Monday, November 11, 2013

Nov. 11: Do we remember?

First, let's take a look at some, kind of important stories, that the Irving press didn't have room for.

It looks as though the peace talks with Iran are wrecked. It looked as though it was a done deal, avoiding a war with Iran which could be a very dangerous war, indeed, with the risk of embroiling the whole world. It's also a quite unnecessary war, and certain to be a very bloody one killing, as we are so fond of doing, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of civilians including children.

Why were the the talks wrecked? Because Israel, along with the extreme Islamic Saudi Arabia and the Arab Emerates and the US far right wanted them wrecked. So why was it France who pulled the pin?

That's not clear, yet. But it possibly has to do with France getting itself back into action as a power in the Middle East so it can rip those countries off even more. . It may also have to do with France getting a sweetheart deal to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, the press is still referring to Syria as being in a civil war. Hint - civil war means people of a country fighting each other. That is not what is happening in Syria. There, it is largely imported thugs paid for and equipped by Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, and the US.

But we'll just pretend that these invaders are Syrian, and we'll pretend they're fighting to bring democracy to Syria. And we'll forget that the majority of them represent groups like Al Quaeda who are fighting to establish extreme Islamic dictatorships..

Meanwhile, Israel is helping those freedom-loving thugs by bombing Syrian government targets. Isn't that nice? Israel and Al Quaeda are helping each other. See what happens when you let big business run governments, and decide on foreign policy?

What almost all these wars are really about is western big business trying to reconquer the old empires of Africa. And big business leaders have created a foreign policy mess which places us all in danger.

And, according to CBC reports, Canada has an organization  called Communication Security .Establishment Canada. It's a spy agency with 2,000 employees so far, and it's building a headquarters in Ottawa at more than a billion dollars. Funny Harper never mentioned that. Funny how the Irving papers still don't know about it. The could get a lot more news if they're just go to their computers, and type in CBC.

Our spy service works very closely with the US National Security Agency, and similar British services. And they all tap phones and generally spy on dangerous people like you and me. And on terrorists who think it's bad to pollute the environment. And on people who vote the wrong way. And they also spy on foreign companies to pass on tips to our billionaires on what those foreign companies are doing so that our billionaires can make bigger profits, and stuff them into offshore bank accounts so they won't have to pay taxes.

Yes. We now live in a police state - just like the US and Britain. Domestic spying, illegal surveillance, arbitrary arrest and/or punishment - that's what police state means. Remember that when you hear all those November 11 speeches about how our soldiers died to preserve freedom.

If they did, then we have betrayed everything they fought for.

Oh, yes, this story originally came from a British paper, The Guardian. In retaliation, British domestic apies wrecked its computer system. "...for Britons never, never, never shall be slaves." And isn't it wonderful about Kate?

The Canadian, British and American governments' attitude is that news media that release such information are aiding the enemy. And that's true. Oh, they aren't aiding Syria or Iran or Pakistan. Those countries already know we're spying on them.

No. People who release that information are aidinig the real enemy. You and me. Enjoy being watched and listened to in this true north, strong and free.

And finally, a couple in Arizona were left destitute when their mobile home was destroyed by fire. Then they got the really bad news. It was a bill for $20,000 from the fire department. It seems that some American states encourage privately-owned fire departments. Ain't capitalism wonderful? Norbert would love Arizona.

There was almost no news in today's TandT. The most interesting item to me was the front page story of a Moncton veteran who was held as a prisoner of war by the Japanese after they took Hong Kong.

I knew several men who had been captured in that battle. One was my scoutmaster for a time. He had gone to Hong Kong as a big and powerful man. He came back at less than a hundred pounds, and would never again reach even 120. Many, many of his days were spent in hospital; and he died still quite young.

During a long period in Hong Kong, I used much of my time to go over the old battlefields, marvelling at how close the fighting had been - and how ill-prepared and ill-equipped were the young men we sent over. Their position was hopeless from the start, the fighting savage, and the captivity a horror.

