Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I've lost over a day now with both computers acting strangely. They claim they're not connected to the web when I do a blog - but seem connected for all other purposes. As well,  I still have not had a call from the TandT - which pretty clearly suggests they will not be printing my letter on the business group that is muscling into our schools to do some brainwashing.

(On the good side, after getting by on four or five hours sleep a night for a month or more, I got a full eight hours last night, and another four this morning. But this will have to be a rushed blog because I have children to feed, drive, etc.)

Check today's headline for useless information. Consumer confidence  in Moncton is good. Does that mean the economy is good? No, It means nothing except how people feel. - and those kinds of results makes me wonder who they asked.  They certainly didn't ask the people mentioned at the bottom of the page "Christmas charities need help" Lots are going not only giftless but hungry.

The theme is picked up in Alan Cochrane's column on op ed :Annual food drives help define our sense of community"

Yeah. It says food drives show we're a community. Yep. Sort of, for one day a year.

Actually, we're better than that. After all, look at how nice we were to Mr. Robert Irving with several hundred thousand dollars so he won't have to worry about food costs for this year.. And to those nice people who want to take over the education and raising of our children. You want our children. Mr. Alward says, "no problem."

We are, in fact, a community that doesn't give much of a damn about the hungry and the homeless. After all, it's their own fault Right? Anyway, we need the money for essential things - like a new hockey rink.

Ask any of our clergy. They'll tell you . "we…well….we…you have to understand….we…uh…"

Oh, there is a little story about the arrest of protestors in Rexton. Amazing how they can report so long on that without mention the name - you know - Irving.

NewsToday is one, lousy page. The point, one assumes, is not to let New Brunswickers know they're part of a whole world full of people..

On the Iran peace settlement it says nothing, so we know nothing how Israel and Saudi Arabia are trying desperately to break it so we can all bomb Iran - possibly sparking a nuclear war. They have lots of help from Republicans in the US who seem eager for a war - no connection, I'm sure, with oil companies, and with their desire to dominate the world.

Those who want this war are isolated from virtually all the rest of the world. But they aren't isolated from Canada. Harper is, with Saudi Arabia and Israel, the only world leader in favour of a war.  Why?

Well, it really has nothing to do with Iran. It has to do with votes.

Harper depends on getting strong support from voting blocs - like the "Ford Nation". A key bloc is the Canadian zionist vote which he won over from the Liberals by promising complete agreement with Israel on whatever it does. (However, this is about winning votes. That's it. So he never commits himself to actually do anything for Israel.)

This is the usual game. He has said he expects the Iran deal to fail. Zionists like him to say that. (Iran's fault, of course. Actually, Israel has already threatened nuclear war against Iran - but Harper never mentions that.) But you can bet that if a war breaks out, Harper's only contribution will be to give donuts to the men other countries send to fight it.

Exciting news in the editorial. The writer admits there is such a thing as global warming and climate change. So he suggests we support tidal power - though he doesn't think it's practical. No profit motive.  Oh, well, if there's no profit motive, we might as well all just die in a global catastrophe.

Meanwhile, we should use shale gas. Lots of shale gas.

Oh, incidentally, don't hold your breath on tidal power or any other alternative. Harper has cut off virtually all research funding for alternative sources. Canada might end in ia climate catastrophe. But it will go down with a balanced budget.

Norbert says nothing about something of which his understanding is limited to being of the grouch type. He wants the internet controlled. There is something to be said for that - just as there is for regular news media. But Norbert hasn't figured it out.

And he has his usual disconnected quotation "It is the greatest truth of our age: Information is not knowledge."

Well, yeah. It's also true that you can't gain knowledge without information. So newspapers that don't give us information also deprive us of knowledge. Lie down, and think about it, Norbert__________
There's a letter to the editor "Preaching political climate correctness" that says there is no climate change, so David Suzuki doesn't know what he's talking about. The writer doesn't list his graduate degrees and papers,etc. But he does live in Fredericton. So he has to taken seriously.

There is also a hilarious letter,
"Profit motive will trump trust factor".  In short, don't worry about big business. If it does anything wrong, government will close it down. That's why nothing bad will ever happen.  Nyah, Nyah that'll show you, Mr. Irving, when premier Alward puts you in your place.……go to sleep my little baby……..

Oh, wasn't David Suzuki in town last night? Too bad the TandT has so many more important stories it just had to cover like…..well…..you know……like… there are going to be Santa Claus stories on TV this year.

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