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Nov. 19: Mayoor Leblanc cheers for openess and transparency - except....

....when he wants closedness and a soundproof wall.

I quite understand what he means when he says it's a competitive world out there. But it's supposed to be a democratic world in here. When we elect public officials, we expect to to be able to hold them accountable - and we cannot hold them accountable if we don't know what they've done. That is glaringly obvious in the case of payoffs to Robert Irving for being so kind as to own a hockey team here.

Then Leblanc says the deal was public knowledge from the start. Oh? Well, if it was public knowledge from the start, why does he now claim there was a leak? And, if it has been public knowledge for years, why is he calling on the RCMP to investigate it?

With money we've spent (that we know about) we seem to be losing a lot of money in trying to please a hockey owner when only a very small proportion of people care enough to go to the games.

Brent Mazerolle wrote the story. So it makes not attempt to be critical or to question anything the mayor says.  This isn't a news story; it's a PR press release.

Also on p. 1, "Dennis Oland released on bail"

So who cares? All he has done in life to justify all this coverage was to be born with the name Oland. (Of course, if he'd been born Irving, the story wouldn't have made the paper at all.)

And all the above is pretty much the TandT's Section A bowl of pabulum for today.

NewsToday, as every day, ignores most of the world. The only surprising news is "Canada's climate change record panned". Of some 58 industrialized nations examined, Canada ranked 55th in dealiing wiht greenhouse emissions. A report from the Centre for Global Development ranked Canada 27th for its record - 27th of the world's 27 wealthiest nations. Polling by the David Suzuki Foundation shows Canadian confidence in the government's approach to climate change has dropped from 59% to 53%.----?????????????

What? 53% still have confidence in the government that has destroyed virtually all environmental regulation, has throttled scientific research on the environment and climate change - and is signing treaties for foreign resources companies to come and take what they want doing all the damage they want - and has done nothing whatever, nothing, to meet its obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emmissions that cause climate change.

Are Canadians that dumb?

Well, I'm sure some are. I mean, if some weren't pretty dumb, Harper would never have become prime minister n the first place. But it's more than that.

Most of the press in North America has been super kind to the oil industry in ignoring the damage it is  doing, and the catastrophe it is causing. So how can people know these things when their news media don't tell them?

How many TandT stories have you read on the damaging effects of shale gas, of pipelines, environmental pollution.....? And are you still waiting for news of what killed 47 people in Lac Megantic?

I suppose, too, there are people who assume that western oil companies wouldn't do such terrible things to western peoples like us. No.

They happily murdered a half million people in Iraq, and are now destroying Libya and Syria with more to come. Their buddies in mining murdered a quarter million in Guatemala.

But those foreigners aren't, you know, us. They look different. And they're used to being killed. No. We can trust our oil and mining companies - and that nice Mr. Harper.

And if you have doubts, you can always trust the reports from Atlantic Insitute of Market Studies. That nice Mr. Irving keeps a close watch on it to make sure it always tells the truth.

Fifty-three percent of Canadians have faith in our government on matters of climate change and pollution and environmental destruction. Lord love a duck.
Alec Bruce's column does not have one of its great moments today. Essentially, it is a portrait of our premier as a sweetheart whose fault is he is too open in discussing matters, too democratic in encouraging citizen involvement.......

This is bullshit. He's consultative? That would mean h e listens to people. It doesn't mean he calls meetings in church halls to listen to his propagandists. It means he listens. He is prepared to change his policies if people give him convincing reasons. He makes sure the people are fully informed on issues.

Alward doesn't do any of that. His consultations are cheap shows. He hides the information we need. He ignores the only expert report on shale gas that we have. He pulls in a fraud to write a counter-report that the fraud isn't capable of reporting. (note, by the way, that the RCMP is being called in to investigate a leak at city hall. So where is the investigation of Prof. Lapierre? How much was he paid? By whom? Who was he connected with? But that investigation isn't going to happen, is it?)

Alec, if Alward is your sweetheart, you kiss him. Don't expect many others to pucker up.


Norbert's column, that we don't need politicians and government is just plain silly. Do you  understand the word democracy, Norbert? It refers to giving power to us people by making us the ones who choose who will govern us. Admittedly, it doesn't work well here in New Brunswick. But without government, the word democracy has no meanting whatever. Are you seriously presenting us with a column that says we should do away with democracy?

And can you name a single society in all the history of this world which has succeeded for any time at all without having a government?

And how can you forever belittle politicians while still ignoring the basic problem we face with them? Many of them, far too many of them, are owned and controlled on strings by big business - you know, those rich people you are always kissing up to.


In all of this edition, vapid even by the standards of Irving press, there is a good letter to the editor. "Turn Highfield Square into a park."

The reality is that the events centre is a scam, starting with the land sale. It's a scam that will never make money (except for those with whom the city council makes secret agreements). It will be an expensive curse for generations to come. This letter to the editor is a very well reasoned one.

It's always a problem that there is so much trivial crap to discuss in the Irving press that I can never get around to the real news. And when I do get to it, it has to be short.

What's going on witn the chaos in Moslem world?

1. You cannot push your ways and values on another society without creatiing instability and even chaos in that other society. Then we blame the other side for being chaotic.

The effect of our intrusion on the Moslem world has been to greatly heighten tensions between Islamic sects. Sometimes, often, it creates extreme governments and civil wars.

As western powers have extended around the world, they have encouraged that strife in a strategy called divide and conquer. Britain, for example, encouraged hatred between Hindus and Moslems by favouring the latter That's why we now have an India, and a separate Pakistan, both with nuclear arsenals.

The US, Britain, France now encourage hatred among Moslem sects. That's what the chaos in Libya, Egypt, Iraq, Syria and, maybe, Iran is all about. The last thing in the world that the US wants is democracy in those countries. It wants to control them. Destroying their governments and internal order is a good way to do that. And you do it by supplying some groups, sometimes both sides, with money and weapons - and often with killer squads.

A divided middle east and Africa will make it possible for the US to shift its attention to its big challenge - a China which will be outproducing the US in a half dozen years.

The damage caused by divide and conquer, and by interference in other societies,  can last centuries. We should know. The impact of us on native societies has been more devastating than we can imagine. The healing is going to take a long, long time. And the process of healing isn't being helped by a government which spreads ignorance and bigotry across this country in order to lay more pipelines and pump more greenhouse emissions into the atmosphere.

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