There's an excellent book on the battle for Hong Kong called, if I remember correctly, Christmas, 1941. That was the day Hong Kong surrrendered.

If we did, indeed, send those men over to protect freedom and decency, we should all be ashamed this Nov. 11 that our side is aligned with some of the most vicious killers in history, and that we should be partners in the maintenance of the biggest prison camp and torture system in human history. Oh, yes, and our own government's newly revealed agency to spy on us.

The editorial is disgusting. It talks about how our soldiers died to preserve freedom - freedom of movement, freedom of information, freedom of choice. This comes from a  newspapers which has been a leader in crushing information, in lying, in cheating us in  its service to the very rich.

And I have no doubt the editorialist was sincere in his ignorant blather.

And I almost fwoo up at Norbert's column about how the NB Liberals and Conservatives are really the same as each other. They really are the samep[;p[;p[;p[;p[;p[;p[;p[;p[;p[;p[;p[;p[;p[;p[;p[;p[;p[;p[;p[;p[;*--------------------------------------------------------------, of course, but Norbert lacks both the brains and integrity to say why they are the same - and who it is they serve in being the same. And he also forgets who it is that has supported those two parties, and only those two, all his servile life.
For relief, they is a superb Letter to the Editor "We fought for freedom, too" by Jacob Sock of Elsipogtog.

He is too kind to mention it, but, in WW1, native peoples, African Canadians and Orientals were not accepted for military service in Canada at the start. They weren't accepted until 'real' Canadians lost their zeal for joining up as the death lists grew. Even then, they were restricted. Orientals and African Canadians, for example, were used almost entirely for labour only.

Much of this continued through World War Two. Take a look at group portraits, especially of the air force and navy. Count the Black faces. (Hint. You won't need both hands.) Indeed, such restrictions remained for years after the war in certain army regiments.)

Never kid  yourself that Canada isn't racist.


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  1. You mention our government's alignment with some of the most vicious killers in history.

    Anyone who's read Chomsky knows of US Corporatocracy's bloody history throughout the world, but especially in Central America, where any attempts at self-autonomy were consistently brutally crushed.

    Our Conservative politicians are surely enthusiastic supporters of this type of doctrine, and all of this spying on us is a means for them to keep tabs on all of us to determine which ones of us are "terrorists" (the non-Norbert-sycophant types who think for themselves and have enough determination to seek out the knowledge that enables us to see through the propaganda that we are all endlessly bombarded with).

    Many Sheeple can't wrap their heads around this kind of information when it is presented to them. They should have the courage to look up PROFUNC and realize that if the State apparatus was so willing to spend time and resources in this manner way back then, one can only imagine what they're up to now that collecting data on us is so much easier and thorough in its obtrusiveness nowadays.

    They should consider that people on these lists were to be rounded up in the event of any social unrest or declared State of Emergency (marshal law) and placed in internment camps (gulags?, concentration camps?). What possible threat could the types of people in those lists pose? None, no threat at all other than an ideological threat.

    There is ABSOLUTELY no need for these kinds of vehicles being used by police forces ANYWHERE. The Corporate forces are very delicately, very slowly getting our police forces used to controlling us by more and more force, so that we won't notice that it's happening, like the frog in the pot where the heat is gradually applied.

    "The boiling frog story is generally told in a metaphorical context, with the upshot being that people should make themselves aware of gradual change lest they suffer eventual undesirable consequences."

    There WILL be consequences if the Sheeple choose to remain ignorant and prefer to lick boots.

    Inform yourselves Slaves, if enough people make the effort to see beyond the mainstream media bullsh*t, if enough people are aware of what is really going on in the "shadows", if enough of you make the effort to be aware of how Big Business is co-opting, controlling your government to serve only their best interest to the detriment of your own, then with enough of this social consciousness, we may have a chance to reach a tipping-point, whereby we all start understanding these problems and all together start demanding change.