Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nov. 12: How the super-patriots do nothing...

Nobody and nothing could be more patriotic than the Irving press. So it's no suprise that the First Section and NewsToday are swamped with non-news about Nov. 11 Remembrance Day observations. Yessirree. Nobody will ever accuse the Irving press of not being patriotic.

And nobody will ever accuse it of telling the who truth.

There's a story about how we are going to find the money to pay for the funerals of impoverished veerans. So where is the explanation of why we, who admit to owing so much to our veterans and who are always willing to do anything that's cheap for them - like having Harper lay a wreath - where is the explanation of why we stopped paying for such funerals?

More to the point, how come we, who are so very grateful, have so many impoverished veterans? And where is the story about how we are now terminating (firing) soldiers just before they become eligible to get pensions for service-related handicaps?

It's no secret that both Canada and the US have been cutting service to veterans. Didn't anybody at Irving press know that? Or care?

No. They prefer to display their patriotism and their sense of obligation with page after page of pictures and solemn prose that are of no value to anybody - and don't cost much.

In fairness, they did have one. real news story in Section 1. It's on pg. 2.  But you'll have to look really, really hard to find it. Look down. Look way down. Further. It's a story that could plunge us into a whole, fresh series of wars; and create lots more people to remember every November 11.

The headline is "Iran talks fail".

And it's two sentences long. Count them. Two. It's a story that tells us nothing at all.

On the business page, thrill to the news that another person has has been added to yet another New Brunswick hall of fame, this one the Junior New Brusnwick Hall of Fame. I'm beginning to resent that I'm the odd man out in thise province. I'm in no hall of fame; nobody has ever sponsored a big breakfast for me; and I don't even have the Order of St. George St.

Below that is the news that our federal finance minister is going to balance the budget. Well, of course. It's not hard to balance the budget when you abandon all environmental protection,, fire the staffs that worked on it, cut off all funding for environmental research, cut off funding to develop renewable sources of energy, ignore obligations to reduce greenhouse gas emmission, and cut back on EI and on services in general.
The editorial writer lashes three members of Moncton city council for being out of step with the rest of the councillors in their opposition to an events centre.  Think hard, Mr. editorial writer. Read Section A of today's paper. Wasn't all that remembrance day celebration about thanking our veteran's for protecting our freedom? And doesn't freedom mean we are free to disagree with others?

Norbert (gawdhelpus) has read another book. This one tells us all about how the world is getting better. To bad Norbert didn't understand the book.

 Fact: says Norbert - the bith rate is not rising any more. Did it not occur to Norbert that much of that may be due to Mao's ruthless use of abortion in the world's biggest country, and the resulting severe shortage of women in that country?

Fact, says Norbert, The global population is evenly distributed - except for Asia. That's quite an exception Norbert, since Asia has over half of the world's population. In addition, the continents are quite different is size. And, anway, how does any distribution of population prove that we're making progress in anything? That's a statistic that means nothing.

Fact, says Norbert, life expectancy is up and education is up. Again, Norbert - China has a huge population, and has made huge strides in health and education. Did it occur to you this might have quite an impact on the world figures? Are you, like Justin Trudeau and Harper, a great admirer of the Chinese dictatorship?

As well, you are missing some "facts". Poverty has risen spectacularly in the West, especially in the US - and health down there hasn't been doing well, either. General education in the US is a mess.

In any case, all t hose 'facts" put together don't prove a damn thing about where we're going.

And, oh yeah, here's a fact you missed. The billionaires of this world have doubled their share of the wealth in just four years. And the majority of them now,by far, are Asian and South American. And that proves...?

Good columns by Alec Bruce and Louise Gilbert.

Now - I have some information that I waited, in vain, to see in the Irving Press. I refer here to the "paramilitaries" at Rexton. My news starts off sounding good. But it's not.

The paramilitaries are a branch of the RCMP. Well, at least they weren't regular military or hired "security people. That's the end of the good news.

Remember those camouflage outfits they wore?  Notice how well they stood out in them? But isn't camouflage supposed to hide people? So why were they wearing those absurd camouflage outfits?

Let's go back to the origins of the RCMP when it was North West Mounted Police. Actually, they weren't police in those days. They were an army modelled on a British army regiment. Their prime jobs in the west were to be an army that could force native peoples off their lands and onto reservations, and could defeat native tribes n battle.  As well, they guarded the border against the illegal liquor trade from the US.  So why weren't they called what they really were - a regiment of a Canadian army?

Because the US might have used a Canadian army in the West as an excuse for invasion. It was, at the time, aggressive to all its neighbours, and Canada, especially the West, was looked on by presidents are being American by divine wish. It was only gradually that the mounted police ceased to be an army to become a real, police force.

In todays US, with its widespread domistic spying, the enemy has become the American people, themselves. Not only are large numbers of soldiers based in the US to fight Americans if necesssary; but the police forces, too, are becoming militarized in their weapons and their methods so that they too can fight Americans. That's why some US police forces now have tanks and armoured cars. That's why American police are being given much, much more fire power. It's not for bank robbers. It's for ordinary Americans.

And who are these dangerous Americans? Well, any protester for any cause comes into that category. Then there's anybody who's an environmentalist, or belongs to free speech groups, or in favour of radical things like health care. The military influence is even showing up in the clothing worn by some police. In the land of the free, police now have the right to stop people walking or driving down the street, and to search them right there "on suspicion". No need for a warrant. No need for any repect for the suspect. In some cities, police are assigned just to carry out such searches.

And they wear camouflage outfits.

Can you imagine anything more ridiculous than a camouflage outfit on a city street?  I mean, you could have spotted those guys at Rexton even in a forest. Imagine how easy it would be to spot one at the corner of Church and Main? So why do they do they wear camouflage?

Conciously or unconsciously, it's to send a message. They aren't police. They're combat troops. And the enemy was a grandmother kneeling in the road and holding up a feather.

The US has gone far down that road. It has law, the law enacted by those who have power  (which may not mean the politicians.) the sort of order, the sort of order that benefits those who have power. There is law and order in the US. But it's law and order without freedom and justice. And freedom, so I read in today's paper, is what our veterans risked their lives for.

Canada, I'm afraid, has gone down that same path, and much further than anyone is prepared to admit. We now know we have at least three, major apy agencies watching us and keeping records. And all three work in close cooperation with those in the US.

We have law and order. But the price we're paying for it is freedom and justice.

That's what whose camouflage outfits mean. 



  1. I think the RCMP "paramilitaries" may be using New Brunswick as a training area, in preparation for future, exciting exercises in British Columbia.

  2. That may very well be. The majority of their armoured cars is in BC, where they have ten.

  3. Military troops have always been used to further the interests of the wealthy. WWII may have been an exception, whereby soldiers might have actually been on a righteous crusade, whereby the war was not fabricated for the purpose of securing more wealth or geo-political advantage for the Elites.

    Considering that all the other wars are just big money-making rackets for the wealthy, the very least they could do is bury the poor people they brainwashed into killing for them and into getting killed for same.

    What's even more infuriating is how they get these servicemen injured and then disavow themselves of these now spent soldiers. If you're going to get them shot and maimed, then you'd bloody well better take care of them in the aftermath. I'm certain that the vast majority of conscientious Canadians are more than willing to have their tax monies spent for this legitimate purpose.

    As for the paramilitaries, you've laid it all out very nicely, very thoroughly.


    And another great interview: