practice.

This is a matter for the police, not the Senate. To act as the Senate has is a major break in our democratic tradition. And you can bet that the Conservative senators did not act without orders from Harper.

Boy. Good thing we have an MP like Goguen to stand up for the rights of the people.
Even when he's (mostly) right Norbert cannot help insinuating and sneering with his choice of words. In just one sentence, native opponents to shale gas are "radical" (Norbert - you don't know what tradical means, do you?); They are agitators (actually most of othe agitating here has been done by a lying and manipulating government supported by a lying and maniputlating press); and they're just "grandstanding". (The word grandstanding, by the way, would mean that they're not serious. Really, Norbert, you should get a good dictionary.)

By contrast, p. A7 has a quite professional report by Shawn Berry on the shale gas protest at the legislature yesterday.

Most notably, this newspaper has not yet had a word about the most serious and immediate crisis facing the whole world - the rapid collapse of the US, and the bungling that has taken it there.

It begins with American governments that have been bought and paid for for years by big business. It's right out in the open. Representatives of big business are a major part of the scenery in Washington. They are there to get legislation their bosses want - and they pay well for it. I don't even know of anybody who denies that. The result is that politicians and influential people in Washington become very, very wealthy.

It's become even more open in the last fifteen years as big business has taken over complete control of American government. That's was obvious when Dick Cheney, a very high profile oil executive, became VP under George Bush. (and both George and his daddy became ultra wealthy out of politics.)

Big business took open, direct, obvious and total control of American economic and foreign policy. (This is Norbert's idea of heaven.) American democracy is dead - much deader than it was under King George IV.

And American economy and foreign affairs are a disaster. Of course they are. Big business is hopelessly incompetent to run any country. It is way too short-sighted, and way too much focussed on its own greed.

In just over a dozen years, it has made the United States the most hated country in the world. It has utterly destroyed any confidence in the US as a world leader or partner. Even it's steadiest supporters like Britain, France and Germany are backing off.

Its power and influence are so reduced, it now goes meekly and apologetically even to small nations which depend on it for their very existence - as Israel and Saudi Arabia. (Now there's a mixed bag of friends).

It is distrusted for its massive spying programme, much of which has nothing to do with terrorists, but with spying out secrets to benefit American (and Canadian) big busines.

Everybody in politics knows that the US is  financially a disaster, that it is not going to recover, and that it's debt is so huge it can never be paid. They know that within a very short time the American dollar will collapse. That's why dozens of countries that once scampered to please the US now give it the finger.

It has not sunk in to us - though it has certainlysink in to many Americans. The American empire that began with the conquest of native lands is collapsing, and collapsing fast. It now faces nations like China, Russia, Brazil, India, South Africa that are eclipsing its economic power. Even Australia and Japan, both heavily dependent on the US to now, are shirting their focus to China, and have abandoned their use of the US dollar for much of their trade.

While Norbert babbles about the brilliance of big business, it has destroyed American power and prosperity - forever, and destroyed it by its own greed and incompetence. Democracy works better, Norbert, it really does.

Now, as  Africa and the middle east seem near to explosion, American big business has to face a huge decision. The longer it waits, the more it loses to the rising powers, especially.China. So -

when does it decide that a war to save the power of the rich is now or never. When does it decide it has to use its nuclear arseanl - now or never.

Is big business arrogant enough and dumb enough to do that? It has certainly shown it has the makings.


  1. Just curious Graeme, if you've written any articles on the TPP. I read your work whenever I can and always appreciate your common sense approach to any subject. I would like to hear your take on this Trojan horse.

    I am confident that the senators in question would have known, or at least suspected, that their claims were stretching the bounds of reason/acceptability, but I'm even more certain that they would have had permission to act as they did, tacit or otherwise. While they may be deserving of punishment, the absence of due process manner in which they are being treated is not a proper way to do things in this country, or darned well shouldn't be.

    And as you mention, Harper suspending opponents to make sure his legislation goes through with little opposition, if we had the least little bit of decent representation in Ottawa, Harper would have to suspend the House of Commons in order to have any hopes of passing that TPP poison, not to mention the shale gas American polluters, who will carelessly destroy our water tables and high tail it back to the States once they've decided they're done and leave us to deal and pay for the mess. The sad part is that Harper may only have to suspend Goguen.

    New Brunswickers should be grateful to the First Nations peoples for almost single-handedly fighting for our, and our children's futures.

    Norbert is a stooge for the moneyed interests. Have they offered him moving expenses to a future unpolluted part of the planet when he thinks that his children or grand-children are no longer safe in New Brunswick? Or does he think they'll automatically take care of him for having tried to help to discredit the "radicals" with his propaganda/hate-speech articles?

    And of course you are dead-on about the state of America. Garner Ted Armstrong tried predicting the Apocalypse for generations and never got it right. So learning from History, I will not pronounce that the economic collapse of this hijacked nation is immediately at hand, but I will dare opine that its great turmoil will visit upon us a lot sooner than the Great North American Ostrich is willing to entertain. There will be many wide-eyed ostrich looking on in horror saying "Where did all this come from?" while deep down remembering their efforts to look away when the Signs were within view of their consciousness.

    Wishing it to just go away and averting one's throughts to it is not working, it is in fact hastening the inevitable by giving the puppet-masters more free reign to execute their machinations.

    To answer your question, it is evident that They are indeed arrogant and dumb enough to do ANYTHING, their actions prove it. You forget, or hesitate to even consider the possibility that they might consider using biological or viral weapons to achieve their aims?

    I believe this to be a more likely scenario, the saving grace is that I believe it's possible that they are not sure that they are ready.

  2. Oh, I think the nuclear and biological weapons are more than a possibility. And soon.

    As to the Trans Pacific Partnership, I haven't written about it because I don't know that much about it. And I don't know that much about it because most of it has been negotiated in secret.

    However, what I have seen is that this is typical of such agreements ever since the creation of the World Bank about WW2.

    Typically, they give foreign companies the right to ignore the laws and regulations of any country they invest in. They can pollute it to their hearts content. That's true, if seems, of our Europe agreement, and I would expect that to be true of the TTP.

    Countries which attempt to stop them as the damage gets really severe and pwople are dying are subject to crushing legal penalties. the intent is simply to make piles of money for the already rich, while destroying government as a force of any importance so we have a world run entirely by big business and it's highly corrupted form of capitalism. (which is really not capitalism at all.)